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Bridal Makeup

Makeuplicious by Mika

(18 review) / Toronto

Makeuplicious by Mika is run by a passionate makeup artist Mika. Mika worked as beauty advisor for Yves Saint Laurent for two years where her increasing demand for makeup led to the birth of makeuplicious by Mika in 2016....

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Bets Beauty Studio

(16 review) / Toronto

Betty founded Bets Beauty Studio which is based in the Greater Toronto area. With over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry, she specializes in naturally glam makeup look which is her clients' favorite. Her passion lies in using makeup to tra...

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Artistry by Jas is a mobile hair and bakeup service specializing in bridal beauty. She is based out of Toronto and is available to travel for destination weddings....

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Toronto Bridal Style

(10 review) / Toronto

Jem Lopez is a Toronto based Beauty director and lead makeup artist leading a curated team of elite makeup and hair artists. The team has over 30 years of experience in providing exemplary hair and makeup services, and can accommodate single brides t...

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Corrie Elle Makeup Hair Artist

(41 review) / Toronto

Corrie Elle is known for her polished, elegant and romantic looks and specializes in print, fashion, bridal and beauty makeup and hair. She is one of the most sought after international beauty artist with a great attention to details....

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Maya is a featured Eco-Beauty Professional makeup artist and only uses 100% clean, safe, non-toxic, eco-ethical skincare and makeup products, on and off the red-carpet. She is passionate about creating natural, HD-3D friendly portrait look that reson...

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Vicki Millar Makeup Artist

(19 review) / Toronto

Known for creating flawless looks and attention to details, Vicki Lea Millar is an award-winning and internationally published makeup and hair artist. She has a vast experience and has worked with Europe's top models, professional photographers and e...

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Jen Evoy Makeup Studio

(202 review) / Toronto

Jen Evoy Makeup Studio is a team of talented and industry's best makeup artists who specialize in creating flawless looks....

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Face Time with Daniela

(49 review) / Toronto

Daniela is a professionally trained an certified makeup artist based in Etobicoke. She skilled and experienced in working with all skin tones and her niches lies in beautifying makeup....

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The Touch of Dimple

(66 review) / Toronto

Dimple has been running Touch of Dimple for over 20 years. She is a certified esthetician who discovered her love for beauty at the young age of 10 when she did her first bridal henna application. Her work was highlighted in National post in 2004....

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Beauty By Cam

(5 review) / Toronto

With extensive experience of over 10 years in the beauty industry, Cam is a passionate makeup and hair artist specializing in traditional make up for all types of events....

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Makeup By Maryam

(26 review) / Toronto

Maryam is a amekup artist to who the art of makeup comes naturally. For Maryam, makeup is a form of art giving her the opportunity to add life to an individual and help them express their inner being....

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Beauty Marq Make Up Artist

(21 review) / Toronto

Beauty MarQ is an awrd-winning luxury mobile hair and makeup service....

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Beauteeinc Makeup

( review) / Toronto

Beautee inc. is an elite hair and artistry makeup providing their services on-site....

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Beauty by Bu

(9 review) / Toronto

Beauty by Bu is run by Bushra who only takes bridal hair and makeup bookings. She provides her services on-site and is available to travel to your location....

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Book Top South Asian Wedding Makeup Artists in Toronto

The makeup artists are the one that makes any bride look like a princess on her wedding day. They are considered the heart and soul of the bride's special day. This is why the demand for fine makeup artists is reaching the mountains. We see many renowned names in this field that have stepped this category a notch higher. With time it has become a very skilled and privileged career to adopt. They can create wonders with one stroke. Their art, skills, and experience are what make them the most capable and demanding in the wedding world.

The working technique, finesse, and knowledge of the makeup according to the skin type are what their clients seek before choosing or hiring them. We can't also disagree looking at how adaptive they are in doing the different kinds of makeup. The artist is considered as best when they can provide their customers with the kind of look they have been dreaming of.

Find Best Wedding Makeup Artists in Toronto

If you are searching for some fine hands that you can choose for your special day then let us share with you that Toronto is full of some of the best makeup artists, who have with them the best working techniques, products, and amazing experience of turning the brides into beautiful brides. Their work and reviews prove more than our words. They use fresh styles and products, turning the bride into her most excellent and desirable getup.

Types of Services Offered by Makeup Artists in Toronto

Every artist has their way to offer services. Some have packages that include all services and some provide individually on their clients' demand. For instance, some book the same artist for pre-bridal services and bridal, some do not provide hairdos or hair care treatments and some give all services at one place. They do mention in their portfolio, their expertise, and area of interest. Among many services, there are a few that are quite common and almost provided by all.

1. Bridal Makeup

The bridal makeup service is the most important and most asked service by the brides. Nowadays the bride's focus is more on the professional makeup skills of the artist. They seek how efficient and fine the artist is with his/her work. The demand for makeup is not the same for all brides. Some brides like to keep their makeup subtle, and others want a no makeup or minimal makeup look, some brides like to go for heavy and intense makeup, and some prefers a glamorous touchup according to their outfits.

2. Bridal Hair

It's not a said rule that all makeup artists are also specialist in bridal hairstyles. Though we have noticed that a lot of makeup artists are indulging their hands in this expertise and using their creativity to create pretty hairstyles. 

3. Bridesmaid's Makeup

The bridesmaid's makeup is not as intense and time-consuming as bridal makeup. So a lot of makeup artists do offer these services with additional cost to their clients if they have any friends or sisters who wants to get ready from the same salon.

4. Party Makeup

Party makeup is required for any small-intimate affair or for pre wedding ceremonies. This makeup is generally light and minimal, and not too heavy as bridal makeup.

5. Pre-Bridal Services

The Pre- bridal services include manicures, pedicures, full body massages, waxing, facials, hair treatment, and many other services offered to the bride for her wedding day. It's want to pamper the bride leading to her most special days and almost all brides need these services a month or two before their wedding day.

The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Toronto

1. Search Online

With the help of the world wide web, everything is possible. The searching platforms like google, Instagram, Pinterest, and wedding websites as Pyaari Weddings, can help you in searching for top makeup artists from any place. Plus on the other side, the online platform provides their entire profile and portfolio with which you can easily know about their work and decide the best for your special day.

2. Take Recommendations from Family and Friends

While finding top artists, you can ask for or take recommendations from family and friends as well. They can suggest you the best as per your comfort and choice. Sometime recommendations come as a great advantage for the bride and her family in terms of services and pricing.

3. Visit the Salons Nearby

Another option we would love to suggest is to visit the salon of your favorite makeup artist before trying out other places. In case they are not known, you can give them a try by visiting their workplace. You can talk to them in person and share your thoughts and requirements for your bridal look.

4. Go for Trials

If you have booked someone who is unknown or you are trying them for the first time, then we strongly recommend you to go for trials. Apart from knowing each other expectations and requiments, it also help the bride and the artist to build great camaraderie before the wedding day.

5. Ask as Many Questions as Possible

Ask as many questions to the artist before booking and finalizing everything. The more clarity and sharing of thoughts, the better it is for the artist to understand the bride's vision.

Things to Remember While Hiring a Makeup Artist in Toronto

Every step we take while planning for the wedding is crucial because we all certainly have thoughts regarding our bridal look. The hunt for the best makeup artist is another task that involves looking for some particular things such as:

1. Budget

Whenever you are booking or trying to hire any makeup artist for your wedding or special events like Haldi or mehndi etcetera, the foremost aspect is to remember your budget. The amount of money you wish to spend on your bridal makeup could differ from one event to another event. Even the makeup artist's charges depend on the kind of products and techniques they are using. 

2. Work Experience

The more experience the artists have, there are better chances of perfection. The work experience of the artist matters a lot as it shows how far the artist has grown, how many types of makeup look he/she has created, the amount of time he/she would take, how the artist can manage any impromptu situation if occurs, etcetera. 

3. Miscellaneous Charges

Every artist has a set way to charge money if their client asks for extra service or product or accessory. So, before hiring them, you always remember about their service charges and miscellaneous charges. And if that suits your budget then you can hire them.

4. Reviews

Reviews are considered to be the most authentic feedback for any vendor you want to hire. Even if you know everything about them, the clients' reviews can help you make the decision easier. 

5. Products

Depending on the bride's skin type, the artist chooses the products or picks the brand. They always choose products that can go harmless for their skin issues. Hence, sharing the brand or the product's name would be supportive of both the artist and the bride.

What to Discuss with your Makeup Artist Before Finalizing?

After hiring the makeup artist, you need to spend some time with your artist and make them familiar with your vision and ideas you have regarding your bridal look or the kind of makeup or products you wish to use for your wedding day. The discussion before the wedding can help the artist in saving your concerns and preparing for the specific demands in advance.

1. Dream Look

The makeup is not just about the strokes or shadows, you have to share your idea or style of makeup with your makeup artist to get it in real. How you have envisioned your bridal look with the kind of outfit you are wearing or the style of hairstyle you want should be discussed so that the artist can create it for you.

2. Availability

The best and renowned makeup artists are mostly booked in advance, espcecially during the wedding season. So once you have decided the makeup artist, always ask for their availability for your wedding date. Make sure to also ask them if they are okay traveling to your place for makeup or you will need to go to their salon to get ready.

3. Makeup Products

According to the skin texture or type, the beauty products may vary. Every bride or client may not feel the same about the products the makeup artist is using. If your skin is prone to dryness or acne issues or sensitivity issues, you should go through all aspects with your makeup artist openly. So that he/she can make prior arrangements or prepare the makeup kit as per the clients' requirements.

4. Makeup Packages

The price of the services of every makeup artist is distinctive from one another. They have various services under the packages. Each package has something additional within its certain price range. Therefore the bride needs to select the package that is best according to her needs or matches best with her requirements.

5. Techniques

Nowadays makeup is just not about putting lip shades or eyeshadow with brushes, there is more than that. Several techniques have come up over time like HD makeup, airbrush makeup, nude makeup, or no makeup techniques. Which one do you want for your big day or how do you want your makeup to look? Enquire about everything before and choose the best for yourself. 

6. Services

What kind of services he/she can provide to them or any complimentary makeup service to the mother or the sister should be confirmed beforehand. If the brides want to book the makeup artist for all the events or some fixed set of people. The charges for each member of the family or how many extra hands the artist can provide needs to be asked before the ceremony or at the time of booking.

7. Offers

While booking the makeup artist, make sure to ask if they are offering any complimentary services to the bride or complimentary makeup for the family member or sister of the bride. 

8. Makeup Trial

Few makeup artists are willing to give complimentary or paid makeup trial to the brides. If you are looking for some particular specifications in your look, you can ask for a trial anytime before your big day.

Why Hire Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Toronto

For the bride, their wedding is the most valuable and special day and they want to look their prettiest. There are many renowned makeup artists in Toronto who beautifully turn the bride's vision into reality with their years of experience and knowledge. Their expertise on skin types, textures, and brands can help and solve your concerned issues in just a fraction of the time. Hiring the best bridal makeup artist is as important as other vendors of the wedding. It is the bridal look that makes or breaks your entire look, thus, hiring the best makeup artist is the most important.

How does Pyaari Weddings help in hiring a Makeup Artist in Toronto?

Pyaari weddings is a renowned, South Asian Wedding Planning and Vendor Directory Platform with over 4000+ vendors listed on the website. You just have to visit the website, click on the vendor's button from the top bar and fill in the necessary details and press the search button. The entire list of best bridal makeup artists will appear on the screen. You can check their portfolio, other details and connect with them. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Bridal Makeup Artists in Toronto

In between the wedding moments, sometimes we skip focusing on the flaws we make while booking the makeup artist. There have been chances when clients just book the artist without checking the reviews or portfolio to get rid of wedding chaos. As an esteemed South AsianWedding Planning platform, we are happy to guide you on how you can avoid these mistakes while hiring the best makeup artist for your big day.

1. Bargaining

Bargaining with any professional makeup artist or any well-known artist does not sound good. You can ask them for a discount or offers or a reason for their high charges but if possible, avoid bargaining and comparison with the other artist's price. If the suggested price does not fit within your budget, you can politely leave or thank them for their time but never bargain.

2. Makeup Charges & Years of Experience

Most of the times, the brides avoid visiting well-known artists or any less-known artists by assuming their price range and the years of experience. There have been times when experienced artists have done blunders and the freshers have created wonders. Sometimes it is just the perfection of the hand that matters. 

3. Trial

When you have decided your makeup artist, then there is no harm in asking for trials. This will help both the artist and the client to build a good fellowship and know the bride's expectations for her special day. 

4. Check their Portfolio

Before meeting any artist or asking any question, the clients should check their work online and accordingly clarify their queries. 

Bridal Makeup Artists in Toronto with Prices

After sharing pros and cons, there are a few things to keep in mind while hiring the best makeup artist in Toronto for your wedding. And one of the most important ones are their prices that varies as per the kind of makeup you select, products, technique or sometimes the on-location service. But the average range for a makeup arttist is between $500-$1000 approximately.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Toronto

How much do makeup Artists in Toronto charge? 

Makeup artists charge according to the kind of makeup you choose for your wedding day. Some brides opt for a nude makeup look, some like pop-up shades, and some brides like to keep their makeup game on point, so it depends on what you want. Apart from this, the prices differ for the kind of products they use or how far the wedding location is, or if you ask for some extra service or accessory on the spot.

Are the makeup artists listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, we have 500+ bridal make-up artists listed on Pyaari Weddings across Canada and America. From Toronto, we have some famous names listed on the platform with all their details, portfolio, ratings, reviews, and even prices. You can get in touch with them via the direct chat button or message the vendor with your requirements and check with them for their availability or other details, if any!

What are the things that you need to keep in mind while hiring the best bridal makeup artists in Toronto

Wherever you may reside in Toronto, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while hiring a makeup artist, like - years of working experience, expertise in the type of makeup, availability during your dates. You may also read the reviews from past clients, go for trials, ask them which products they use, enquire if they provide additional services or offers with the packages, etcetera. With all these points in mind, the selection would become easy.

What other wedding services can I get from Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Wedding is a South Asian Wedding platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Toronto, you can also find other wedding vendors like Photographers, Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their information, and estimated their prices.

All you have to do is- enter your city and requirements, look through vendors and save them to your 'cart'(with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an appropriate budget.