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Bridal Makeup

Opal Hair & Makeup

(4 review) / Chicago

Opal Hair + Makeup Artistry is a Chicago based team of artists, specializing in onsite bridal services and offers not only bridal services, but also editorial, special effect, theatrical and special event styling. ...

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(16 review) / Chicago

Laura specialises in skincare coaching, helps her client achieve flawless skin and offer a a variety of skincare and makeup services. She offers on location services to the brides and they get a trial before the wedding day and Laura uses top quality...

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Tamara Makeup

(64 review) / Chicago

Tamara is a certified makeup artist from the past 16 years, in the Chicago-land area. Tamara established her on location makeup company in 2005 and in 2009 she was proud to announce the growth of the business, adding new artists and hair services as ...

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Refined Beauty

(16 review) / Chicago

Established in 2014, from bridal to editorial, Jennifer's services always have a creative and professional foundation. With fifteen years of education and experience, she has the ability to create best looks for the wedding day, photo shoot, or any o...

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Patty Mcguire

(63 review) / Chicago

Patty McGuire Hair & Makeup Artists provide onsite special event and bridal hair and makeup in the comfort and privacy of home, hotel or bridal suite of the bride and the squad. They treat every bride differently and in a unique manner as every b...

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Windy City Glam is an award-winning mobile hair and makeup service. It is run by a team of professional hair and makeup artists who specialize in soft glam makeup with glowing skin & chic hairdo....

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Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists

(25 review) / Chicago

Nika Vaughan is a professional hair and makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in bridal and commercial hair and makeup. Nika leads a team of experienced hair and makeup artists to provide you with a seam-free service....

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Crystal-Eyez Makeup & Beauty Lounge

(82 review) / Chicago

Bridal Beauty team is an award-winning on-site hair and makeup service providing perfected bridal beauty and lasting impressions....

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Chyl Artistry

(22 review) / Chicago

From the makeup counters of MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, and Shiseido, doing makeup and hair for fitness competitors, to working on set with award-winning photographers on editorial and commercial photo shoots abroad in Germany, and much more, Chyla has w...

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Makeup on U

(17 review) / Chicago

Manisha is a licensed cosmetologist, certified makeup artist, certified Extreme Lash stylist, henna artist, airbrush makeup artist, and programmer. Manisha is specialized in Indian, Pakistani, and American bridal services and loves doing all beauty s...

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Makeup by Darshi

(14 review) / Chicago

Owner and makeup artist Darshi gained her certification through Ash Kumar. Now, she serves brides and bridesmaids on their big day by offering them gorgeous makeup and sari draping services....

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Dori Mae Makeup

(13 review) / Chicago

Dori has been working as a freelance makeup artist from the oast 9 years. Her style has evolved through the time and has developed refined technique. Her specialty application techniques are designed to enhance the traits that make her clients unique...

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Hala Beauty

(22 review) / Chicago

Hala Beauty was founded by Nicki Hala, an esthetician, makeup artist, and hairstylist. This team of beauty specialists provides on-site treatments so the client can feel pampered in the comfort of their own home. They offer a wide variety of treatmen...

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Chicago Bridal Artists

(10 review) / Chicago

Chicago Bridal Artist is a team of highly rated professional and talented hair and makeup artists who have also worked for Netflix, Cosmopolitan, Chicago Bride, Glamour, Elle, Bazaar, Fruk, Grazia, Michigan Avenue Magazine etc....

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Visage Joli is an award-winning makeup service in the Chicago area run by Wendy Kimmel. Wendy has over 7 years of Fine Arts Training & has studied with some of the top makeup artists in the country. They also have 30 years of experience in the Film, ...

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Book Top South Asian Wedding Makeup Artists in Chicago

Your bridal makeup is as important as your bridal outfit and that's the truth. Apart from noticing what color lehenga you are wearing and people are going to notice and talk about your bridal look, and your makeup has a great role to play in it. Your makeup can make or break your bridal look, so you must choose an artist who can enhance your features and bring your dream vision to life. 

Good and skilled makeup can be recognized even from a distance, therefore we see many techniques of makeup like HD and airbrush that makes you look flawless and as natural as your second skin. An updated and skilled makeup artist can make such witchcraft happen without putting in a lot of effort. 

Finding a good makeup artist is just like finding a jackpot, but if you are in Chicago or getting married here, then you are lucky to have some amazing makeup artists who have a long list of work achievements, makeup skills, techniques, and great reviews from past clients. 

Find the Best Makeup Artists in Chicago

You will find many popular makeup artists in Chicago with great years of experience and fine makeup skills. All you have to do is - visit Pyaari Weddings, go to the makeup category, and fill in your requirements with your preferred city, and you will be surprised to see the list of South Asian Bridal Makeup Artists available in Chicago. You will find everything in just one click - from their work details to photos and approximate prices, which will really help you check their work and decide if you want to get in touch with them or not. 

Types of Services Offered by Makeup Artists in Chicago

There are plenty of services you can get from makeup artists that can help you in making your bridal day the most glowy and beautiful. Once you have searched the artists, also confirm from them what services he/she can provide. A few of the services are basic which all makeup artists provide and some offer additional services as mentioned below: 

1. Bridal Makeup: If not anything then bridal makeup service is the most given service by all makeup artists. Several makeup techniques matter, like which artist provides the best looks or what all kinds of makeup techniques the artist is good at or offers to their clients. The years of experience will only add positive aspects to their profile and also gives a possibility of experimenting with multiple looks. 

2. Party Makeup: This is a very basic service provided by almost all makeup artists for a regular party or event. The party look doesn't need to be very experimental or use a lot of products. The basic makeup products like foundation, blush, kohl, and lip color, that's it! But your makeup artist adds magic which makes this simple look exemplary.

3. Pre-bridal Services: It includes many services like manicures, pedicures, facials, hair cut, spas, massages, body wax, body polishing, etc. Many times, not every makeup artist provides this service but they do come under compulsory and must-have service so you can ask the artist before booking them.

4. Hairstyling: Sometimes the artist likes to pass this service as hairstyling is altogether a different art or profession. It is a part of the bridal look, but at times there are professionals who are only experienced in doing hairstyles and offer these services individually. It demands creativity and tactics to manage several lengths of hair. 

How to Hire Top Makeup Artists in Chicago?

In the 21st century searching for anything is super easy. Just type or say to google, and it will be there in front of you. If you have to look for any makeup artist in Chicago, multiple ways can help as follows:

1. Google: Type the name if you know of any, or just write - best makeup artists in Chicago, and you will be presented with a list of the best ones in front of you within a few seconds. 

2. Search Social Media Platforms: You can either search by the artists' name or use a hashtag like - #bestmakeupartistinChicago #chicagomakeupartist and you will have the makeup artist's profile in front of you that you can further explore.

3. Check Wedding Websites: Wedding platforms like Pyaari Weddings help you discover vendors that are in your city, and within your budget. All you have to do is - visit Pyaari Weddings, go to the makeup category, fill in your requirements, and you will be surprised to see the list of South Asian Bridal Makeup Artists available in Chicago. You will find everything in just one click - from their work details to photos and approximate prices, which will help you check their work and decide if you want to get in touch with them or not. 

4. Look for References: Ask your friends and family for references or someone they have had a great experience working with recently. These would be one of the best and most trusted vendors as your family and friends have had first-hand experience with them and can give you genuine feedback and reviews. 

Things to Remember While Hiring a Makeup Artist

No matter how much you research or have cross-checked facts about the makeup artist, there are still some basic things that one must remember while booking a makeup artist for their wedding. As it's difficult to cancel the booking once you have paid the advance and the well-known artists are booked months in advance so you won't be left with a lot of choices later. 

1. Budget: Make sure you have a clear idea of what your makeup artist is going to charge you for the services before making a final booking. It must fall under your decided budget, otherwise, it will affect your entire wedding budget. 

2. Bridal Look: How do you want your bridal look? You must share your clear vision with the makeup artist and ask as many questions as possible to see if he/she can create the look that you have envisioned for your special day. If not, then you still have a chance to continue with your search, rather than being disappointed on your wedding day. 

3. Availability: We know the wedding season is always busy for renowned and skilled makeup artists, thus it would be smart to ask for availability first and then book the artist at the earliest if you are sure they will be able to bring out your bridal vision to life.

What to discuss with your Makeup Artist?

We suggest you discuss with them whatever comes to your mind regarding your bridal makeup without any hesitation. You won't get this opportunity later when you have already booked your artist, so it's wise to discuss important things in advance such as:  

1. Bridal Look: Share your bridal vision, why you want that particular look, what's the idea behind it, etcetera, everything should be discussed with the artist so that he/she can help you in creating what you want. 

2. Extra hands for the family: If you want to book the same artist for your friends or family, make sure to ask your artist if they have an additional team that can help them get ready. How many people would be there in total? How much would the artist charge extra or if there is any discount being offered? It is better to ask these questions before the booking to avoid any chaos later.

3. How to prepare the skin: The texture of the skin varies in every season and for every bride. For instance: if it's the winter or fall wedding, then it could be dry or if it's summer, then it could be rough or oily. Therefore the bride needs to prepare her skin well in advance. The proper care and skin regime can make you look naturally flawless and that's what any experienced makeup artist can suggest by carefully examining your skin. We suggest you follow rigorously whatever your makeup artist tells you, whether it's having proper meals or avoiding any particular product on your skin.

Why Hire the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Chicago?

Your wedding photos, videos, and reels depend on how you look on your wedding day. Whether you are a minimal bride or like to go all out and about with heavy makeup, choosing the best makeup artist who understands your vision can guarantee you a perfect look.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring Bridal Makeup Artists in Chicago

There are certain questions that come across your mind while speaking to your makeup artist just before booking them for your wedding day. While we suggest you ask as many questions as possible to avoid any misunderstanding at a later suggest, but there are a few things that you must avoid asking your artist, such as: 

1. Bargaining: Asking if they offer any complimentary services are fine, but bargaining with them is not really a great thing. If you find their prices high or it's exceeding your budget, you can simply tell them and say thank you for their time, rather than bargaining with them. 

2. Asking questions without knowing their work: There are a number of things that you have to manage while prepping for the big day, and sometimes you forget to do the most important and common work to do, like, checking the profile of a makeup artist thoroughly before speaking to them or booking them. This can lead to asking wrong or unusual questions. 

3. Makeup Trial: Not taking the trial when you are unsure about the artists is a big mistake that many clients make. Trails are very important for many reasons - you get to know the artist better, get an idea of your bridal look, and you have an opportunity to make amendments in your bridal look if you feel the current look is not how you imagined it to be. You can also maybe go with another artist if you are not very much satisfied with him/her. This is a great opportunity and one must use it wisely, rather than being disappointed with your look later. 

Makeup Artists in Chiago with Prices

The prices differ from artist to artist, service to service, and place to place. Even the popularity of the artist also matters in evaluating their price range. The types of service, products, location, and season of the wedding also affect the prices. But on average, a South Asian makeup artist in Chicago charges between $250to$1000. This is a tentative amount, but you can confirm with your artist before booking them for your big wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Chicago

How much do makeup Artists in Chicago charge?

Makeup artists charge according to the type of makeup the bride chooses, the season of the wedding, the location of the venue, and the products the bride prefers. Some brides opt for a nude makeup look, some like pop-up shades, and some brides like to keep their makeup game on point, so it depends on what you want. Apart from this, how many extra services or accessories do you need on the spot? Everything will be included in their costing.

Are the makeup artists listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, we have 1000+ bridal make-up artists listed on Pyaari Weddings across Canada and America. We have many talented makeup artists assembled in our list. From Chicago, we have some famous names listed on the platform with all their details, portfolio, ratings, reviews, and even prices. You can get in touch with them via the direct chat button or message the vendor with your requirements to know their availability and other details if any!

What are the things that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best bridal makeup artists in Chicago

Chicago is the hub of renowned and famous makeup artists and you will find many makeup artists for your special day. There have to be a few things that you need to keep in mind while hiring them like the number of years of experience, expertise in the type of makeup, availability during your dates, Checking the reviews from other clients, trials for the final look, products they use, and services they provide within their packages.  

How does Pyaari Weddings help in hiring a makeup artist in Chicago?

Pyaari weddings is a renowned, 'south Asian wedding platform' with a directory of over 4000+ vendors listed on our website. You just have to visit our website, click on the vendor's button from the top bar and fill in the necessary details in the columns and press the search button. The entire list of best bridal makeup artists will appear on the screen. You can happily read their details and see their work and choose them according to your budget.

Are There Any Other Services Offered by Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Wedding is a South Asian Wedding platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Chicago, you can also find other wedding vendors like Photographers, Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vaulted their information, and estimated their prices.

All you have to do is - enter your city and requirements, look through vendors and save them to your 'cart' (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an appropriate budget.