Hyatt Regency Valencia

LA, 91355


Hyatt Regency Valencia is a premier wedding venue that is located in Valencia, California. This hotel can accommodate up to 400 guests making it a great location for weddings of all different sizes. Located just minutes just north of Los Angeles, this prestigious hotel is one of the most exquisite wedding locations in the Santa Clarita, area. The staff is specialized in event planning and events in intricate detail that makes every wedding seem personalized and perfect.
Reception: $87 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $57 (Saturday Alcohol) $45 (Non-Saturday Alcohol) $87 (Kids) $57 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $81 (Alcohol) $54 (Non-Alcohol) $0 (Other Fees) $0 (Kids)
Ceremony: $45 (Adults) $1 (Kids) $400 (Ceremony Fees)
Service Charge: 24%



LA, 91355