25+ Unique Couple Tattoo Design Ideas With Meaning

Nov 18, 2022

The feeling of being in love with someone has so many phases. Remember when your love was in a blooming stage and all you used to think about was how to spend time with him/her? Or things you two can do together? You start doing things for them and with them, that might seem cheesy and over the board but for both of you it’s kinda romantic and you want to hold on to it. This phase has a beauty of its own and as you grow, things change but what does not change is the love you two have for each other. And one of the things that do not change between you two is the commitment factor. Getting true love couple tattoo designs together is a way to not only show love to your partner but in a way, it is a lifelong commitment that shows that you are 100% in with them. 

25+ Unique Couple Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Getting inked together is a bold move for your relationship, as it shows the outer world what you two mean to each other. So without delay, let’s scroll through some tattoo designs for couple that might help couples who are thinking of getting inked. 

1. The Eternal Love

The couples who are looking for tattoo designs that are infused with closeness like always seen together, holding hands, doing cutesy things, and are hardcore romantics, we have some amazing ideas for you both. 

One of Two Tattoo

This 'one of two’ tattoo idea is something small yet unique. You can also customize the font and color of this.

Her Only, His Only Tattoo

When both of you have eyes just for each other but no one else. This is the perfect boyfriend girlfriend couple tattoo designs for you.

Together, Forever

The promise of being together, forever.

Soulmate Tattoos

Soulmate tattoos are perfect for people who are madly in love with each other and cannot even think about living without each other.

To Infinity & Beyond

Another one for the believers of eternity and togetherness till their last breath. So, get this couple tattoo design to express your affection.

Boomerang Tattoo

Source: Lizerban

Boomerangs have a way of coming back once thrown. For couples who believe that they are meant for each other, a boomerang couples tattoo design is an ideal choice. After all, wherever you both go, you are always going to return to each other, no matter what!

Infinity Tattoo

Source: Deborah Seah

Looking for finger tattoo designs for couple? Here is an infinity tattoo on your ring finger is another romantic way to show love. 

Missing Piece of your Heart

When he/she is the missing piece of your heart that! This love tattoos for couples is perfect for someone who are in deep love with each other.

Opposite Attracts Each Other

The couple who are absolutely opposite of each other, but are in for life!

2. For The Traveler Couple

There is a saying - A couple who travels together, stays together! 

Some couples have met via traveling or realized their love for each other while on a trip. For those couples, traveling holds a dear place in their heart and we have got some beautiful tattoo designs for them. 

Anchor and the Compass Tattoo

The anchor and the compass is such a thoughtful idea. It is perfect for the couple where one plans everything for the trip and the other just follows their partner without a question. 

Long Distance Lovers Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for the couple who are in a long-distance relationship and have to travel a lot in a year to see each other. 

For Mountain Lovers

A person can even move the mountains for the one he/she loves and this tattoo is a perfect depiction of the same.

Camping Tattoos

For the couple who loves to go for camping on weekends, this is such a cute tattoo.

Map of the Earth Tattoo

Source: Minus Tattoo

The combination of coordination and the physical map of the earth is a unique idea for a couple who would love to have something different yet meaningful.

For the Love of Bicycles

Source: Tatuajes Lovayna Ink

For the bicycle couple who love to cycle wherever they go. This tattoo is also ideal for a couple staying in a long-distance relationship. 

3. Tattoo with a Special Meaning

There is always something special that binds two people together. It can be anything, a specific date, a person, an activity they do together, a pet, etcetera. You both can get a tattoo that holds a special meaning to your relationship.

The Space Tattoo

If love for space has a thing, then this tattoo is for you!

For the Love of Science

Source: Berf / Tattoo Artist

For the couple, who shares a common love for science, this one is for you two.

Cute Bunny Tattoo

Source: Polina Sukhanova

This one is the cutest! Some couples like to laze around and do nothing but order food, Netflix, and chill! 

The Lemonade Tattoo

Source: Ilgin Ozdogan

For the couple who stands strong, has been through a lot, and believes in the lemonade theory - “When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade!” 

Cute Hearts Tattoo

Source: Natu'rel Stephenson Simpson

This is a common yet beautiful small couple tattoo design and makes sense for two people who gave their hearts to each other.

Tottally Different Tattoos

Source: Jelena Weir

Sometimes getting a tattoo doesn't have to be matching, it has to represent your significant other. Select this soulmate true love couple tattoo design, something that represents your partner and go with it.

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4. His and Her Tattoos

For the married couple, here we are representing something that reveals their relationship based on their gender:

Superman and Wonder Woman Tattoo

Source: Tattoos By Jag

When he is her Superman, and she is his Wonder Woman! Cute, right?

Depicting The Two Sides Tattoo

We fell in love with this idea as soon as we saw it. look at how beautifully this design depicts the two sides of relationship true love couple tattoo designs. 

The Alien Couple

When you have a thing for alien theories and facts, go for this totally different tattoo.

Lion and Lioness Tattoo

Lion and Lioness represent the King and Queen position, and it is an ideal design for a powerful couple who believe  in each other and build each other up while maintaining themselves perfectly. 

King & Queen Tattoo

It is quite a common idea, but you both can customize it the way you want with the crowns, the fonts, and the colors.

5. For the Foodie Couple

Hello to all the foodie couple, who might have met and connected over their love for food. This could be the perfect couple tattoo designs on hand for them.

Pizza Lovers 

Who doesn't like pizza? Perfect for the couple who love their Saturday night pizza date at their place.

Avacado Tattoo

Another one that took our heart is this Avacado tattoo idea. It's such an interesting concept for love tattoo designs for couples.

For the couple who bond over drinks, this wine glass and the bottle are perfect tattoo design options. Rather than just getting the wine glass on one hand and bottle on the other, get a little creative and pour the wine in a glass made on the other hand. 

Things to Consider Before Getting Inked

There are so many aspects to consider before going to get tattoo designs for couples as it's a lifelong decision that you need to carry with you. 

1. First, be sure to be on the same page as your partner. If one person is sure and the other is going just for the sake of their partner sometime ends up in regrets. And remember tattoo ink breaches the skin, so if your skin has issues or allergies then avoid it. Sit and discuss with your partner the importance and understanding of where he/she is on this topic and then move ahead from there.

2. Once decided, now brainstorm ideas. Check out designs and their meanings. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram with photos help make your decision easier. 

3. If possible, go for something that holds or represents you both and your bond. It will be a beautiful feeling and with such a lifelong commitment, it will make more sense to get it done. 

4. Decide which body part you both want as it can happen that your partner will love to have a tattoo on you that only they can see. 

5. And the final step, search for a good tattoo artist who can make any matching tattoo designs or unique couple tattoo designs with finesse. Do not and we repeat, do not go to any artist without having a look at their work, and reviews from the customers. 

Precautions To Take After Getting Inked

Once you get inked, your tattoo artist will definitely make you aware of the precautions you have to take care of, but other than the basic ones, here are a few things you must keep in mind:

1. Keep your tattooed skin area clean with plain soap and water and dab the area gently. Do not run water directly in the area.

2. Keep moisturizing the area several times a day.

3. Avoid getting sun exposure to the tattoo area for at least two weeks.

4. Avoid water bodies like swimming pools, hot tubs, rivers, lakes, etcetera.

5. Wear something soft and make sure the cloth shall not stick to the tattoo.

6. Even after a few weeks, if you feel like the skin area is getting affected in a way you did not want or were unaware of, go and consult to a doctor immediately. 

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