Things to Consider When Checking Out Indian Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

June 2, 2021

While each and every choice is important when planning a wedding, there is nothing as important as picking the right wedding venue. Your wedding venue not only has to host your guests comfortably but it needs to showcase your and your partner’s style, preferences as well as set the tone of the wedding. No pressure, right? To help you in taking such a big decision you can go in for a wedding planning service that can help you to not only start early but show you a variety of venues, décor, themes, and locations that suit what you want for your big day. 

In the end, it’s all about making this day perfect so you want to pick a venue that is right for you as well as fits your budget and gives you the most bang for your money. Here are some things to consider before picking your venue. 

Start early

Remember picking a venue from the wide range of Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles is no easy feat. Most couples go through hundreds of wedding venues before deciding on the right one. This means you will have to start your search early as most stunning venues get booked one or even two years in advance. The earlier you start, the faster you will be able to secure your favorite venue and plan with your entire team or wedding planner. 

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Picking the right date

Most couples feel that picking a date comes before picking a venue. But consider this – if you get married during the wedding season time or at certain times of the year, getting the wedding of your dreams as well as picking the right Indian wedding catering in Los Angeles will be expensive and close to impossible as a lot of other couples are also getting married during this time. No one’s asking you to pick winter for your wedding but go see the venue first and check the dates when it is available. Then from these dates, you can select your wedding date. 


Accessibility and location are crucial to picking a wedding venue. You want your guests locally and those from out of town to find the venue easily. Guests want to be able to make sense of the venue, especially when they are not from the area. Pick a wedding venue that is in the middle and close to transportation hubs, resorts, and hotels so it is easy for the guests to get from point A to point B.

Photography: @thebrideandchai


Indian wedding costs in the USA can go up during certain times of the year. So, keep this in mind when picking a wedding venue. Consider your location, your capacity, and your date – most couples end up hiring a wedding planner who will take care of all aspects of their wedding with vetted vendors, keeping in mind their style and décor. If you choose a wedding planner, finding the right wedding venue will be easy and quick. 

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