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Mehndi Maniac

(22 review) / San Francisco

Established in 2011, Arsala provides personalized customer service around the Peninsula, East Bay and South Bay regions. She uses only natural mehendi and prices are reasonable and offered at a standard hourly rate....

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Ritual by Design

(50 review) / San Francisco

Classically trained and based in San Francisco, Sabreena's intricate designs can be personalized to suit an aesthetic range from traditional to contemporary. Her passion for creativity, community involvement, and worldly rituals brings her to man...

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Natural Henna Art

(13 review) / San Francisco

She specializes in henna artistry, bespoke decor items, and gifts. she uses natural ingredients to make the henna paste and avoid chemicals....

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Henna Blossom

(4 review) / San Francisco

Henna blossom was formed in 2012 to offer services for various events. This is the one stop for henna Tattoo,Henna Bridal service, Henna events, and offers customized designs as well as standard designs party. ...

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Mehndi Henna

(0 review) / San Francisco

They are California based henna artists who specialises in designing for weddings and offers different design styles for each and everybride of their choice and style....

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Mehndi Designer

(0 review) / San Francisco

Neeta Sharma is a Self taught Henna/Mehndi artist practicing this art for the over 30 years and have always been committed to providing artistic, professional services and making her clients experience with henna/mehndi a unique, enjoyable and an unf...

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Maaz Henna Creations

(68 review) / San Francisco

Maaz worked as a Henna designer for the past 12 years and his work is very intricate and outstanding....

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Henna Strokes

(3 review) / San Francisco

Varsha has had a passion for henna designs since her school days. For the past four years, she has been applying Bridal Henna (Mehandi) and Party designs. Varsha enjoys experimenting with designs and practices often in her free time. She specializes ...

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Henna By Jinal

(0 review) / San Francisco

A professional henna artist, Jinal Parmar owns Henna By Jinal and specializes in both traditional and modern henna designs. With over a decade of experience, Jinal is capable of creating custom designs ranging from simple to extravagant. Her passion ...

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Healing Henna by Robyn Jean

( review) / San Francisco

Robyn Jean and her team of skilled henna artists, known as Healing Henna, are accessible in the San Francisco Bay Area for a wide range of events including but not limited to birthdays, parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, grad nights, corporate gath...

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Book Best South Asian Wedding Henna Artists in San Francisco at Pyaari Weddings

‘Mehndi Night’ has always been notable for the Bride and groom. The fun of applying henna with family and friends, enjoying dance performances by the bridesmaids and cousins, and having delightful food with exotic drinks makes it the best memory for the couple to cherish forever. More than henna, it's the designs that make the brides curious for this special night in comparison to the groom.

The henna design that the bride applies are not just ordinary, they are logically prepared and planned by the bride with the help of an expert henna artist. The brides love to give their henna a theme or story to share with their loved ones. They carve everything from their first meeting place to the proposed place to their long-distance journey. Also, it is no longer a bride's thing, the groom and his family also seek professional henna artists. Although the groom's henna designs are (mostly) very minimal, they do choose what they want on their hands along with their partner's name or any other element in it. 

Latest Trends in Bridal Henna Designs

The trends in henna designs are constantly upgrading with time. With the bold strokes, minimal patterns, shading, and outlining of the design, the henna designs have touched new benchmarks. They have surpassed what earlier was only common with all the brides. Beginning with green henna and a few basic patterns and motifs like leaves, flowers, and moon, now we see more colors and designs with endless perfection and finesse. But for all these perfect elements in henna, the henna artists have to go through several preparations.

The preparation of the henna paste, cones, and some extra things in case of emergency. The authenticity of the paste also matters for the final print of the henna design and its color. 

1. Indian Mehndi Design

The reason why we call an Indian wedding a ‘big fat wedding’ is the incorporation of various elements from music to decor to cuisines to venues to colorful ceremonies. We see everything in countless ways and styles, and so in the Mehndi designs. From single trails on the back and front of the hands to full coverage of the hands on both sides, with bride-groom portraits, their love journey, pets, the entire Barat, the city they met, landmarks of proposal place, and various other auspicious artwork depicting a marriage ceremony, Indian mehndi style always has had everything unique to offer and roots attached to it. You can find bold to thin, heavy to minimal everything in Indian mehndi designs.

2. Pakistani Mehndi Design

Although one might say that Indian and Pakistani designs are similar looks-wise as both represent more about their culture and traditions. But the Pakistani designs are usually intricate to apply and the outlines are bolder in appearance. The design includes a moon with henna-tipped fingers, floral artwork, paisleys, domes, more leaves, and in many cases, doors of mosques. They look pretty and traditional, both in minimal and embellished looks.

3. Arabic Mehndi Design

Originating in the Gulf countries, Arabic henna designs are unique in style with thick strokes and negative spaces. This type of mehndi involves a mix of floral motifs and paisley patterns. The shape and sizes of vines are also very common and have a certain amount of royalty and elegance attached to them. The best part is that they are minimal and take less time than heavy henna designs.

4. White Henna Design

This is the new style of henna where the artist paints the hands with white adhesive glue mixed in white paint. The paste is prepared and poured into a tube to apply to the hands of the brides or guests attending the wedding. The white henna is not like regular henna but is a lot easy to use. The best part is that it is less time-consuming and dries out in a few minutes.

5. Red Henna Design

Red henna is quite popular in Native America, Asia, and Australia. This henna is made from a henna tree called Lawsonia Inermis. They are the source of reddish brown dye also used for body paint or art and in henna designs as well. The designs in red henna are very chic and minimal that any bride can choose for her wedding day or any special event.

Prices of Henna Artists in San Francisco

As we are aware that all the henna artists have their own rate list depending on their designs and length. For example, the rate of minimal henna would be different from bridal henna, the rate of Arabic or half arms would be different from full arms, the customized design could cost more than the regular designs, and so on. In San Francisco, the basic charges are from $100 to 300 per hour. But you can ask your artists the final costs after finalizing everything like your designs, the on-location service, other helping hands for the family and guests, and concessions (if it is possible at all). 

Things To Remember While Hiring A Bridal Henna Artist In San Francisco

Planning a wedding comes with a list of responsibilities and tasks for the couple and their families. The stress of multi-tasking might lead you to skip a few important things like finalizing the vendor or sending a confirmation or taking a follow up. We have prepared a list of those important things that you should not afford to for at any cost. There are some very crucial points to keep in mind before hiring henna artists for your mehndi night.

1. FInalize your Budget

A happy and stress-free wedding is only possible when everything happens according to the plan and within the decided budget. And like others, the henna vendor is equally important for the bride's overall look. Before hiring any vendor for your special day, you can ask the selected vendors for their quotations and services. You can select the vendor that suits your wedding style and budget.

2. Vendor Availability

If you are getting married in the peak wedding season, then there are high chances that your favorite vendors are already booked in advance. So while making a list of selected vendors, make sure you ask for their availability on your dates. 

3. Reviews

The reviews can bring you a clear picture of the artist's work, finesse, and behavior. The experience of the other clients can help you in making a clear choice. Therefore, we recommend reading the reviews before visiting any artists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Henna Artist In San Francisco

How much do henna artists charge in San Francisco?

Every artist has their own criteria to charge from clients. The basic charges are almost the same for all the artists but the type of henna, the design selection, the length, and how detailed the design will also influence the artist's rate. So, majorly it is up to clients' choices.

Are there henna artists listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, we have 1000+ bridal Henna artists listed on Pyaari Weddings across Canada and America. From San Francisco, we have all the established vendors listed on our platform with all their details, work photos, ratings, reviews, and even prices. You can contact them via the direct 'chat button' or 'message the vendor' box with your requirements to know their availability and other details if any!

What are other things you need to keep in mind while hiring the best henna artists in San Francisco?

There are a few essential things that you should keep in mind before hiring any henna artists like their experience, the reviews by clients, their expertise, their work on social handles, their rates, the popularity of the artists, and most importantly the availability during your mehendi night. All these points can help you select the best one according to your needs.

Are there any other services provided by Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding platform supporting countless couples to plan their wedding more elegantly, easily, and effortlessly. Apart from getting the Best Henna Artists in San Francisco, you can also find other wedding vendors like PhotographersDecoratorsCaterersVenuesVideographers, DJs, Bridal Makeup Artists, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vaulted their information, and estimated their prices.

All you have to do is- enter your city and requirements, look through vendors and save them to your 'cart'(with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an appropriate budget.