Marriott Burr Ridge

Chicago, 60527


From an intimate gathering to a grand celebration, everything one needs to create the perfect wedding is at the Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge. They have glamorous ballroom and outdoor patio which is easily transformed to reflect the guest's unique vision. Located within the downtown Burr Ridge, the guests and their loved ones will have a beautiful and welcoming area just steps away. Weddings at the Chicago Marriott Southwest at Burr Ridge allow guests to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city, while providing the charm the Windy City has to offer.
Reception: $60 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $45 (Saturday Alcohol) $60 (Kids) $45 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $31 (Alcohol) $17 (Non-Alcohol) $2 (Other Fees) $2 (Kids)
Ceremony: $40 (Adults) $40 (Other Fees)
Service Charge: 23%



Chicago, 60527