Nasreen and Nafis's Engagement Followed by An Intimate Nikkah

Jan 10, 2022

Love is in the air and today we're excited to share Nasreen and Nafis's love story! Read on to see how they met and what advice they have for couples.

How did you and your partner meet? What's your love story?

We met through a mutual friend. We had crossed paths prior to that also. We were both very adamant about taking our time and developing the relationship organically. Our love story is one of faith and patience. Through the process, we realized we were meant for each other. We learned that good things come to those that have faith and trust the timing of life. We're both very blessed to have each other and we are stronger because of our journey to discover love.

And how did he pop the question?

He took me to a beautiful, secluded beach with a view of the city, and set up a go pro, his drone, and phone camera under the guise of "capturing the view". He then took my hand, led me towards the water, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

How was the wedding planning process for you?

In the first few weeks, wedding planning was incredibly exciting but overwhelming. Our vision of our wedding (nikkah) was a bit different from the other Bengali weddings we had attended, so planning involved a huge amount of recon of different venues, vendors, and inspiration - we were starting from scratch. Of course, Covid threw us a fair few hurdles, particularly given our families were used to the idea of 500+ person weddings! Once the big-ticket items such as venue, date, outfits, photographer, guest list, and catering were decided, it was about refining the finer details (think wedding favors, entertainment, and run sheet). The biggest lesson we have learned through it all is to start early and keep it simple. We got a little caught up in making the details of our event as unique as possible which caused a little bit of unnecessary stress in the week leading up to our wedding. I would say that you can make your wedding unique by focusing on one or two key items which are important to you, and keeping the rest simple.

We have our reception and holud coming up in early March. The process of planning those two events has been much easier than planning the nikkah, as most of the recon work has already been done and we are using the same vendors in many cases.

What advice would you give to newly engaged couples?

Try not to get caught up in the stress of planning your big day. Being newly engaged is such a special time which you don't get back, so make the most of it. Enjoy the process of having a joint vision with your partner and bringing that vision to life.

Picture provided by Nasreen Jahan

What are you guys up to now?

We are back at work and busying away planning our holud and reception! Currently speaking to decorators, finalizing outfits, and discussing entertainment ideas.

Stay tuned for more love stories coming up and if you're interested in sharing your love story, contact us!


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