10 Romantic & Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas If You Are On A Budget

Feb 06, 2023

Love has no language but we believe in giving it an expression. Sometimes the unspoken ways add more value to your love and celebrations. And Valentine's day is the day when all lovers try to do something extravagant. The love of your life with whom you are planning to celebrate valentines or if you are planning to propose, it needs an open sky of expression. Whichever way you express it, it could add some weight to your pocket. The expensive gifts, unique proposal ideas, and the grand celebration cost thousands of dollars which may not be everyone's cup of tea. But not spending this much amount, doesn't mean that your love is any less.

There are many ways where you can express your love more exquisitely without breaking the bank. The ideas just have to be pristine and done with a passion so that your partner could see the efforts and love behind them. And if you are on the lookout for Valentine's day ideas on a budget, then here we have some great ones filled with affection and pure love. 

Valentine's Day Ideas If You Are On A Budget

We have all the answers to your 5W’s and 1H i.e what, where, when, why, who, and how! How you will plan, what would be the idea, when you can plan, and where and why you should choose only that particular idea are all sorted by Pyaari Weddings. So just ease your stress and read in absolute peace. We have something for everyone that will make the celebration more cozy and romantic.

1. Plan a Dinner at Home or a Picnic

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We know you want to make it special and memorable, and only going out to a fancy restaurant doesn't make it worthwhile. This time we suggest try celebrating at home with some of your favorite homemade dishes and gorgeous decoration with balloons, fairy lights, hearts, or DIY origami art. You can plan the decor, dishes, and more eatable (like cheese or berry fondue) according to your choice and see how it alleviates every bit of your love, time, and fun. 

P.S.: If you are not so much into cooking, you can always turn to Youtube tutorials and try some easy-to-make recipes. We are sure anything made with love, makes your partner go gaga over you!

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2. Handmade Gift or Craft

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Gifts are another way of expressing your love. We give gifts to make the other person reminds of us whenever they use or see our gifts or as a token of love. Your partner may not demand much but he/she expects something that appeals to them. And nothing could beat the warmth of handmade gifts. If you have not tried it yet, then it's time to give it a shot. Anything like a handmade card, a diary cover, a decorative ring box, a jewelry box, etcetera. That would be great. You can check Youtube or Pinterest for ideas and tutorials. 

3. Take a Day Trip or Hike to a Nearby Scenic Location

Celebrating Valentine's day means making every moment count, and there's nothing better than taking a day trip or visiting any nearby hike or adventurous place. Visiting nature or trying something different is what can make your day more romantic and intimate. You get to spend an entire day with your partner and have all his attention only on you. 

PS: Do not forget to take tons of photos to keep them as a memory!

4. Give the Gift of Time, by Offering to Help with Household Errands

As we mentioned earlier, we have something for everyone. Whether you are a married couple, lovers, or in a live-in relationship, here's a great and effortless gift that you can give to your lady love, and that is, your time and attention by offering them help in any way possible. Whether it's helping them in the kitchen, running errands, or doing dishes. And if you are planning some indoor or outdoor activity for Valentines' evening, then also you can lend your hand. 

You can stay with them and ask for things that need your ideas or help. This way you both can spend more time together and can get the opportunity to know the partner in a more nuanced way.

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5. Plan a Movie Night or Game Night at Home

Watching a movie on a big screen is always fun, but you are watching it with a hundred other people. But watching a movie at home, with your partner cuddling and lying next to you, sipping wine, and eating popcorn is another fun.

You can plan for a romantic movie night and if you both are not fond of watching movies, then how about a fun game session at home? 

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6. Give a Heartfelt Letter or Card

Literally! There is no better way to make the day of love more special than by writing a letter full of love, emotions, and the future you see with your partner. You can make it extravagant by placing that in a nicely covered envelope or with a gift. If not a letter then you can get your hands on making any card using colorful heart-shaped stickers with a picture of you both or a collage of pictures with love messages. The best part is, you both can preserve these memories and it saves a lot of your bucks too!

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7. Take up a New Hobby or Activity Together

The celebration has its ways and meanings. Some couples like partying and some prefer roaming around the world. But if you don't like any of this, then why not take your valentines celebration a notch higher than others and try a new hobby or activity together? For instance, you both can learn to play guitar, go swimming together, try scuba diving or do cooking, or dance together to make the moments more romanticizing or valuable for a lifetime. 

8. Volunteer Together at a Local Charity or Organization

Good deeds come with good work! Even if it's about the most romantic day of showing love, you can do it in many ways. If you both believe in doing charity, then why not volunteer at a charitable NGO or organization and contribute to something? This idea can make many lives happier, including the couple as the love from others also count in celebrating valentines day.

9. Plan a Surprise Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt

We have grown up seeing valentines day as only the day of love, but believe us it's more than that. There should be fun, games, and some workout too. Having a good date, sharing gifts, and eating at a 5-star or 7-star place is not what a celebration should mean. There should be some life and light to the celebration. You can make it more intimate, loving, and memorable with a scavenger hunt or treasure hunts game. Playing these could save money, and enhance love and we are sure, you are going to have loads of fun!

10. Take a Walk or Bike Ride Together in a Beautiful Location

If the plans are all about outdoor celebrations, then instead of going to the club or fancy restaurant, take a walk along the sea or choose for a ride near the countryside where there are only two of you and the breeze to pay attention to. You can take a picnic along or enjoy the wine and just talk as much as you want, and make your day special. Unlike other ways, this could be the most romantic and pocket-friendly one for all couples.


We all love celebrating the moments with our life partners or loved ones. And what could be better than celebrating the most romantic day with your partner in the most accessible and pocket-friendly ways? The above-mentioned ideas are not only the best but also the most fun-filled and crazy going. You can have fun, games, love, food, drinks, sex, and adventure all in one place without having to compromise on anything. We believe it's the thoughts and affection that make the gifts and celebrations more pleasant than the money. And It's only YOU who can make it worthwhile by adding more laughs and smiles. So, go for it guys, and have the best time together! 

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