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May 19, 2022

A wedding is the most celebrated day of our lives. And in the case of a South Asian wedding, where the wedding festivities last longer than 3-4 days and sometimes a week, it indeed becomes one of the best days of our lives. All the dances, fun, laughs, everything makes this celebration, a memory of a lifetime and to keep this memory intact and relive, we keep the treasure i.e. The Wedding Album with us. It can bring back all the memories you felt on your big day, just by looking at the photos. 

A wedding album is indeed the most valued possession that a couple keeps close to their heart after getting married, so they can go back to relive the moments whenever they wish to. Through the years, like everything else, even the wedding album cover designs have changed and upgraded. Now it's difficult as ever to pick one from an array of styles, colors, and prints that resonates with both you and your style. 

From the photographs to the layout to the album cover everything should be chosen vigilantly so that even if you pick the album after 20 years, the vibe and feel should remain the same. 

To keep your memories safe and special, we have found some best wedding album cover design ideas that you can bookmark for your big day. 

Best Wedding Album Cover Design Ideas

Source: Mili Ghosh

Whether you choose handpainted or raw silk hardcover or synthetic leather sleeves, all these designs mentioned below are equally gorgeous and magnanimous to give your memories a special shield and a beauty cap. 

1. Classic Black Hardcover

This cover design is for those who love minimalism and looking for something simple. You can choose plain black hardcover as it is forever classy. You can pick and amplify them in various styles, for instance carving your name or the date of your wedding day, you can also highlight them more with acrylic colors or get someone to hand paint on them. 


2. Plain Album Cover in Subtle Shades

Giving your memories an artistic look with the selection of subtle shades is the new design you can try for your wedding album. Such covers are more expressive and cute for your colorful and joyous wedding pictures.


3. Personalised Album Box

If you are looking for a cover that will safely keep your wedding photos, then this kind of box embossed with the calligraphed name and further tied with a ribbon is perfect for you. It will give a not-so-simple, but classy look.  


4. Leather Album Sleeve 

The vintage vibe of these leather sleeves covered with a knot tied on top of it is giving us old-school vibes. The couples can choose matt or glossy texture according to their choice.


5. Custom Stamps on Velvet Fabric Cover

We love how this design is stealing our hearts with a letter stamp on velvet fabric and acing a timeless factor for couples. 


6. The Springboard Album Cover Design 

You would feel absorbed by the beauty of this tropical design on your wedding album and the best thing - the flowers are made of fabric to give the design a more luxe touch.  

Source: Gosia.Mosia

7. Open with a Clasp Album Cover Design

This very catchy and eloquent cover design could be yours if you want a clasp to open your memory box. Also, we are amazed to see the papercraft on the design which is enticing the overall look.  

Source: Gosia.Mosia

8. Decorated with Leaves & Flowers Album Cover Design

You can decorate your lay-flat album with flowers and petals to give them a vibrant and expressive look. 

Source: Gosia.Mosia

9. Embossed Letters Album Cover Design

The design that is simple and modest is what this cover speaks for and the embossed letter is highlighting the design more. 

Source: Gosia.Mosia

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10. Digital Album Cover Pattern

Whatever you wish in your design, you can simply get them in digital print instead of making them real. This idea is useful for the couple who cannot give extra care and space. 

Source: design_by_annabelle

11. Mandala Album Cover Print

The mandala art is known for its neat and sleek motifs and to magnify it more you can experiment with colors. This wedding cover design is one you will love and it's the easiest to incorporate.

Source: design_by_annabelle

12. Caricature Album Cover Print

Art and illustrations are always soothing and remind us of childhood memories. This design is the new sensation that everyone is wanting to get, you can get any wedding or engagement pictures on the wedding album cover.

Source: ted_arts

13. With no oomph factor

This hand-painted and the calligraphed wedding album cover is setting some major goals.

Source: Mya - Photographe Bordeaux

14. How about an acrylic-painted album cover?

We are in love with this simple yet beautiful print of flowers with acrylic colors on the cover page of the wedding album. This evergreen print will never fade away like your precious memories. 

Source: Acrylic Pallet

15. Cut Out Print Album Cover Design

This another unique design could be your cover if you love black and white and expect it to be in the simplest pattern. 

Source: Rensche Mari Photographer

16. Huge Letter Monograms on Album Cover

The most uncomplicated design with the coolest color and font highlighting and your wedding album. You can also add your wedding hashtag, instead of your name initials here. 

Source: Rensche Mari Photographer

17. Wedding Photo Engraved on the Album Cover

‘When you and I fell in love again just beyond saying, ‘I Do’ could be the moment on your wedding album cover. Nothing spectacular could be used other than this picture. We are truly loving it! 

Source: Kiss Books

18. Lookalike Woods Album Cover 

This stunning wooden lookalike cover is in absolute vogue to add quotes or names to it. You can design your 3D patterns or motifs for this to bring more outcomes.

Source: Kiss Books

19. Plain Pastel Colored Album Cover with your Name & Wedding Date

Ditch the big fonts and calligraphy for the wedding album cover and choose the ones that are sober in looks.

Source: Kiss Books

20. Tusk with Cameo & Debossing Album Cover

The picture with the one you love the most and always admire to be with is the next perfect design for your wedding album. 

Source: Kiss Books

21. Handpainted Album Cover Filled With Colors

In case you are the one who wants some colors and good background pictures can try this exquisite hand-painted cover with the picture of the couple, your wedding day, or your wedding hashtag or you can also add metallic stickers. 

Source: Bottle Art and Paper Crafts

22. Custom Wax Sealed Album Cover Design

To give your memories the final stamp, we have this seal waxed design that is looking mesmerizing with faux flowers and jute lace. 

Source: Bottle Art and Paper Crafts

23. Vintage Vibe Album Cover Design

This refined and class apart vintage design speaks a lot for itself! 

Source: Bottle Art and Paper Crafts

24. Personalized Album Cover Design with Stickers and Alphabets

Get this design based on stickers and paper alphabets. Try it out to give wings to your creativity!

Source: Bottle Art and Paper Crafts

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25. Rustic Lace & Floral-Print Album Cover

You can add an edge to the album cover design by adding the graceful rustic lace at the edge and multicolored paper at the base.

Source: Nicky Pumilia

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Wedding Album Cover Design

While choosing the final design for your special memories, we want you to keep these few things in mind:

1. Sustainability: How long/short is the shelf life of the cover.

2. The color of the design: The color should be chosen carefully so that it won't make you feel dull or lazy to even open the photos from your special day. 

3. The fabric: How strong or lightweight is the fabric for the design you want to imprint.

4. Resonance: Select the design that resonates with your personality or the way you have planned it to be.

5. The elements: Whatever you want on your cover should be chosen wisely, be it flowers, leaves, clasp, photos, or calligraphy. 


The trend and designs will keep changing but the memories are constant. These designs will add more charm to your beautiful pictures.

Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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