20 Best Wedding Invitation Card Designs To Save For Your Wedding Day

Apr 28, 2022

The wedding industry has seen too many changes since the pandemic and in general too. Changes in trends are a very normal thing and with every season consumer adapts to them perfectly. But, there are a few things like the traditions and cultures in our South Asian community, that the couple does not change as these traditions are what make the wedding meaningful. One such process is the invitation card. It is equally important for you to select a good design for the invitation card, as you select that unique bridal outfit for your D-day. 

Best Wedding Invitation Card Designs

Source: Pinterest

Yes, we cannot change the process of giving invitation cards completely, but we can definitely change the ways, designs, shapes, colors, sizes, etc. In the same cliche, way cards will do the work but they won’t create an emotion or feeling in the guests or create that excitement. If you are a couple who likes to do everything uniquely, then do not forget the invitation cards. Invitation cards are the way, via which the invitees will get a peep of what kinda wedding they are going to attend. Will it be a summer fresh event, a royal affair, a fairytale event, a simple traditional one, or a super chill one with rules of its own? In that way, the guests will be excited and will come prepared with their ways, and there lies the fun factor, right? 

Now. when we know how important is invitation card is, we have selected a few designs for you to go through and take inspiration from. These are very much in trend and will help you set the tone for the wedding.

1. Incorporate Flowers in your Invitation Card

Any wedding invitation having flowers as a print or shape is a common concept, but it is up to the designers how they use this concept and make it their own. If you are a minimal lover then also do not feel that you cannot use the floral element, ask your designer or if you are designing then, there are ways to incorporate it. The flowers are a warm way and fresh way to invite the guests and make them feel welcome. 

Source: Stylish Brocade

2. How about an Invitation Card with Watercolor Effects?

Add the floral element with watercolor effects, the ink flowing and drying effect will give a rusty yet fresh vibe. 

Source: Minted

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3. Invitation Card with Lord Ganesha Blessing the Union

Or, go for this simple card with a floral border and Lord Ganesha at the top of the sheet as a sign of blessing.

Source: Cardospark invitation

4. Illustrated Invitation Card with Grandeur

If you are into grand details, then go for these illustrated cards for your invitation. Each card will give details about each ceremony with beautiful illustrations and it will be easy for the guests also to understand.

Source: Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

5. The One with the Cursive Font

Another one is this light-painted background with cursive fonts and floral elements. What we loved about these are the pastel shades with a dash of green and the envelope a complete dark green with golden fonts.

Source: Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

6. Flower Shaped Invitation Card

We did talk about floral elements in a card in a form of print or painting, but how about a floral-shaped card! So cool, right?

Source: Navrai

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7. Unique Invitation Card in Octagon Shape

If flower-shaped is too much, then go for these octagon-shaped cards with minimal work. The selection of the color and font is enough to make it look unique.

Source: Navrai

8. Solid Color Invitation Cards

Prints and patterns and illustrations will always be there in fashion and people love them, but a solid color selection is also not bad. Take a cue from these solid color cards with just a difference in the font sizes.

Source: Pinterest

9. Jigsaw Puzzle Invitation Card

Hello, to the fun and adventurous couple who would love to have their guests also play a game while inviting them. Go for this jigsaw puzzle card, how fun it will be when they will when the guests will receive it, and be ready to be used as a reference in future wedding events.

10. A Customized Roll-up Invitation Card

Another fun way to invite is this roll-up card. It looks more like a camera roll but you can customize it the way you want with the details and text size and fonts of your choice. 

Source: Pursue Pretty

11. Abstract Shaped Invitation Card

Try this abstract-shaped card that opens up in a different layout but looks beautiful. 

Source: Dream Cards

12. Laser Cut Invitation Card in Pastel Colors

When we are talking about abstract and laser cut shaped cards, here is another one but the envelope is the laser cut to shape and the cards are in pastels with red fonts.

Source: Dream Cards

13. Cutwork Invitation Card

Beautiful cutwork on the outside with a lighter shade and a deep color as the base for writing details is a beautiful combination.

A classic rustic invite.. with a tiny jute bow

Source: The Paper Thingie

14. Pastel Invitation Card with Unique Illustrations

A wedding card with the aesthetics of your wedding location or the initials of the couple as a logo on it makes it easier for a guest to connect and feel welcome. Look at this card the envelope is in a dark color and the inside with pastel shades is making it look outstanding. And the addition of the peacock and the illustrations in each card reflect the vibe of the rituals.

Source: The Murphy Studio

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15. Classic Mughal Invitation Card with Illustrations

Do not want to bore the guests with the details of your wedding, but want to go a little extra, go for this invitation with just the date and the address. The classic Mughal illustration is a sign of how grand the wedding will be but with fewer details it can mean that you are having a destination intimate wedding with just your folks. 

Source: Navrai

16. Auspicious Invitation Card

Indian wedding or any event is incomplete without our Lord Ganesh. The presence of Lord Ganesha is a symbol and a way of starting everything in an auspicious manner and with the blessing of Lord Ganesha. So, a card with Lord Ganesha as a theme is a great idea, and blending the thought with modern designing skills turns out to be beautiful. The use of pastel colors is looking stunning, isn't it?

Source: Navrai

17. Invitation Card with Detailed Illustrations

A wedding invitation keeping the aesthetics of the location in mind while designing turns out to be this stunning and we would have definitely attended this wedding. The illustrations just look perfect and will tempt the guest to attend the event, otherwise, they will have FOMO!

Source: Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

18. Personalized Box Invitation Card

When the couple meets each other through their professional field, why not incorporate that into the card to give the guests some information about the couple. Like, in this the couple met each other via modeling assignments where they were designing. So the embroidery of the rings and the sketches on each of these frames brought out the couple’s essence. And the strands of fragrant thread, crocheted bands, and button cookies completed the box and how pretty it looks.

Source: Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

19. Folktales Inspired Invitation Card

If you are the couple who loves your tradition and culture and wants your card to reflect that then go for it. Take a cue from these designs, folktales from West Bengal and Maharashtra inspired invites with baluchari and paithini illustrations. So cool, right? If you are inviting your friends who are not from here, the card will help them to understand a lot about the part you are coming from and it becomes more exciting.

Source: Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

20. Wedding Tool Box Invitation Card

Ever heard of Tool Box? Yes! How about a wedding tool box? Interesting, right! Such a great idea to gift this to your folks with a manual to kickstart the wedding ceremony. This will pump their excitement and make them ready to celebrate your union with full zeal.

Source: Pink Whistle Man By Ranjani

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Here were a few designs that we absolutely fell in love with. Whether it was the shape or the fonts or the design elements, every detail was superb. In a wedding invite, you can put up anything and it will be fine because the important part is the date and the location, that’s it. But, when you are investing so much and inviting these people two things are there- one, you want them to come, and second, an invite looks good and feels more welcoming. So, when you are inviting them, why not put a piece of both of you on the card and invite them. Make them feel welcome but warmly, like a hug from afar. So, no need of going for a heavily design one, go for a minimal one, but it should reflect this day of yours.

It is definitely the couple’s day but in a way it is the parent’s day too because they can see how happy their kids are, it is the day of the friends too, they can finally see their best friends settling. So give a little time to the invites to make it feel like you and your partner, and count the blessings!

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