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Sapan Ahuja

(14 review) / Chicago

They are a Fine Art Wedding Photography based in Chicago, and available for travel worldwide. They are a team of storytellers who use the medium of photography to document their life and utilize their experience and skills to create timeless photogra...

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Sukoon Captured

(8 review) / Chicago

Their style of working is to keep everything natural and capture the moments that will be remembered for a long time. They understand that each couple is unique and flawless in its own way, and, for that reason, they like to get to know their clients...

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Fox + Ivory

(12 review) / Chicago

They are Chicago based photographers and videographers. Their style is 80% documentations and 20% direction. They work with a non-obrtusive approach, only during portrait shots they will guide you a bit and other time they are more into capturing can...

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Puja Studio

(2 review) / Chicago

Puja Studio is a family-run, father-son business servicing the Chicagoland Area. They love portraiture and dance photography....

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Lumiere Photography

(19 review) / Chicago

Lumiere Photography is headed by Saad. From details to decor, from portraits to candids, his style goes beyond photo-journalistic and portrait photography. He wants to tell a story through my lens and make people have an emotional connection with the...

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TWA Photography

(101 review) / Chicago

They have been in business for the past 20 years. They will walk you through every step, from engagement photos and perfectly capturing those forever wedding day moments, with your friends and families for you to cherish forever....

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Muskaan Moments

(0 review) / Chicago

Muskaan Moments specializes in photography for any special occasion or just because. Their moments included weddings, birthdays, maternity, graduations and much more. ...

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Lin Brothers

(5 review) / Chicago

Lin Brothers Photography captures life's moments with artistry. Their lens weaves stories through weddings, portraits, and events, crafting timeless memories that resonate. Transforming moments into memories....

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Maha Studios

(102 review) / Chicago

Maha Studios draws inspiration from relationships, traditions, and love to compose evocative shots. They embrace the essence of risk as narrative, crafting your story with elegance and purpose....

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Le Cape Weddings

(2 review) / Chicago

Le Cape Weddings is one of the top wedding cinematography companies in Chicago and the Midwest, sought after for luxury, south asian, and culturally diverse weddings. They create films from start to finish and use tasteful movie production and docume...

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Esenam Photography

(19 review) / Chicago

Esenam specializes in Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding Photojournalism, Indian Wedding Photography and Engagement Photography with an artistic flair and eye for capturing raw emotions and candid moments in a way that is natural and authentic....

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Rahul Rana

(1 review) / Chicago

Rahul Rana photo are a boutique studio that only takes in a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions each year, so that they can individually devote as much time as possible on creating great artwork from your special day for you....

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Nakai Photography

(8 review) / Chicago

Established in 2007, Nakai Photography is a boutique wedding photography company accepting limited clients per year to maintain a personal connection to each of his couples. He is is an internationally award winning photographer capturing creative, a...

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DARS Photography

(65 review) / Chicago

Established in 2015, He is a Chicago American & Indian wedding photographer also specializing in engagements, bridal showers, birthdays, family portraits, newborn babies, senior prom, and many more. His photography style is photojournalistic....

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Shalin Amin Photo

(9 review) / Chicago

Shalin Amin is a Chicago based photographer whose style of photography is photojournalistic and artistic. His experience serving in the United States Air Force has taught him to focus on the nuanced details of any project to make sure the clients get...

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Book South Asian Wedding Photographers in Chicago at Pyaari Weddings

Wedding photography is someone who captures the most sensitive yet the happiest moment of a couple with their friends and family around. It is a job where you can feel and see all kinds of emotions at once, and there is a kind of joy that only a wedding photographer can understand and feel while sealing the moments for their eternity that they can always look back and treasure. 

Find Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago

Are you searching for the best wedding photographer in Chicago that can turn your beautiful wedding into a memory worth treasuring? Chicago has some locations that can serve as an amazing backdrop for a South Asian Wedding. Fret not, to create those stunning wedding photos with the help of those Instagram-worthy locations ideal for weddings, we have listed some way to find the best wedding photographers in Chicago. 

Types of Wedding Photography

Photography is the art of creating pictures, like paintings, with the help of light, angle, and lens. Just like every art has its way of presenting and achieving the final product, in wedding photography also, there are various styles that a couple selects from for their wedding album. The truth is not every photographer knows every style but then a few develop their style by the years of experience they have. We recommened you as a client to understand the style of photography you need before hiring a photographer for your events. 

1. Traditional Photography

One of the most common styles of photography to exist is the traditional style of wedding photography. In general, everybody starts with this style only without even knowing any kind of term associated with this. The photographer does not go for any creative way in this style, he/she can edit the photos in some artistic way but while capturing, it is the same old way of posing in a line with a bright smile. 

2. Documentary Photography

Documentary wedding photography is when the photographer takes a reporting way of capturing the wedding without being intrusive. It is the best way to capture the raw moments with the naked emotions and feelings of that moment. This way, the client can also get to relive the exact moment with the same feelings.

3. Candid Photography

Shooting candids is another common style of photography and almost every photographer understands how to take one, especially in a wedding event where he/she can get uncountable candid moments that are as raw as emotions you feel on your most special day. 

4. Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is when the photographer stages a whole situation and directs the guests to pose in a certain way to get that perfect shot. The result might look candid, but it's not entirely candid. We have noticed many a times that couples and guests can't come up with great poses, at this time Lifestyle photography comes in handy where the photographer guides the people who to look and pose while getting a great shot. 

An experienced and good photographer will always have numerous ideas that will work wonderfully for the clients they work with. 

5. Drone or Aeriel Photography

This style of photography works amazingly at a wedding event to capture and showcase the faraway and aerial shots, especially of the wedding setup or the bride walking down the aisle. A lot of couple these days want this style of photography to be added to the photography package. 

It has become the latest trend in photography and videography to add drone shots to get that cinematic feel. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago

A good wedding photographer understands the culture and tradition of the people and how all weddings are different from one another. The photographer has to make sure to deliver the result the way the customer wants. There can be times when the photographer will take up a wedding thinking he/she knows the traditional events but might get surprised with something else. Every family has its own traditions and rituals, and a photographer has to be ready for everything. 

What to remember while Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

1. Research: As Chicago is filled with talented photographers, you need to start researching from an early stage to finally lock on one of your chosen photographers. Research can be done in both ways, online and offline. We think that the internet serves us everything, true, but sometimes talking to people offline, and face-to-face also helps in making the right choice. We suggest you to research and read as much as you can and find someone who understands your vision and brings the best from your most special day.

2. Style: Before fixing a budget for the photography, look for the style of photography you and your partner relate to and then start searching for the photographers accordingly. Wedding planning takes a lot of time, this move will save so much of your time and energy. 

3. Budget: Once you are set on your wedding budget, sit with your partner and discuss how much you both are willing to pay for a wedding photographer. Make sure while setting aside the budget, you consider the fact that the photographer is one of the most important vendors at your wedding ceremony who will capture the best emotions and details from your big day that you are going to cherish your whole life. 

4. Reviews: If possible, talk to the previous clients of the photographer before finalizing. It will be best if you can ask your photographer if they can provide you with previous client details as getting direct feedback from them makes the job of hiring this particular vendor much more easier and clearer.

What to discuss with your Wedding Photographer?

1. Experience: The years of experience of the photographer or how many weddings they have captured says a lot about their work. A South Asian Wedding consists of events and moments that a photographer has to be well-versed with it. Some moments are not taught anywhere but a photographer learns them while capturing a wedding.

2. Backup: While you discuss the important things like how many hours are they gonna shoot, the number of events they have to capture, and some others. One of the things that you should discuss before hiring them is a backup plan. Usually, in cases of emergency, a photographer will always have a backup plan. He/she will have another photographer in the loop as a backup, make sure to get the details of that photographer also.

Why Hire Top Wedding Photographers in Chicago?

The top photographers of Chicago serve some incredible quality work and high-quality images to their clients. They are professional, but at the same time, they make sure to make their clients comfortable and capture the moments that are cherish-worthy. The top wedding photographers have reached that top stature with years of attending different weddings and dealing with different clients. 

Mistakes to avoid while Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Chicago

When you are hiring a photographer, you need to understand that a photographer will capture the whole wedding including the number of events, the guests, and the moments that are part of a ritual like parents smearing haldi on the bride/groom, fun moments captured with your bridesmaids, and many other. Even though you feel you have asked or discussed everything with your photographer, but there maybe some important things you forgot to consider before hiring. There are some of the common mistakes to listed below that you can acvoid while hiring a wedding photographer in Chicago. 

1. Experience Matters: We understand that you are excited and you want your wedding to be perfect, but what if it is perfect and your photos are not? Photography is an experience that will matter the most at your wedding. It is such a beautiful feeling when you get to see all your little moments captured beautifully even after years of marital bliss. A good high-quality edited photo will make you feel the same joy you experienced when that shot was captured. We suugest you to not only think that you want a perfect wedding, but also consider the photoraphy style and how you two would like to have your wedding captured. 

2. Price Tags: Not every time the rate of the photographer can depict their work and their way of getting things done. Sometimes, a beginner with less price range can also deliver a quality experience and images to you. Make sure you consider their work, over their prices. 

3. Hiring without Meeting: The biggest mistake you can do is go for a photographer who you have not met face-to-face. Meeting your photographer before the final day can help you both in getting the best results.

4. Test-drive: When we say test-drive it means a trial shoot with your photographer. It will help you understand the way he/she is going to conduct themselves at your wedding and whether are you ok with that or not. The trial shoot will also help the photographer to understand what kind of clients they are dealing with.

How much a Wedding Photographer in Chicago costs?

Chicago wedding photographers are known to charge 9% below the average rate of the other cities in the US. For a 2-hour shoot, the starting price one can expect from the photographers at a wedding is around $1087, and a one-hour shoot price is around $680. The other cost increases and decreases as per the number of events, number of guests and other requirements of the couple. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photographers in Chicago

Hiring a photographer in Chicago for your wedding photographer can be a task as all of them are great at their job. Even after sorting everything out, clients do have questions that can help them make the decision of hiring a particular photographer easier.

Can I get a discount when I book my wedding photographer through a Pyaari Weddings?

As a wedding platform that caters to the South Asian Wedding Community, we have curated a list of the best Chicago wedding photographers with all their details. From our side, we do not charge or provide any kind of discount, rest you can directly contact the vendor and gather information.

Are wedding photographers listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, of course! Pyaari Weddings have a list of more than 500 photographers in the directory across many states of US and Canada. Once you select a vendor from the given list, you can directly retain information about their work, reviews, pricing, and ratings and directly get in touch with them via message or Chat feature. 

What other wedding services can I get from Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding Planning platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting a Wedding Photographers in Chicago, you can also find other wedding vendors like Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, Makeup, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their info, and estimated their prices. 

All you have to do is - enter your city & requirements, look through vendors and save them to your ‘cart’ (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an approximate budget.