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Bridal Makeup

Dolled Up By Lulu

(55 review) / LA

Lulu's artistic talent creates elegant styles, beauty make overs, memorable life celebrations, to everyday useful styling tips, her well detailed hair and makeup applications not only express her remarkable talent, but each client can also feel h...

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Annie Gogia Makeup

(14 review) / LA

Annie Gogia is a pro make-up artist trained under famous Pakistani Celebrity makeup artist, Lubna Rafiq in London. She is also certified makeup artist from the London School of Fashion. She is a freelance makeup expert for Bridals, Beauty, Fashion & ...

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Makeup by Dina

(92 review) / LA

Dina is a certified MAC makeup artist, and have been practicing for over 15 years now with 5 star ratings across every site such as wedding wire, yelp, etc. She specialises in simple & natural makeup to dramatic and more intricate looks and handle ev...

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Beauty Affair

(62 review) / LA

The Beauty Affair offers professional hair and makeup services for weddings and is based out of Plymouth, Massachusetts. They also offers services for those in Boston and the Cape Cod areas as well as neighboring cities and towns and they are availab...

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Henna Dil Se

(9 review) / LA

HENNA DIL SE, by Nadia Ali, is a 7 year long bridal company. They offer a variety of services including many options for bridal henna and guest henna, bridal hair and guest hair, bridal make-up and guest make-up, jewelry settings, sari tying/outfit s...

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Emily Lynn + Co.

(63 review) / LA

Emily Lynn and Co. is run by Emily Wright who has been in the beauty industry for over 9 years and is a licensed cosmetologist, hair stylist and makeup artist. Emily provides on-site services and has worked for weddings, red carpet premieres, televis...

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Nadia Shalini Makeup

(5 review) / LA

Nadia Shalini is a makeup artist based in LA. She has been in the beauty industry since she was only 16 years old. She began her career working for Cristophe Salon in MGM and then later moved on to work in Film and TV. Nadia is known for her detail a...

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Color Me Bride

(4 review) / LA

Bridal Makeup Artist and Wedding Hairstylist is an on-location hair and makeup service. It is run by a team of passionate hair and makeup artists who are dedicated to providing high quality services and make their clients happy....

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Soreya Yann

(102 review) / LA

Established in 2008, Soreya is a licensed cosmetologist and certified make-up artist. She is a stylist at Le Jolie Salon in Studio City, CA and offers on location hair and make-up services, specializing in weddings....

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Design Visage

(62 review) / LA

For the almpst 30 years Design Vidage has been helping their brides get the best look and feel ready and the best. They specializes in Bridal Hair and Makeup and transform glowing fiances into gorgeous, stress free brides for their dream day....

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Infine Beauty LA

(57 review) / LA

Established in 2011, Infinite beauty LA serve the greater Los Angeles area and expanding to Orange County, Ventura County, Inland Empire and Las Vegas. They are professional makeup artist who specialises in bridal makeup and hairstyling and they work...

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Grace Lin Makeup

(7 review) / LA

They have over 20 artists who are passionate to provide the highest quality of services to their clients and specializes in various services: Bridal, event, Asian hair and makeup design, facials, nails, hair cut and coloring....

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Pooja Sethiya is an internationally certified makeup artist with over 8 years of experience. She specializes in beauty, editorial, prosthetic & SFX makeup, and has written beauty related content for magazines like Vogue, Elle, Times of India....

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Bright Crystal is a hair and makeup service run by a team of professional hair and makeup artists who ae also experienced in the field. Apart from hair and makeup, they also provide cosmetic tattoo and eyelash service....

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Angela Tam is an award-winning celebrity makeup and hair artist. Angela Tam was founded in 2003 and is led by a team of professional and experienced artists. Angela Tam team has worked for fashion houses, dance companies, print ads, fashion shows, as...

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Book Top South Asian Wedding Makeup Artists in LA at Pyaari Weddings

A makeup artist can make or break a bride’s look. Being the second largest and most populous city in the United States of America, Los Angeles has many doors open for budding makeup artists who can experiment with their skills and try new trends for brides. The basic necessity for makeup artists to establish themselves in LA is the right aura and clients. Many South Asian brides in LA are looking for the best and most skilled makeup artists for their special day. They want them to be very experienced and updated with the latest trends and techniques. No bride can ever imagine their special day without a makeup artist who can perfect her features and doll her up. 

Find the Best Makeup Artists in LA

Finding the best makeup artist in Los Angeles is not very difficult now, all thanks to social media platforms and wedding inspiration platforms like ‘Pyaari Weddings’. There are several artists in our assembled list with great years of experience and fine makeup skills. You can go to Pyaari Weddings, fill in your requirements, and go through the list of very talented makeup artists and their portfolios. You can also get in touch with them directly via the ‘Message Vendor’ option and book them for your special day. 

Types of Services Offered by Makeup Artists in Los Angeles

All makeup artists offer different services from one another. Some only do makeup, some also have experience in hairstyling along with makeup, while some makeup artists also offer pre-bridal services that bring out the perfect bridal glow for the big day. Here, we have mentioned below what all services a makeup artist typically provides: 

1. Bridal Makeover

It is the most important of all. All brides expect this service from artists along with new and updated techniques. Every bride has a different skin type and face structure, so an experienced makeup artist will make sure to look thoroughly and then give suggestions regarding her bridal look. If a bride already has some ideas or inspirations, a makeup artist should make sure to guide her in advance and give an idea of to what extent this look is achievable so that a bride can make up her mind before booking the vendor.

2. Hairstyling

Most of the time you will notice the makeup artist doing hairstyling for the bride, it’s part of the whole bridal look. But sometimes, some brides book a separate vendor to make the hairstyle, who is an expert in their field. So, it depends on what you decide, and what’s your budget. 

3. Hair Color and Treatments

Along with the skin, the hair of the bride also needs equal attention. If they are rough, dry, or too oily then the artist can suggest hair treatments or if they need any new get-up like global hair color or highlights, then also suggestions from your vendor come in handy. 

4. Party Makeup

A makeup artist who does bridal makeup, generally offers this service to friends or family of the bride. The charges for these are according to the outfit or desired look. 

5. Pre-bridal Services

These services are the base of bridal beauty preparations to get glowing skin on their special day. It includes skin treatment, body spa, waxing, manicure-pedicure, massages, hair treatments, etcetera. You can always customize these services as per your convenience, time, and budget.

How to Hire Top Makeup Artists in LA

You can hire the top makeup artists in LA from social media or wedding platforms like Pyaari Weddings. You can also narrow down your search, and find the best makeup artists according to city-wise as mentioned below:

1. Social Media Platform

In today’s internet era, mostly all vendors use social media platforms, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or wedding vendor discovery platforms like Pyaari Weddings. You can simply fill in requirements, and sort by filters, and you are good to go with the list of best and most talented makeup artists in your city. You can also check their portfolio, and can easily contact them using the ‘Message Vendor’ button, all for free of cost.

2. World Wide Web

Internet can make everything possible. You just have to type your requirements or rather tell your requirements to google/safari, and it will give you the desired results within a fraction of a second. 

3. Go for Trials

These days all makeup artists provide makeup trials to the bride who wants it to clear doubts or to check what will suit them best or not.

4. Recommendations

There’s nothing greater than hiring a vendor through recommendations. You will get first-hand feedback from them in terms of vendor experience, attitude, work, products, etcetera. Ask your friends or family around for recommendations, and get in touch with them to see if they can pull off what you have in mind for your bridal look. If possible, go for trials to get a better idea. 

Things to remember while hiring a Makeup Artist

Planning for a wedding has never been easy! Everything from A to Z needs proper planning and execution which needs proper attention. The same applies when we are booking the makeup artist for our most special day. While there are tens of things that you need to remember while hiring a good makeup artist, here are a few that you must remember: 

1. What Products or Brands They Use

The use of products and brands should be discussed before booking a makeup artist to make sure you don't have to go through a bad experience. For example, if there’s a certain product or brand that you are allergic to, you have to tell the makeup artist beforehand. You must also be very clear about your bridal look and should discuss the same before avoiding any last-minute hiccups. 

2. Budget

Budget is not only the first step to planning a wedding, but it’s the most important one too. You need to have a clear budget in mind, and if he/she is out of your budget, do not hesitate to tell them. If you are not aware of their charges, you can politely ask them about the same, and clarify what is included, before booking the vendor. 

3. On-location Services

Some makeup artists do provide on-location makeup services, and if they do, make sure to check if they charge extra for this. 

4. Makeup Trials

If your makeup artist provides free makeup trials, then great, but if they don’t, we suggest you take paid makeup trials. Your wedding is going to be a very special day for you, and we are sure you want to avoid any obstacle that comes your way. Makeup trials give you an idea of your bridal look and help you decide if you are happy with this look or want to change anything - like a hairstyle or touch down the makeup, rather than keeping it to glitz and glam. 

Why Hire the Best Bridal Makeup Artist in LA?

You want your wedding day to be very special and memorable in every possible way. 

You may have spent weeks deciding your bridal outfit, jewelry, and hairstyle, but if you do have a good makeup artist, all of this isn’t worth it. A good, experienced makeup artist can give you the desired bridal look, something you always dreamt of. It’s just not important for one day, your look is going to remain with you forever, via photos/video. It’s a memory of a lifetime, so you cannot compromise on hiring the best makeup artist in LA for your wedding. 

How does Pyaari Weddings help in hiring?

Pyaari Weddings is a renowned, 'South Asian Wedding Platform' with a directory of over 5000+ vendors listed on our website. You just have to visit our website, click on the vendor's button from the top bar and fill in the necessary details in the columns and press the search button. The entire list of best bridal makeup artists will appear on the screen. You can happily read their details and see their work and choose them according to your budget.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring Bridal Makeup Artists in LA

We all know, the first impression is the last. Whenever you meet a makeup artist or book them for your wedding, there are certain things that need your attention, such as: 

1. Bargaining

Every makeup artist has a way of charging the customer. Some are expensive and some are nominal. Some charge for their perfection, some for their name and experience, and some for their latest services or techniques. Bargaining with any professional or well-known makeup artist does not sound sophisticated. You can say yes or no to their rates or just promise to see you later, rather than bargaining. 

2. Saying NO to the Trials

Even if you have a percent doubt about your wedding looks or doubt if a certain hairstyle would match perfectly with your face framing or the style of outfit. Then we suggest you always opt for a trial.

Makeup Artists in LA with Prices

A good makeup artist with experience and talent will always cost you more than other artists. The charges of an artist rely on service to service and place to place. The types of service, products, location, and season of the wedding also affect the cost of the artists. But an average charge for a Los Angeles makeup artist is between $300 to $1000. This is the tentative amount but you can check with your artist before booking them for your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Bridal Makeup Artists in LA

How much do makeup Artists in LA charge?

Makeup artists charge according to the type of makeup the bride chooses, the season of the wedding, the location, and the products they use. Some brides opt for a nude makeup look, some like pop-up shades, and some brides like to keep their makeup game on point, so it depends on what you want. Apart from this, how many extra services or accessories you need on the spot is also included in your final costing.

Are the makeup artists listed on Pyaari Weddings professionals?

Yes, we have 500+ bridal make-up artists listed on Pyaari Weddings across Canada and America. We have many talented makeup artists assembled on our lists. From Los Angeles, we have some celebrated names listed on our website with all their details, portfolio, ratings, reviews, and even prices. You can get in touch with them via the direct chat button or message the vendor with your requirements to know their availability and other details if any!

What are the things that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best bridal makeup artists in LA?

Los Angeles is full of prominent makeup artists who can doll you up on your wedding day. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while hiring them - years of experience, expertise in the type of makeup, availability during your dates, checking the client reviews, trials for the final look, products they use, services they provide within their packages, etcetera. 

Are there any Other Services offered by Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Wedding is a South Asian Wedding platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting the best Bridal Makeup Artist in LA, you can also find other wedding vendors like Photographers, Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vaulted their information, and estimated their prices.

All you have to do is- enter your city and requirements, look through vendors and save them to your 'cart' (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an appropriate budget.