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Fine Art Production

(95 review) / New York

They are started by us back in 1995 in Baroda, India and then moved to the USA in 2001 and has covered almost over 2400 weddings. They are a team of handpicked professionals and Indian Wedding Female Photographer who comprise the core photography and...

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Nayeem Vohra

(1 review) / New York

He is a South Jersey based wedding and lifestyle photographer. He thrives to capture the genuine love story between the couple and delivers quality work to his clients....

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Nihar Photography

(2 review) / New York

Nihar loves wedding and she believes that captuing memories is more than a job or duty, it is an experience. Her eyes for small details is what makes the images stand out and she is non-obtrusive while doing her job. She is extremely calm and collect...

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Shan Photography

(24 review) / New York

Shan photography has many outlets and they know that weddings have few events before and after, by which they are damn good with scheduling their presence so that they dont miss the shot and that is what makes them good at their work. They are user o...

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Studio 9 Photography

(3 review) / New York

They are a group of people, comprimses of artists, photographers, cinematographers, editors, and dreamers, who love and believe in what they do. They specialise in South- Asian weddings and their approach towards shooting is photojournalistic....

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Once Awan A Time

(15 review) / New York

Established in 2009, Once Awan a Time Photography & Video is owned and managed by Heera and Yasar Awan. Heera and Yasar offers stress free, reliable, and affordable services for all....

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Pandya Photography

(9 review) / New York

They have a talented team of photographers and cinematographers at Pandya Photography who strives to provide a truly unique, and customized experience to each and every couple....

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Placid Media

(5 review) / New York

They are a group of artists, dedicated cinematographers and video editors who is passionate about creative wedding storytelling.and creates unique artistic shots and films for weddings, engagements and proposals....

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Raj Foto Pavilion

(14 review) / New York

Raj Foto Pavilion excels in photography services, capturing moments with expertise. Their skilled team and creative approach ensure remarkable photos that encapsulate memories beautifully and artistically....

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1314 Studio

(127 review) / New York

1314 studios are a team of wedding photographers, wedding videographers, artists, directors, story tellers and wedding planners in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Houston and just about anywhere. They create images incorporating creative props, s...

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Abhi Sarkar Photography

(8 review) / New York

Abhi Sarkar Photography is a Philadelphia based Wedding Photography studio specializing in authentic, moment oriented visual storytelling for bold and vibrant couples.He thrives to offer a unique and fun experience to bring out the genuine and real s...

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AS Nagpal Photography

(9 review) / New York

AS Nagpal is a wedding photographer based out of New York, and is available for travel to any destination wedding or engagement. He also cover engagement sessions, marriage proposals, portraits, and maternity sessions....

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Priyanca Rao Photography

(9 review) / New York

Established in 2011, Priyanca Rao believe in planning, precision and flawless execution. Her wedding photography packages can be adapted to the client's needs and budget....

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Jashim Jalal Studio

(10 review) / New York

He believe that the strongest relationships, both personal and professional, are built on a foundation of trust and communication. He work with couples from around the world to document their authentic wedding story to create a legacy....

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Mansi Studios

(67 review) / New York

A realm of creative mastery. With an eye for emotion and detail, Mansi captures timeless stories through photography. Preserving moments, crafting legacies....

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Book South Asian Wedding Photographers in New York at Pyaari Weddings

Photography is the art of capturing moments that you want to treasure for life, and what better event than a wedding event that you always want to look back and cherish? Wedding photography is one of the most famous and exciting specializations out there. It is one of the best jobs where the photographer captures the happiest day of someone’s life, not just for the person getting married, but also for the people involved in the wedding. A wedding without a photographer will not be a wedding in the true sense. 

Find Best Wedding Photographers in New York

Are you searching for the best wedding photographer in New York that can turn your beautiful wedding into a memory worth treasuring? As per research, New York City is home to more than 8.8 million people and the population consists of people of various languages, religions, gender, race, creed, and status. New York City has thousands of talented photographers with a sense of creativity, technical skill, and amazing ability to capture the perfect moments of your most special day. 

Types of Wedding Photographers

Photography in simpler language can be described as creating an image with the support of the angles and lighting set by the photographer - the artist. From the bride getting ready, the mother fixing the veil of her daughter, the groom arriving at the venue, the couple tying the knot - and several moments are important in weddings and it's the photographers' job to capture these precious moments for the couple so that they can cherish this day for eternity. There are so many styles of wedding photography to choose from. Before deciding on a photographer, one must understand the styles of wedding photography you like so that you can narrow it down according to your preference.

1. Traditional Photography

It is one of the oldest and the most common style of photography that exists in photography. It is probably the first thing that any photographer starts with and everyone understands it without even knowing the exact term. The shots of the couple after the wedding, with their family, and friends posed in a selected formation comes under traditional photography. 

2. Documentary Photography

Documentary shooting is almost like reporting for a news channel, but here you are capturing the wedding in a documented style. Weddings are made of small moments that need to be captured. As the photographer won’t interrupt the moments frequently as the wedding progresses, the client will also get images that reflect their memories from the day. 

3. Candid Photography

Candid photography is another common style of wedding photography and truth be told, it will be easy for the photographer to get tonnes of candids. It is a wedding after all! An event like a wedding is the most fun and happiest of all where you will get lots of candid moments to capture. 

4. Lifestyle Photography

Unlike candid, here the photos are created to look candid. The photographer stages a whole situation and directs the people to pose and then captures the perfect shot. The aim of using this style is to make the image visually appealing and with less obtrusiveness. 

5. Drone or Aeriel Photography

Not that you will use a drone for the whole wedding, but aerial shots of your wedding are something you do not want to miss out on. This style works amazingly on shots of the whole wedding setup, entry of the bride, or walking down the aisle and especially if she is wearing a trail.

6. Flash Photography

New York is known for its party vibes and if you want your wedding images to depict that, Flash photography is a good choice of style to choose. Flash Photography is when a photographer captures a moment with a flash directed at the subject. 

The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Best Wedding Photographers in New York

A wedding photographer needs to understand what kind of clients he/she is dealing with and what are the couple's requirements. It is not about hiring just a photographer, but a good photographer who understands the culture and tradition of the people and the wedding they are shooting. The photographer needs to capture the vital moments and for that a photographer who knows the step-by-step process of the wedding rituals is important. At Pyaari Weddings, you would find a list of talented South Asian Wedding photographers from New York who are famous and well renowned for their incredible work. 

What to remember while Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

1. Research: Research wedding photographers from an early stage, even if you haven't decided on the dates yet. When it comes to cities like NYC, thorough research will save you a lot of time and energy. The research does not have to be through a google search or recommendations, even wedding platforms like Pyaari Weddings also come in handy. Apart from the research of a good photographers list, keep a lookout for the wedding photography styles the newly wedded couples are going for. 

2. Budget: Once you are set on a budget, sit with your partner and discuss how much you both are willing to pay for wedding photography as it costs more in comparison to decor and planning in general. A photographer will capture this event of your life in a way that you would love to see and feel the vibes via the pictures. 

3. Style: Do not go directly to the photographer without any discussion of what kind of photography you want. This will save a lot of time for you and the photographer you are looking at. And you won't fix the first photographer you meet for the wedding, so knowing the styles will help you and the photographer to understand. 

4. Reviews: As NYC is a city with a huge population, you will get several wedding photographers. Even after you are sure about a photographer if possible talk to their previous clients. While talking to them about the photographer, you will get more confident about the fact whether you shall hire them or not.

What to discuss with your South Asian Wedding Photographer?

1. Experience: When you meet the photographer, after having the basic intro conversation, ask them about their experience. Their years of experience or how many weddings they have captured says a lot about their work. Hiring a beginner for a wedding is a risky game, not that he/she won't turn out to be good, but a wedding, especially a South Asian Wedding is known to be full of events and moments that a photographer has to be well-versed with it. Some moments are not taught anywhere but a photographer learns them while capturing a wedding.

2. Kind of Weddings: Yes, there are different kinds of weddings. And as a wedding platform catering to a category with multiple communities, we understand that every community or family has its way of conducting a wedding. So, before finalizing someone, ask them whether they have ever captured the kind of wedding you are going to have. That will save you from explaining to the photographer the whole ordeal and you don't have to constantly remind them of capturing important moments. 

3. What they are looking for: It is not just that you hire the photographer, pay them and it's all done. The photographer needs to have all the info about the events and their requirements and the couple on the other hand, have to be equally involved and co-operate with the photographers so they can get the best results. 

Why Hire Top Wedding Photographers in New York?

Many photographers can capture your wedding day, but only a top wedding photographer can make your wedding photos look good and seal the memory for eternity. These photographers have reached that stature with their hard work and years of polishing their skills and creating their kinds of styles. 

Mistakes to avoid while Hiring a Wedding Photographer in New York

While hiring a photographer for the wedding, there are certain things a client forgets to enquire about while finalizing the vendor, but as a wedding platform to help South Asian couples make their wedding day a memorable one, we have listed 4000+ vendors across different categories along with a little guide to help couples making the right choice while choosing their vendors. 

1. Personality: One of the common mistake people do is to hire a photographer saying that they are fantastic at their job but behavioral-wise, not so good. That is not a great thing as there will be several people who will witness the behavior. If his work is good but his attitude is not up to the mark then trust us, you will remember that more than the moment you want to cherish. 

2. Prioritize Photography: It is your wedding, your day, your wish however you want to celebrate but if you are a bit tight on your budget, be wise and spend the max amount on photography. The decor, florals, and centerpieces will just be there at the wedding but the photographs of your wedding will stay with you for a lifetime. 

3. Hire a professional: Hire someone who is not a relative or a close friend as you won't be able to give proper feedback to them thinking they might not like it or what will they feel about it. We suggest you hire a professional, so you can relax and enjoy the best day of your life fully. 

Wedding Photographers in New York with Prices

According to the research, NYC wedding photographers charge 27% more than the average rate in the US. The cost of hiring an NYC wedding photographer might range between $3000-$12000 for an 8-10 hours time period. Some photographers might charge between the range of $3000-$5000, $5000-$7000, and upwards. It depends on certain things like transportation, wedding events, guest lists, themes, styles, etcetera.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photographers in New York

Pyaari Weddings provide a detailed and informative vendor profile to help you find the best photographers in New York. We have also tried to answer a few common questions that will help in making the decision of hiring a wedding photographer in New York easy. 

Can I get a discount when I book my wedding photographer through Pyaari Weddings?

Our platform caters to the South Asian Wedding community and we have a list of all the topmost and the best NYC South Asian wedding photographers with their details like contacts, approximate pricing, ratings, and reviews. We do not provide any kind of discounts from our side, but you can contact the vendor directly from our platform.

Are South Asian wedding photographers listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, Pyaari Weddings have a list of more than 600+ photographers in the directory. Once you select a vendor from the given list, you can directly retain information about their work, reviews, pricing, ratings, and more from them via our chat button or message the vendor button. 

What other wedding services can I get from Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding Planning platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting a Wedding Photographers in New York, you can also find other wedding vendors like Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, Makeup, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their info, and estimated their prices. 

All you have to do is - enter your city & requirements, look through vendors and save them to your ‘cart’ (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an approximate budget.