10 Unique Ways To Celebrate Karvachauth

Oct 10, 2022

The festival of Karvachauth is an Indian expression of love, it is celebrated by many Hindu women across the country. As the name suggests, Karwa Chauth falls on the fourth (Chauth) day after Purnima. According to the Gregorian Calendar that we follow, it is to be celebrated on 24th October this year.

There are various tales and stories regarding its origin. While some believe the day-long fast is to ensure a healthy life for their husbands, others see it as an expression of love. Regardless of the different rituals carried out, various beliefs around it, the core intention of the festival remains to make your spouse feel loved and celebrate the bond of marriage. 

Though traditionally considered to be a day-long fast observed just by women, we see an increasing number of men now following the practice too. To strengthen the bond and to show love towards their spouse, both husbands and wives fast for each other. Several unmarried women also celebrate the day to seek blessings for an ideal life partner.

The festival involves keeping a nirjal (without water) day-long fast from sunrise till the moonrise. Conventionally, women wake up before sunrise to consume Sargi (a meal sent by her in-laws). After that, they don't eat or drink anything till the moon rises. They open their fast looking at the moon at night. While different families follow different customs, some drink a beverage or have fruit after the evening prayers. Puja is held in the early evening in which a group of women sits together to hear about the Katha’s (stories) regarding the festival.

Well! It is how a traditional Karva Chauth celebration looks like. But is it all? Is this the only way? Not at all. 

In a fast-paced generation like ours, with everyone busy at work, we tend to be occupied with multiple tasks at a time. Unintentionally, we miss out on a lot of small moments and forget to express our love to our partners after a certain time. Days like these are dedicated to loving, bringing those much-needed reminders to us of how we should never stop expressing our love and make our better halves feel special. We have some great ideas that you can do this Karva Chauth to make it a day filled with love.

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1. Plan a Romantic Dinner Date 

After a day of no meals, we are sure the only thing in your mind throughout the day would be - FOOD. Book a table at her favorite restaurant, and prepare a menu with her favorite meals. 

If you don't want to go out, you can have a small set up on your terrace as well. Arrange for a table and chair, decorate with some roses and fairy lights, have some candles lit and you are good to go. You can order food home or if one of you is not keeping a fast, then you may even cook for your partner. We are sure a hand-cooked meal or a hand-baked cake by you will make them feel extra special.

2. Buy Each Other Gifts 

Your partner deserves to feel special not only today but every day. But this day is extra special as she decides to stay without food and water the whole day for your well-being. Buy them something they always wanted to have or just simply get a personalized gift as a token of love. It’s not about the material value of the gift, but the intentions behind them that speak a lot. You can also get something as simple as a photo frame with your couple's photo that will serve as a memory and always remind you of this day.

3. Go The Modern Way - Plan a Day Out

It's completely fine if you don't believe in the traditional tales about the festival and you find it illogical to observe a fast for your partner's wellbeing. But we bet taking a day out to celebrate love wouldn't seem irrational to you. If you don't wish to celebrate the day by the old customs, we have another option for you. Why don't you take off from work for a day and cherish your love? Plan a day out, spend an entire day with your partner. You can start your day by going to a movie, take a couples spa and end your day with a candlelight dinner. Book a good hotel or resort nearby for a night's stay. Relive the moments from your first date or meeting. Go out for a day trip or if it has been a long time you haven't spent some time, just sit back, talk to each other, cuddle, order a pizza and Netflix and chill at your home.

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4. Plan a Surprise For Them

With plenty of people now getting into the field of event planning and date planners, there is a whole range of activities, decorations, surprises that you can go through. If you are not good with planning surprises, you can take their help. They help you arrange for surprises outside or even at your home.

5. Celebrate Together With Other Women

The day is a celebration of the bond of love. But you can still take out some time to have fun with your friends and relatives. If you are celebrating it the traditional way, keeping a fast and doing the puja, then why not make it a bit more fun. Call all your girl gang that is observing the fast too. Get all dressed up and celebrate with them.

A normal day seems too long when you are hungry. To pass your time, you can play some games, sing songs or dance or watch a movie together. Arrange for some props and click a ton of pictures. 

6. Little Things Matter

A small but valuable effort on your part. Well, the day is all about making your spouse feel special at the end, and even the smallest effort counts. Write a love letter for your partner, give them a rose. You can also make a video of your pictures and memories through any regular app on your phone. If you and your partner are social media freaks, post their photos with a lovely caption. We are sure they would really like this little yet thoughtful attempt.

7. Distance Shouldn’t Matter - Connect Virtually

If you can't be with each other physically on this day, then technology will come to your rescue. We understand no technology can substitute for the physical presence of your loved one but making efforts does count. You can send gifts to your partner online. You can send a bouquet with a special note attached to it in the morning. Send another gift or cake for them in the day to come. You can also post a letter to them or surprise them with some virtual gifts. If you both are fasting, connect on a video call whenever possible and especially when you open your fast. 

There is nothing better if you can surprise your spouse by going to their place and surprising them. We are sure no gift tops this surprise and the smile on your partner's face would be priceless.

8. How About a Long Drive?

If you love long drives, then this is something you will get excited about. Pack some food with you from home or a hotel nearby, put your shoes on and get into the car with your partner. Celebrate Karva Chauth on a drive. Play some romantic music in the car. Stop your car whenever you see that the moon has risen. Open your fast, cut a cake on your car’s bonnet, have your food on the go. 

9. Dress Up For Each Other

Well, we know how women love to dress up for Karva Chauth. Both of you can buy outfits for each other that you would want each other to wear. Dress Up for each other. 

10. Give Them The Most Precious Gift - Your Time 

The biggest gift in today’s world is Time. The biggest gift she would love to have is your time and attention. If your partner is at home observing fast for you, take an off from work. Give her your entire day and see how happy she will be.



There is no gift bigger than having someone who loves you and cares for you. A life partner with whom you can share the best and worst moments of your life, who makes you feel special, understands you are the biggest blessing of God. We hope, on this day, you can make your partner realize how much they mean to you and express your love and affection to them. Doing special things for your loved ones is worth all the time and effort. Also, expressing love always strengthens the bond and deepens the relationship. So, never miss a chance to make them feel valued.

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