Tips to Find the Best Affordable Wedding Venue

May 24, 2022

Something is amazing about Indian weddings – a huge, colorful, three- or even five-day celebration filled with lavish décor, amazing food, dancing, and loads of relatives you’ve never even heard of.

However, despite how great that sounds, Indian weddings can be a hassle to arrange, not to mention can cost the earth.

Tips to Find the Best Affordable Wedding Venue

With wedding prices doubling every few years, everything, from photoshoots to henna, and even clothing and makeup, can make the couple feel stressed. The good news is that there are many effective ways to have your big fat Indian wedding on a budget. It’s not about who has the bigger wedding but should eventually come down to spending your day with your loved ones. With so many best affordable wedding venues in Chicago, you can eliminate those hidden costs and get the most for your money. Here are a couple of tips to show you how.

1. Don’t Go Overboard with Flowers

Flowers: Hydrangea Weddings

Today florists are quite accommodating and they will help you to pick floral options that suit your wedding theme and fit within your budget. Choosing floral arrangements that are smaller and more elegant is a great thing, your wedding will look dainty and stylish while also fitting within your budget.

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2. Get Married on a Weekday

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Did you know weekend weddings at venues can cost a lot and that everyone wants to get married on the weekend? Be different and pick another day of the week to get married. Not only will a lot of facilities be available for you but it also won’t be crowded.

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3. Opt for Local Vendors

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International or interstate vendors will charge a lot more, plus tax and shipping. There are several reputable local vendors and artists who do Indian wedding makeup in Houston at an affordable cheaper cost, without compromising quality. You will love their work and you won’t be overshooting your budget.

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4. Save on Catering!

Caterer: The Little Food Co

Wedding food, drinks, and your wedding cake are the next big expense. Instead of cutting down on the quality of food, you could reduce the amount of food and alcohol you serve. Most food ends up getting trashed, so plan for your food based on your number of guests and their RSVPs. When it comes to your Indian wedding catering in Los Angeles and your wedding cake, avoid a 10-tier cake. Instead, go in for a two- or three-tier; it should be sufficient and look elegant enough.

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We hope these tips gave you some things to think about when you are booking your venue. Check out our vendors for venues, catering, and more on Pyaari Weddings. You'll find vendor information, ratings, and prices based on your guest count.

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