The Westin Lombard

Chicago, 60148


From the intuitive service of their planners to enriching experiences and vibrant ballroom venues, Westin Lombard offers a flawless atmosphere for their guest and their loved ones. They are determined and committed to help the guests to create the wedding of their dreams. Their wedding specialist will strive and will tailor every detail - from the engagement celebration to the wedding and the day after - according to the guest's unique style and personality, creating a joyous day that they will never forget. They have highly skilled professional catering staff, who prepares everything from pre-dinner canapés to a dazzling wedding cake, letting the guest relax and have a wonderful time.

Reception: $76 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $55 (Saturday Alcohol) $9 (Non-Saturday Non-Alcohol) $67 (Kids) $48 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $54 (Alcohol) $42 (Non-Alcohol) $0 (Other Fees) $0 (Kids)
Ceremony: $33 (Adults) $200 (Ceremony Fees) $33 (Other Fees)
Service Charge: 25%



Chicago, 60148