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Haring Photography

(10 review) / Miami

Otto believes that pictures enable us to relive and remember special occasions again & again. He also believes in beautiful natural light, love, poetry, raw emotions and passion....

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Shan Photography

(85 review) / Miami

Shan photography has many outlets and one of them is in Miami. They know that weddings have few events before and after, by which they are damn good with scheduling their presence so that they dont miss the shot and that is what makes them good at th...

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DARS Photography

(4 review) / Miami

DARS Photography is based out of northwest suburbs of Chicago and currently taking reservations for weddings as well as other major photography events. They serve greater Chicago area & the surrounding suburbs. Their team is also available for travel...

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Vanessa and Johnny Photography

(11 review) / Miami

Weddings are a grand part of Johnny and Vanessa's life as they are a couple themselves, and they enjoy expressing it through pictures and videos of joyous real life moments that will be cherished for lifetimes....

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Wedding Photo & Video by Liam

(117 review) / Miami

Liam and his team are known for their attention to details and their new technology skills is what gets them their audience and they are flexible.They give a customised wedding packages according to your budget, location and other stuffs....

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Sonju Photography

(26 review) / Miami

Her ability to capture the light in every photo is pure magic. She is absolutely professional (on time, organized, awesome) while at the same time she will m ake you feel at ease....

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Organic Moments Photography

(55 review) / Miami

Their goal with photographs is not just to document your event. Instead, they want to create artwork for your walls and heirlooms for your family....

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Callawy Gable

(25 review) / Miami

Founded over ten years ago, Callaway Gable is a multiple award-winning photography studio specializing in weddings in Los Angeles and around the world. Un-traditional, vibrant, and full of life, we can call their work “new-fashioned,” ben...

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Noor K Photography

(49 review) / Miami

Noor photography believes wedding photography should be fun, timeless and inspirational. While styles and approaches evolve over the years, raw storytelling always remains the same. This is a handpicked curation from the many weddings they documented...

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Infinite Loop Photography

(51 review) / Miami

Infinite Loop Photography is lead by Jerry, who is a wedding photographer and have been shooting professionally for 10 years. He had documented hundreds of weddings, traveled to beautiful places and met lovely people. His goal is to tell a story in a...

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La Vie Studios

(46 review) / Miami

Lavie studios goal on your wedding day is to capture the beautiful and important aspects of life through strong compositions to create unique images showcasing your special moments.They want to capture photographs that speak your truth and show your ...

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Book Top South Asian Wedding Photographers in Miami at Pyaari Weddings

As a career option, wedding photography is one of the most famous and exciting jobs to do out there. It is one of those jobs where the photographer captures the happiest day of someone’s life. We all know that photography means capturing moments that a person wants to treasure forever. In another way, it is a kind of job where you spread happiness, right? A South Asian Wedding will be incomplete without a photographer capturing the wholesome moments like the first look, the bride walking down the aisle with her father or brothers, dancing moments, the laughing out loud moments, and so many other moments that can pass in a jiffy but the couple would love to cherish them. 

Find the Best Photographers in Miami

Are you searching for the best wedding photographer in Miami that can turn your beautiful wedding into a memory worth cherishing? Miami is known for its amazing food cuisines but apart from that, the city is famous for its outdoor locations like the beaches. Whether you’re looking for a venue to hold your intimate nuptials or celebrate your grand ceremony, you are sure to find a space that can accommodate all of your wedding needs in Miami. 

Types Of Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is definitely an art but with various styles and the new-era couple like to explore and they can go for any kind of style they want for their wedding album. So, before deciding on a photographer, one must understand the styles of wedding photography you like so that you can narrow it down according to your preference. 

1. Traditional Photography

The style of photography that anybody with a good sense of shooting will know. Every photographer whether they are a wedding photographer or not understands the style of photography. It is where the photographer will ask the couple, the families, and the other guests to stand in a way and pose when shooting. 

2. Natural Photography

There are wedding photographers who like to capture moments in natural light without using any extra artificial lighting, they are known as natural photographers. If you are having a day wedding, your photographer will have a field day shooting your wedding. 

3. Black and White Photography

There is something simple yet enchanting about black and white photographs, isn't it? It just makes you want to look for a time machine and go back to memory. There are no colors in these photos yet you will never feel dull or gloomy, in fact, it will be like a good memory, which it is. 

4. Vintage Photography

If you are into an old-school or nostalgic vibe, the vintage style of photography is just the one for you. Miami is known for having lots of beaches and outdoor wedding locations, and a good photographer can capture amazing vintage feel shots at these venues.

5. Documentary Photography

Do you know what is a good wedding album? When you see the moments and go back to that particular time and remember the exact feeling you felt while being in that moment. And this can only happen when a photographer captures your whole wedding by applying the documentary style. There is no direction, guidance, or poses involved in this style of wedding photography.

The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Best Wedding Photographers in Miami

Knowing photography is not enough, understanding what South Asian weddings are and what this festive event means to the client is important. You can proceed to get any type of photographer for your wedding in a city like Miami, yet imagine a situation where the photographer doesn't understand the wedding events and rituals. Here a good wedding photographer is the need of the hour, who can understand the importance of the events and the whole process. Here at Pyaari Weddings, we have a long list of talented photographers from Miami who are known for their skills as a photographer.

What to remember while Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

1. Research

Do thorough research on the kinds of photographers that exist, rates, styles, whether they travel or not, etc. Apart from the research of a good photographers list, keep on the lookout for the wedding photography styles the newly wedded couples are going for. Remember that research states that your wedding photography cost should only comprise 10% of your total wedding budget. So, research according to that too.

2. Consistency

It is not just the year of experience the photographer has that matters but the consistency of the shots and angles and how the photographer has kept his signature style intact also matters. A good wedding photographer who states that they specialize in capturing South Asian Weddings will not ask about the rituals and at what time they have to be present, as the years of experience and consistency will never let them forget the process. 

3. Additional Queries

After hiring the photographer, ask all the important questions like what's the proportion or are they taking full installment after the task is finished, when will they deliver the final album, what kind of paper they will use for the collection, or do they need you around while selecting & editing the pictures. 

What to discuss with your Wedding Photographer?

1. Meet the Photographer

A personal introduction with the photographer is needed as it will help in breaking the ice and cut the awkwardness between the client and the photographer. This one-on-one discussion will make it a bit comfortable so that when they shoot you and your partner, you both can share more ideas and talk about how to make the experience better. 

2. Backup

Numerous photographers send another person to their place when an emergency occurs. They might have given their dates and finalized everything with you, but ask them what if something came up like a personal emergency or some kind of unfavorable situation because of which they won’t be able to come and photograph your wedding. 

3. Wedding Packages

A wedding package is another important part of the discussion to have with the photographer. Knowing what is there in the package and the process will make your mind clearer whether you want to stick with this one or move to someone else. 

Mistakes to avoid while Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Miami

While hiring a wedding photographer, there are a few things couples forget to ask or do that sometimes can end up in regret. As a renowned and responsible South Asian Wedding Planning platform with a directory of over 4000+ vendors listed on our website, we are happy to help and guide you on how you can avoid these mistakes while hiring a photographer and make the most of your special day. 

1. Personality

When hiring a photographer, their work is definitely important and it is their way of work that should be the prior reason for hiring. But, ethics, behavior, and personality is also something that couple should check before hiring. Because when they will shoot the event, their negative behavior is just gonna make the whole experience a bad one. So, do interact with them and check with the clients about their personalities too. 

2. Rates

In this new age, one thing that one should understand is rates cannot describe the quality of any work and especially artwork. Photography is a form of art and every photographer will charge you differently according to their style of wedding photography. So, check the work and how they conduct themselves while shooting a wedding. 

3. Contract

To make things official, do create a contract or agreement document with the photographer. Make terms where both parties are on the same page and sign on them. A Legal contract will help both parties to stay in their lane and not cross the other party unknowingly and create chaos. 

Wedding Photographers in Miami with Prices

Now that we have discussed so much about the best wedding photographers in Miami and what to consider, and what not while hiring one, let’s look at their prices. Miami's wedding photographer prices are 22% above the US national average. On average, one hour shoot will cost $917, a two-hour shoot is around $1466 and a four-hour shoot can cost around $2566. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photographers in Miami

Selecting and hiring photographers is one thing and that is a basic inquiry anybody will have but apart from that, there are questions a couple will have before finalizing the photographer for the wedding. As a wedding platform, we take it up as a duty to answer inquiries a couple can have while hiring vendors for their wedding. 

Can I get a discount when I book my wedding photographer through Pyaari weddings?

As a wedding platform that caters to the South Asian Wedding Community, we have curated a list of the best Miami wedding photographers with all their details. From our side, we do not charge or provide any kind of discount, rest you can directly contact the vendor and gather information.

Are wedding photographers listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, of course! Pyaari Weddings have a list of more than 1000+ photographers in the directory. Once you select a vendor from the given list, you can directly retain information about their work, reviews, pricing, ratings, etc from them via our chat button or message the vendor button. 

What other wedding services can I get from Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding Planning platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting a Wedding Photographers in Miami, you can also find other wedding vendors like Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, Makeup, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their info, and estimated their prices. 

All you have to do is - enter your city & requirements, look through vendors and save them to your ‘cart’ (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an approximate budget.