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Bridal Makeup

Rupi is a certified freelance makeup and hair artisit in the calgary area with over 15 years in the industry, who turned her passion into a successful career....

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Makeup By Miss Lu

(11 review) / Calgary

Makeup by Miss Lu was founded by Aprille Lu. She is a certified professional hair and makeup artist who's work has also been published in Calgary Foundation and has also worked for Film, commercial and TV....

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The Studio by Jai Basi

(42 review) / Calgary

The Studio is run by Jai Basi, who is an award-winning and certified hair and makeup artist. She has been a part of the industry since 2012 and has worked for runway and big names such as Destination Wedding Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Today's Bride, ...

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Aman is a professional MUA, who is certified in all types of makeups such as airbrush techniques, HD makeup, bridal makeup and professional hairstyling....

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Stephanie is the founder of Meili Beauty. She is a Calgary based hair and makeup artist who turned her childhood passion into a successful profession. She enjoys doing all types of makeups be it bridal, fashion, glamour etc....

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Emilia Beauty Art

(62 review) / Calgary

Emilia founded the Emilia Beauty Art Studio in 2019 and has been in the industry for over 20 years. She began her career as a makeup artist and went on to become a certified aesthetician. She is also certified in Permanent makeup, brow shaping artist...

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Valerie Guzman Makeup Artist

(12 review) / Calgary

Valerie is a creative and accomplished freelance makeup artist in Calgary area. She prides herself on creating looks to suit each unique face ....

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Bridal Beauty Bar

(13 review) / Calgary

Anick is the makeup artist behind Bridal Beauty Bar. She specializes in airbrush makeup and trained with Dinair Program. Since finishing her training in 2017, she has completed 100 bridal makeups through Alberta and BC....

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Glow Makeup

(13 review) / Calgary

Bneish Khan is the face behind Glow Makeup. She is a certified hair and makeup artist and has her work published in Inside Fitness Magazine, Elegant Magazone, South Asian Bride Magazine, Fave Magazine and many more. ...

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Jasreen Studio

(20 review) / Calgary

Jasreen Studio is the brain-child of Jasreen who is certified in Makeup artistry from the prestigious Blanche Macdonald Centre and has also trained under the famous makeup artist and hairstylist Kiran Purewal. She has been in the industry since 2012 ...

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Made by Pammy & Gurveen

(1 review) / Calgary

MADE by Pammy and Gurveen is based in Calgar and have been providing professional hair and makeup services to a wide array of clients. They spcialize in Indian bridal and have travelled all around North American and the Caribbean getting brides ready...

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Sim Artistry

( review) / Calgary

Sim Artistry is run by Sim Saroya who is a certified hair and makeup artist in the Calgary region. She specializes in bridal hair and makeup and also provides eyelashes service....

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Makeup By Saher

( review) / Calgary

Saher is a certified professional makeup artist for over 8 years. She has worked with Mac Cosmetics where she mastered many of her skills. With a strong foundation of experience, she decided to venture off on her own and started Saher Masood....

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Sapphire Studio Ltd

(4 review) / Calgary

Sapphire Studio is a Calgary based hair and makeup studio. They have an expertise of 15+ years and also have their own cosmetics brand. Sapphire Studio also provides makeup and hair masterclass....

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Book Top South Asian Wedding Makeup Artists in Calgary at Pyaari Weddings

While planning your wedding, there are some vendors that you can't do without, whether it's a home wedding or a grand affair with hundreds of friends and family and a makeup artist is one of them. After wearing the most stunning lehenga, and beautiful jewelry, it's the makeup artist who does their magic and creates the bridal look that you always wanted. Though, you need to be extra careful while selecting your makeup artist as a lot depends on how talented he/she is. 

Only the one with the right knowledge and experience can elevate your bridal look. Luckily for you, Calgary is known to be the third most diverse city in Canada with several good makeup artists. 

You can discover them on social media platforms, find them on google or simply check the Pyaari Weddings directory to see their amazing work in detail along with their portfolio.

Find the Best Makeup Artists in Calgary

Finding vendors is a daunting task, but with the numerous options like social media platforms and wedding websites like Pyaari Weddings which have over 5000 wedding vendors listed on their platform, it gets a little easier. Fill in your requirements, check their portfolio, go for a makeup trial if possible and then hire them for your most special day. 

Types of Services Offered by Makeup Artists in Calgary

From basic to extraordinary, you will get all kinds of services from makeup artists for your special day. Our enlisted vendors are very professional and up-to-date, they provide everything that any bride or wedding guest would need. From pre-bridal services to all wedding makeup, we got you covered with everything.

1. Basic Makeup / Pre Wedding Ceremony Makeup

It includes basic and minimal makeup looks. Anyone who is a minimal lover or just going to a party or an intimate ceremony like Haldi or Pooja would appreciate this kind of makeup service. It did not need many technicalities and products to do. 

2. Bridal Makeup

The bridal makeup service needs certain skills and expertise. The artist over some time gets donned with skills, techniques, and products. They need to update their profile and artistry so that the clients can see something new every time they visit them.  

3. Hairstyling

Some vendors do not provide this service and some do another mastery over hairstyling. It has become another field for an artist to show their professional skills. Plus, bridal makeup and hairstyling go hand in hand, so it will be beneficial for both bride, and the vendor to prove this service. 

4. Pre-bridal Services

Pre-bridal services make sure your skin and body are well-prepared to look your best on the wedding day. The professional artist would share what and how many sittings a client needs to prepare the skin and hair for the bridal glow. The waxing, body polishing, body massages, hair spa, etcetera adds more volume to your bridal day glow and makeup. 

How to Hire Top Makeup Artists in Calgary

Booking them for your wedding day or otherwise has become so easy as they are available everywhere on the world wide web. You can search by simply typing - best makeup artists in Calgary on google or find them on wedding directors such as Pyaari Weddings to discover vendors, see their portfolios, and get all their information and contact details.

1. Wedding Websites

Websites that have vendors listed are one of the best sources to discover your wedding crew. Whether it’s a photographer, makeup artist, or decor, you can find them all in one place with their details, contact information, and portfolio. Some of these websites like Pyaari Weddings, also give you a chance to get in touch with your favorite artists directly. 

2. Social Media Channels

Almost every artist can easily be searched on Instagram and Pinterest. Although it is the most accessible and easy platform for anyone to search for an artist for your special day, if you do not have a name, you can try using hashtags such as #calgarymakeupartists #makeupartistcalgary, etcetera, and discover them. And if you already know which makeup artist you are looking at, just type in their name to see their work and other details. 

3. Google/Safari

Google is yet another and most trusted medium to search for your favorite artist, particularly in your city. Just type or say to google and the vendor is there in front of your screen with their portfolio, reviews, ratings, and other useful information.

4. Go for Trials

Just like you would want to try an outfit before buying it, especially your bridal outfit, similarly, you should go for a makeup trial before finalizing the makeup artist to get a clear picture. This would not only help you decide what kind of experience or work a particular makeup artist has, but also helps the artist to understand your needs. This will help you imagine your bridal look more clearly. Some makeup artists provide these trials for free, while others charge for them. 

Things to remember while hiring a Makeup Artist in Calgary

You can easily find makeup artists for your wedding day but there are a few things that not every client finds suitable, like budget, products, trial services, etcetera. Before hiring any artist, you can keep these few things in mind and can ask them without any hesitation if you want some suggestions or opinions.

1. Budget

While planning your big day, the most important and foremost should be deciding your wedding budget, which also includes the budget allotted to wedding vendors. The makeup artist you are hiring is within your budget or not or can you adjust with the suggested range by the artist? All these points should be kept in mind before hiring an artist for any of your wedding ceremonies. 

2. Skin Type

You must discuss how sensitive or dry or oily is your skin and hair scalp before hiring a makeup artist. If your skin is allergic to some particular products or ingredients, make sure to bring that up. 

3. Products

If your skin is inclined towards any particular brands or products, you can share them with the artist so that he/she can prepare the makeup kit accordingly.

What to discuss with your Makeup Artist?

Amidst your wedding planning, keeping everything in mind is a task. To help you not forget the important details, we have curated a list that you can save: 

1. Makeup Technique

The kind of makeup technique you want for your special day and other ceremonies needs to be discussed before. For instance, some prefer minimal makeup for haldi, nude makeup or a little bold for mehendi night, airbrush for weddings, and HD makeup look for reception parties. It's up to you how versatile you want each look to be. 

2. Services

The chances are that not all makeup artists provide hairstyling or hair color or pre-bridal services. The brides must enquire about what all services the artist provides and how much they cost.

3. Offers

The wedding season surely keeps them busy but also attain certain offers to the clients. Make sure you ask the artist if there’s any offer going on for bridal services or wedding makeup or if they provide complimentary makeup services to family members. 

4. Charges

How much the artist is going to charge for your bridal, pre-bridal, and other services? The clients need to discuss everything in detail to avoid confusion later.

Why Hire the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Calgary?

Your wedding pictures, videos, and reels, all make for a memory that you will cherish forever. And to make that memory look beautiful, make sure you have a makeup artist who understands your needs. Whether you want a minimal look, glamorous look, or smokey look. Choosing the best one can guarantee you a perfect look with her/her skills and experience.

How does Pyaari Weddings help in hiring a makeup artist in Calgary?

Pyaari weddings is a renowned, 'South Asian Wedding Platform' with a directory of over 5000+ vendors listed on our website. You just have to visit our website, click on the vendor's button from the top bar and fill in the necessary details in the columns and press the search button. The entire list of best bridal makeup artists will appear on the screen. You can happily read their details and see their work and choose them according to your budget.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring Bridal Makeup Artists in Calgary

We all know, the first impression is the last. Whenever you meet any makeup artist or book them for all of your ceremonies then certain things look for attention. There are not many but you need to be careful about a few of them.  

1. Bargaining

Every makeup artist has a way of charging the customer. Some are expensive and some fall within your budget. Some charge for their perfection, some for their name and experience, and some for their latest services, products, or techniques. Bargaining with any professional or well-known makeup artist does not sound sophisticated. You can be open about your budget boundaries and let them know that their prices don’t fit into your budget.

2. Saying NO to the Trials

Even if you have a percent doubt about your look or doubt if your hairstyle would match perfectly with your face or the style of outfit or not, then highly recommend you go for trials.

Makeup Artists in Calgary with Prices

The well-known makeup artist's service will always cost you more than usual. The charges of an artist depend on services, products, location, and experience. A makeup artist in Calgary charges somewhere between $250 to $1000. This is just a tentative amount but you can confirm with your artist before booking them for your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Calgary

How much do makeup Artists in charge in Calgary?

Makeup artists charge according to the type of makeup the bride chooses, the season of the wedding, the location of the venue, and the products the bride prefers. Some brides opt for a nude makeup look, some like pop-up shades, and some brides like to keep their makeup game on point, so it depends on what you want. Apart from this, how many extra services or accessories do you need on the spot? Everything will be included in the final costing.

Are the makeup artists listed on Pyaari Weddings professionals?

Yes, we have 500+ bridal make-up artists listed on Pyaari Weddings across Canada and America. We have many talented makeup artists assembled on our lists. From Calgary, we have some celebrated names listed on our website with all their details, portfolio, ratings, reviews, and even prices. You can get in touch with them via the direct chat button or message the vendor with your requirements to know their availability and other details if any!

What are the things that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best bridal makeup artists in Calgary?

Calgary is full of prominent makeup artists that can doll you up for your most special day, but to find the best one there are a few things to keep in mind while finalizing them such as the number of years of experience, expertise in the type of makeup, availability during your dates, checking the reviews from past clients, trials for the final look, the products they use, the services they provide within their packages, etcetera. 

Are there any Other Services offered by Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Wedding is a South Asian Wedding platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Calgary, you can also find other wedding vendors like Photographers, Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vaulted their information, and estimated their prices.

All you have to do is- enter your city and requirements, look through vendors and save them to your 'cart' (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an appropriate budget.