20+ Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Tips & Ideas

Oct 10, 2022

It's getting closer to your wedding and you're probably wondering "Do I need to do a pre-wedding shoot?" How is that different than an engagement photoshoot. Read on below to see if a pre-wedding shoot is right for you and some tips that we have to make it absolutely magical. But first:

What is the Difference Between Engagement Shoot and a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

An engagement shoot is more to capture the moments of your engagement. That surprise shot when he pops the question, the part where you're jumping with joy when your parents come out from behind, the ring shot. These are the moments that are captured by your engagement shoot. It's a way to announce your relationship to the world and hence most pictures from the engagement shoot are used for Save The Date cards.

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Pre-wedding photoshoots happen much later. It can be a great way to test out your photographer before your actual wedding day as well. This shoot is more elaborate and formal and hence you'll see some breathtaking shots. With your amazing attire and gorgeous backdrops, these pictures are meant to be more intimate. Since a majority of your wedding pictures will most likely be with friends and family, pre-wedding shoots are just you and your significant other.

Tip #1: Find the Outfit

Photography: iNavPhoto

As pre-weddings shoots are a great way to test your photographer's creativity, go all out on your outfit. The dress or tuxedo you've been eyeing for ages- now is your chance to get it! Make sure your outfit is flattering but comfortable in a way that makes you feel like you. Ladies and Gents, bring a pair of your flip-flops or comfortable shoes, along with your formal shoes, as you'll be walking a lot.

Tip #2: Trust the Photographer

This is a chance for your photographer to really go all out and capture shots that are visionary. Trust their work. Have a few poses that you want to do as part of your session, but leave the rest to the photographer. Keep in mind that on your wedding day, you will not be able to tell your photographer what you want all the time. This is a great way for them to impress you with their candid shots and for you also to see their work and what they're capable of doing.

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Tip #3: Themes

Photography: Hong Photography

What are your fantasies and interests? Do you want a whimsical photoshoot where there are fairy lights everywhere and it gives a more romantic vibe? Are you interested in Cosplay and want to shoot in costumes? Or are you looking for more of a glamorous and luxurious session? Whatever your vibe is, plan it accordingly with your significant other and photographer. Once you have a theme, coordinate outfits with your partner so you match. Having a theme will also help in selecting the right location for your pre-wedding shoot.

Tip #4: Location, Location, Location

Photography: iNavPhoto

Find a location that is set to wow you over the years. Waterfalls, bridges, destination shoots, nothing is off-limits. Scout out a few places with your significant other and take in suggestions from your photographer on past pre-wedding shoots they've done. Scope out cool places in your area or even look to Pinterest for some inspiration.

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Tip #5: Find the Right Light

Photography: Amrit Photography

Whatever you've heard about Golden Hour is true! Schedule your photography session on a sunny day, at least an hour to an hour and a half before golden hour. Golden hour is usually the hour before the sunsets. Taking pictures takes time and before you know it the sun will be in the right place and you will have that perfect golden background.

Tip #6: Males vs Females


  1. Get a tie and a bowtie. Doesn't hurt to have options.
  2. Make sure your suit is tailored.
  3. Get neutral colors for your suits- gray, black, and navy are great.


1. Get your hair and makeup done by a professional the morning of the pre-wedding shoot. Check out our site to get the best makeup and bridal hairstylist in San Francisco and other cities.

2. Get a manicure to show off your ring pictures.

3. Get your ring cleaned.

Tip #7: Hydrate

You'll be walking a lot and posing a lot. It won't be long before you're exhausted. Take at least two bottles of water so you can hydrate and stay alert. You don't want to look tired during your shoot so hydrating is a must!

Tip #8: Bring Personality to Your Photos Through Props

Whether it be Scrabble pieces, a heart pillow, a personalized blanket, or any other sentimental item, bring it to the shoot! Ask your photographer to incorporate it somehow into the shots. Using props can be a great way to bring your personality to the shoot and give your pictures some life.

Tip #9: Bring Genuine Smiles

Photography: Cailynn Wolfgang Photography

If you look closely, there's a difference between a genuine smile and a posed smile. While this is a photoshoot, have fun with it. Remember why you fell in love with your partner and bring out a real smile. Don't pose it for the pictures, but actually feel it.

Tip #10: Bring An Extra Pair of Comfortable Clothes

Photography: A.S. Nagpal Photography

You made it to the end of your pre-wedding shoot! There's probably nothing more you want to do than take off your formal clothes and slip into something more relaxed and comfortable. Bring an extra pair of clothes so you can do just that. You'll feel more at ease and glad to be back in your own skin.

Tip #11: Prep Your Skin Before Hand

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You do not want to start your beauty preparations like facial, cleansing, and spa at the 11th hour. Schedule everything giving some gap in between. Do not rush and make decisions in haste. Take an appointment two to three weeks before the photoshoot. And avoid experimenting with new products on your face to keep away from any unexpected allergic reaction that doesn’t resolve in time.


If you want to shave and want to have a more neat and clean look on the day of your photoshoot, do make time for it beforehand. In haste, do not shave or use a razor to avoid any accident. Not only girls, but we also see a lot of grooms-to-be prepping their skin. You can go to a beauty salon and get facials, cleaning, etc for that perfect glow for the photoshoot. 

Tip #12: Say ‘NO’ to Bloating

Do not overeat before the day of the photoshoot, as this might give you a bloated and puffy face. Rather eat light and healthy to stay energized. Heavy meals can make you feel lazy and not full of energy, and we are certain, you do not want to be cranky on the day of the shoot.

Drink a lot of water to flush out all the toxins for glowing skin the next day. 

Tip #13: Get your Beauty Sleep

There is a reason it is called ‘Beauty Sleep’. The more you take rest the fresher and lively you will look in your pre-pictures.

Tip #14: Choose your Music

Photography: LightBucket Productions

Do play some music while shooting. It adds an ambiance and sets the mood of the couple and the photographer too. Make a playlist having favorite songs of you two beforehand so that you do not have to waste a single moment in discussion on the d-day. Add some romantic numbers and if you both have ‘The song’, then definitely play it to set the romantic mood and get romantic photos. Play some peppy and happy songs for the candid moments, so that you can have those fun moments captured between you and your partner. 

Tip #15: Don't Forget to Pack Power Banks and Chargers

Charge your phones and cameras a day before. We do not want our phones and camera batteries to go out, which it will at some point. Carry an extra power bank, batteries, and chargers because you will definitely need them. It will be a long day and you do not want to mess up the session if the camera batteries go down. Ask the photographer to carry extra batteries and memory cards so they do not have to delete anything at that moment. The photographer will have enough moments to capture that you can look back even after years of being together with your one and only. 

Tip #16: Pack Some Snacks and First Aid

We know you must be thinking why first aid! If you have chosen some outdoor location like a forest area or a beach with a rough surface or rocks lying around and while shooting, if one of you gets hurt, the first aid will come in handy. 

Pack some quick bites like biscuits, chips, nuts, etcetera, avoid packing heavy meals though. In the middle of the shoot keep drinking water and munching these snacks so you don't get exhausted early. It will be a long day and let’s not forget all the walking and posing you will be doing multiple times to capture the perfect shots. It does take energy for all these, so snacks will help in these times.

Tip #17: Plan a Schedule

Photography: Amrit Photography

If you have more than one outfit change and the chosen location is a vast place, plan a schedule. Make a list of when you will change the outfit and where. If there are pictures on the internet of the location, mark the places where you would like to go and pose for the shoot. Trust us, it will save a lot of time. With outfits too, make a list of when you would wear what, and that way you can plan accordingly with the location and time in mind. This is especially important if you are planning for a shoot outside of your city.

Tip #18: Pack Battery Operated Fans

Shooting outdoors? The sun is shining bright and the photographer asked you to pose immediately because certain lighting caught his/her attention and now you are sweating in mid-shot, and you can't even clean the sweat with tissues as it will take out the makeup. So for situations like these, pack those small hand battery fans. It will not only help to dry those beads of sweat but also help you cool down too. 

Tip #19: Do Carry Make-up and Extra Safety Pins

Girls, do not hesitate to carry your make-up and extra clips and pins with you. You never know when you're gonna need it and even the guys do need a touch-up. You never know how to pose and how the photographer would want the outfit to look. Here, pins and clips can come in use to hold the outfit in a place just like the way you or the photographer want. 

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Tip #20: Include your Middlemen

There is always someone who is the reason behind your first meeting or someone who played an important role in your relationship. And whenever you start telling your story, you mention them otherwise your story would be incomplete. It can be your friend, cousin or your siblings, or both the best friend of the two sides. I mean best friends know anything and everything about your relationship after you two, right? So why not include them in your pre-wedding shoot? 

Tip #21: Include your Paw-some Buddy

Photography: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

If you have your pet and you both are animal lovers, make them a part of your pre-wedding shoot. These furry friends will make your photos look more spectacular, candid, and undeniably adorable. And if you guys planned to adopt one at the beginning of your marriage journey then definitely include the little one to make it more special and memorable. 

Tip #22: Experiment Experiment Experiment!

Trust your photographer. They know their job at best and are also good at it at the same time. Work with them as a team, and listen to their instructions, suggestions, and ideas, even if they are a little out of your comfort zone. Share your vision and ideas, listen to their ideas too, but no harm experimenting, isn't it? 

Have more tips that couples should know about, contact us to let us know!

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