Unique Wedding Decor Ideas for an Intimate Wedding

April 5, 2021

The following post is by our guest contributor Surbhi.

A wedding is a divine connection of not only two souls but the two families. With the Covid-19 situation prevailing globally, many people have switched to Intimate weddings to avoid crowds. Intimate Weddings have 20-30 people as guests. Some people do Intimate Weddings in their backyards, or they book a farmhouse where the relatives and friends stay for 2-3 days and conduct all the functions. Recently, Dia Mirza has got married in an intimate wedding setup. Her wedding decor in the backyard is giving wedding goals to everyone across the globe. Things you can do while working on set for a small-scale wedding are:

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Select the wedding theme: It is for you to decide whether you want a traditional theme, romantic and white, garden theme, vintage, fairy-tale, rustic, bohemian, contemporary, classic or Destination etc. Once you decide this, it becomes easier for you to estimate the budget.

Plan your Decor Budget: You need to get in touch with the person who is financing this wedding. You need to plan your decor budget so that you don’t end up overspending anything. Then make a list of items you need, compare the best price, and then get it from there. Check out our great vendors to get ideas and plan your Indian Wedding decor in Atlanta and other cities.

Photobooth: You should never miss photobooths at a wedding. This corner keeps the guests busy, and they can have a lot of fun and can make great memories. These instant photographs always give us a positive vibe. You can design the booth along with some fun and cool tags. It is one of the coolest parts of the gesture.

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Design Funny Hashtags: You can design interesting and witty hashtags for the bride and groom to add to the banner. Those who get their pictures clicked can use these hashtags, and you can see all the pictures of your wedding with that hashtag. For instance, #meetkireet #chikkiwedstintin #riwa #sagarina #singhkibooty #sharmajikibetikishaadi #pandeyjilejayengedulhaniya #butterchickenwithbhujia

Quotes Banners: The best way to express a romantic gesture is through Shayari or a poem. You can create the stage background with a beautiful quote that will make the decor more appealing. 

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Color Schemes: Weddings are colorful. Henceforth, decors are in specific colours, which makes them look stand out. Many color combinations and stand-alone colors add an artistic vibe to the wedding. For example, sage and peach, blue and white; different pastel hues; mango and bright pink; turquoise and pink; etc., are commonly used schemes.

Plan seating slightly away from the mandap: You can keep the mandap in the middle and leave the other chairs eared out so that there is enough room between the people and they can readily obey the social distancing norms of Covid-19.

Add Dreamcatchers: You can use dream catchers for your wedding decor. That is one of the most creative things one can use on their wedding. It gives a romantic vibe. 

Fairy Lights will make your wedding a Fairy-tale: If you plan a night wedding, then indeed fairy lights look so pretty, and it gives a magical touch.

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