Rakhi & Mitra's Vibrant Multi-Event Jaisalmer Wedding

Mitra and Rakhi's journey began through the introduction of mutual friends. It was a simple connection, initiated by a message from Mitra to Rakhi, but little did they know it would mark the start of something remarkable.

Their bond strengthened as they discovered their shared passion for fashion. For them, fashion wasn't just about clothes; it was a form of self-expression, a means to stand out from the crowd. They were the kind of couple who relished being different, and who sought to defy convention in every aspect of their lives.

In comparing their personalities to well-known figures, Mitra embodied the spirit of Ranveer Singh—vibrant, outgoing, and always up for a good time. On the other hand, Rakhi resonated more with the elegance and charm of Deepika Padukone—fashion-forward, warm, and deeply connected to her loved ones.

Together, Mitra and Rakhi embarked on a journey fueled by their shared love for individuality, fashion, and each other. Their story may have started modestly, but with every step they took, it became an extraordinary tale of two souls entwined in a colorful tapestry of love and style.

Proposal Story

Rakhi and Mitra have been together for over four years now, and for the past couple of years, the topic of marriage has been a frequent source of discussion, often escalating into arguments about when Mitra would propose. Mitra had a plan for the proposal, wanting it to be a complete surprise, so he had often deflected Rakhi's inquiries with a laugh, claiming he wasn’t ready yet.

Finally, when he purchased the ring, he had to concoct the perfect cover story to throw her off the scent. As a medical resident with aspirations for a cardiology fellowship, Match Day loomed large on his calendar—it was the day they discovered where they matched for their fellowship. Coincidentally, this fell just two days after his planned proposal.

Rakhi believed that they were in Columbus, OH to celebrate  Match Day achievement, completely unaware of Mitra’s impending proposal. Meanwhile, Mitra’s sisters and his friends whisked her away for a spa day, allowing him to prepare for the big moment.

With everything in place, the stage was set. He surprised Rakhi with a dance performance alongside his friends, leading up to the grand finale—a heartfelt proposal, complete with a stunning diamond ring. It was a moment filled with love, joy, and a touch of theatricality, marking the beginning of their next chapter together.

Engagement Ring

Mitra took it upon himself to craft the perfect engagement ring for Rakhi, without any input from her. His efforts resulted in a stunning piece that continues to draw admiration whenever Rakhi wears it. Mitra's motivation was clear: he wanted the proposal to be a once-in-a-lifetime moment, symbolized by a ring that Rakhi would treasure forever. Even now, years later, Rakhi gazes at her ring with the same awe and affection as she did the day she received it.

Wedding Shopping

During their shopping spree in Delhi and Bombay, they found themselves in sheer delight when they explored Mehrauli in Delhi. This area boasted an impressive array of top designer stores, conveniently clustered together, which made the whole shopping experience a breeze for both the bride and groom. They were so enamored by Mehrauli that they had it planned in their mind to return for future weddings.

Tips for Wedding Shopping by Rakhi, the Bride

1. Share Your Measurements: Make sure you give your measurements to stores you think would be a good potential for your events(even if you’re not 100% set on the piece). Because even if you confirm on the piece later or continue to browse online for another piece, they have your measurement without you having to go back again – this saves a lot of time. This also helps so you’re not stuck at home taking your own measurements. 

2. Conduct Online Research: Before hitting the shops, do thorough research online and on Instagram to create a list of preferred stores. This preparation ensures efficient shopping and minimizes time wasted on unnecessary visits.

3. Advice for Grooms: If your bride has already chosen her wedding lehenga before you select your outfit, ask her designer for a fabric swatch in the color of her lehenga. Comparing fabric in person is more accurate than relying on phone photos to match colors.

Wedding Vision

"Our admiration for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's cinematic masterpiece, "Padmaavat," knows no bounds. Its grandeur, regality, and rich depiction of tradition resonate deeply with us. Despite growing up in the United States, our hearts remain firmly tied to India, where we cherish its vibrant cultural heritage and timeless values" - says the bride.

Haldi Ceremony/Holi

The Haldi ceremony embraced the vibrant theme of "Haldi Holi," transforming the venue into a whimsical wonderland adorned with a plethora of white and pink flowers.

From the centerpieces to the aisle, the sitting area, and even the serene pond nestled within the venue, every corner bloomed with floral enchantment. Charming details, from the flowing curtains to the elegantly draped tablecloths and gleaming brass containers, enhanced the venue's allure, creating an atmosphere of timeless charm and beauty.

Rakhi decided to break away from tradition, choosing a vibrant multi-colored lehenga ensemble by LIZ PAUL ‘n’ SATYA MISHRA for her haldi ceremony.

She accessorized with stunning orange jewelry, including a necklace, long hanging necklace, maangtikka, and delicate multi-colored kaleeras.

Complementing her ensemble, Rakhi opted for an elegant and understated bubble braid hairstyle, adding a touch of sophistication to her overall look.

Mitra donned a striking ensemble crafted by Manish Malhotra, featuring a printed multi-colored kurta paired with a plain cream pajami.

Completing his look with a touch of traditional flair, he opted for jodhpuri-style shoes, embodying a perfect blend of contemporary style and cultural charm. 

The intention was to steer clear of the traditional yellow and embrace a burst of vibrant, multi-colored hues for the haldi ceremony.

Sangeet Night

The Sangeet celebration radiated with vibrant energy, embracing a boho-inspired theme that infused every detail with color and charm.

From the lively floral arrangements to the creatively adorned tables and the captivating hanging tassels that doubled as chandeliers, the atmosphere was a kaleidoscope of hues and textures.

Each element exuded an earthy yet chic vibe, exactly matching the impeccable taste of the bride and groom.

It was a celebration where every aspect reflected their unique style and spirit, making it a night to remember for all who attended.

For the sangeet celebration, Rakhi dazzled in a beige lehenga adorned with shimmering beads and stones, crafted by Seema Gujral.

She accessorized her ensemble with matching jewelry, including a twisted braid and a delicate nose pin, adding a touch of elegance to her stunning look.

Rakhi radiated beauty and grace, captivating everyone with her effortless charm and impeccable style.

Mitra's sangeet attire was a showstopper, personally curated from the renowned designer Anamika Khanna.

He chose an asymmetrical beige kurta paired with a Lacha, complemented by a long embroidered jacket featuring stylish side cuts.

The ensemble exuded sophistication and modernity, reflecting Mitra's impeccable taste and attention to detail.

Wedding Day

The wedding took place at the majestic Suryagarh Palace, where the ambiance effortlessly embodied elegance, taking cues from the serene beauty of nature.

Every detail, from the aisle to the mandap and seating areas, harmoniously combined various elements. Stunning floral peacock arrangements intertwined with modern glass chandeliers, while delicate white and green floral arrangements complement pastel-hued cushions.

Charming accents like ceramic flower pots on tables, baskets brimming with rose petals, and whimsical bird-shaped cards contributed to the enchanting atmosphere, painting a picturesque scene for the celebration.

Bridal look

Rakhi's wedding ensemble was a true masterpiece crafted by renowned designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula. She graced the occasion in a resplendent bright pink lehenga adorned with intricate embellishments such as beads, stones, crystals, and exquisite peacock motifs.

Complementing her attire were stunning pieces of jewelry from Pramukh Pujan Jewels, including a statement bib necklace, earrings, a matha patti, and a delicate round-shaped Nath. Her hair and makeup were expertly executed by Shradha Luthra and Team Shradha Luthra, transforming her into the epitome of bridal beauty on her special day. Opting for a classic yet elegant look, Rakhi adorned a sleek bun adorned with flowers, perfectly complemented by a subtle nude makeup palette. With her entire ensemble exuding regal charm, Rakhi truly resembled a princess on her wedding day.

Groom Look

For the wedding ceremony, Mitra donned a sophisticated ensemble crafted by Anju Modi, exuding regal elegance. His attire featured an ivory and silverish churidar kurta paired with an intricately embroidered jacket and dupatta, elegantly complemented by a matching pajami.

To complete the majestic Maharaja look, he adorned a pastel-colored pagdi and a timeless pearl necklace, accentuated by a striking pink kalki that coordinated flawlessly with the bridal attire.

Bridal Entry

The bridal entry was one of the highlights of the entire wedding. This was such a heartfelt moment for us and for many of the guests at our wedding. When Rakhi was initially sitting down to brainstorm the entry songs, Mitra asked her if she was OK if he chose the song instead. She was very hesitant and feisty about this because walking down the aisle on a song the BRIDE chooses is a very sentimental part of the wedding for a bride. Mitra tells her to continue to trust him and she eventually did.

As the doors swung open, As the doors open, Mitra was standing before Rakhi, pouring his heart out as he sang for her as she walked down the aisle.

Reception Night

The reception dazzled with a glamorous and energetic ambiance, incorporating elements of glam and glitter to create a truly memorable atmosphere.

From the pulsating disco lights to the shimmering chandeliers and gleaming silver accents, every detail harmonized seamlessly with the dynamic black-and-white theme, evoking a palpable sense of celebration and excitement.

It was an evening filled with sophistication and style, radiating the infectious energy of a lively party.

Rakhi's reception ensemble epitomized glamour and luxury, featuring a breathtaking deep red ball gown crafted by Bora Honey's.

The intricately embellished gown boasted a flared silhouette with a chic bralette top and modern padded sleeves, adding a touch of drama to her look.

Rakhi elevated her ensemble with a sleek high bun and minimal diamond earrings, exuding an effortlessly fashionable aura that captivated all in attendance.

For the Reception Mitra's dapper ensemble was curated by Mochee Kent, exuded sophistication and style.

The standout piece was a backless tuxedo adorned with intricate black threadwork and red shimmering sequin work, paired with sleek high-waisted black pants and a crisp white shirt.

Adding a touch of flair, a sparkling bow tie completed the polished look, making Mitra a vision of charm. 

Tips for South Asian brides-to-be 

1. No matter how meticulously you've planned your wedding, when the big day approaches, let go of the stress and immerse yourself fully in every moment with your loved ones. Those precious days won't come again, so prioritize enjoyment over fretting about minor details. Just keep smiling through it all!

2. For those who value capturing memories through photos and videos, it's wise to plan out the shots beforehand and communicate your preferences with your photographer and videographer well in advance.

3. One mistake that Rakhi learned was choreographing dances with steps that were too challenging for her bridal attire to handle. So she suggests that when planning your dance routines, ensure they're compatible with your outfit, and if necessary, practice with your attire on to avoid any mishaps on the dance floor.

Bride: Rakhi Patel I Groom: Mitra Patel I Bridal Outfit: Rimple and Harpreet (Wedding) I Groom Outfit: Anju Modi (Wedding) I Wedding Planners: KKings Events I Decor: Aash Studio I Photo/Video: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu I Makeup/ Hair: Shradha Luthra I Venue: Suryagarh, Jaisalmer

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