10 Things To Consider Before Renting Your Wedding Outfit

Mar 08, 2022

Looking for an amazing bridal outfit that won’t break the bank? Consider renting your dream wedding outfit! Top sellers/rentals include Borrow the Bazaar, Rani Runway, Riya Collective, LUKH Studio, and Rent it Rani with plentiful options to dazzle your guests with your styling. 

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Things to Consider Before Renting Your Wedding Outfit

Deciding to rent versus buying your wedding dress can be quite the process. Both renting and buying each have their pros and cons, but here are a few key considerations to review before making your decision so you slay at your wedding no matter what! 

1. Be conscious of your price

Often renting versus buying decisions come down to the price. So be conscious of the price point you are paying for the rental. If the price ends up inching up with last-minute shipping charges, you may want to compare it to purchasing your dream wedding dress. 

2. What would you like to splurge on? 

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Buying a wedding dress can be an emotional purchase – it is something that could potentially be passed down from generation to generation. So consider that as a potential hidden cost in your calculations! If that is not a significant consideration, renting may be well worth it for you!

3. Pay attention to shipping timelines

Shipping timelines are crucial here! For those who may not have ordered in time, you definitely want to check the shipping timelines for renting a wedding dress, as well as the shipping costs! 

4. Pay attention to sizing guidelines

The worst thing would be if you ordered a dress last minute and it didn’t fit, with zero time for alterations! Pay attention to the sizing guidelines, as well as customer reviews to make sure that your rental is the right fit. 

5. Be cognizant of the fact that you may not get to try on the dress ahead of time if you rent

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While renting often makes a ton of economic sense, it is worth keeping in mind that you may not necessarily get to try on the perfect outfit or design. In those cases, you must look into the online sizing chart and measurements carefully to avoid the last-minute hiccup. 

6. The wedding dress rental process can be quick

Desi wedding prep is often ridiculously hectic and wedding dress rentals are a perfect solution to bring a little calm into your life amidst all the ceremonies and preparations. The rental process is quite quick – with the usual turnaround in 5 – 7 days, and so in no time, you can have your dream dress ready to go without the stress of all the fittings and showings. 

7. Can you re-wear your outfit? 

The price of a gown can be inflated, especially when you consider that you’ll wear it only once in your life. Can you figure out a way to re-wear the blouse with a different lehenga skirt? Or can you wear that sparkly dupatta to brighten up a Diwali outfit? Factoring in multiple ways to wear your wedding outfit can inspire you to purchase it instead of rent it. 

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8. Read customer reviews

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While pictures on sites are helpful, at times they can be misleading too! Genuine customer reviews with details on sizing and fit are extremely helpful when selecting your outfit. 

9. Be flexible in what you’re looking for – dress rentals don’t offer a completely custom experience

One of the trade-offs involved in renting a wedding dress is you may not get everything you initially envisioned. If you’re flexible and open to new and evolving styles, it will definitely be worth it!

10. Pay attention to how long you have to return

Source: Rani Runway

The last thing you would want to do is have to pay excess hidden fees for holding onto your rental for too long! Make note of how long you have to return your rented outfit so you can plan accordingly!

The Bottom Line

Source: Borrow The Bazaar

Deciding to rent or buy the outfit for your big day is an important one! But fret not – use the above considerations to help you make the best decision for your wedding! 

Author: Ambika Swaroop

Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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