Radical Henna Artist

New York, 11714


Shahrin has always been rooted in her Bengali culture. She started doing henna at the age of 12 during Eid and now shares her love of henna with anyone willing to let her draw on them. She is flexible and versatile in her style of henna, being able to do anything from simple to intricate designs from many cultures around the world. She makes her own natural, organic henna and offers jagua (another natural body art). Shahrin will work with you to bring your henna vision to life!

During the pandemic, many families went through a lot of financial issues that really should have been taken care of by the government. As a working-class person in a capitalist society, she wants to make sure everyone can access quality henna services regardless of financial means by using an income-based pricing system. 

Starting Bridal Rate: $80
Guest Rate: $70 / hour
Travel Rate: $0 / mile



New York, 11714