Bridal Hair Accessories - The Latest Trends & Available Choices

Apr 03, 2023

Wedding hair accessories are an important element in completing a bride's overall look on her special day. They add an extra touch of glamor, elegance, and sophistication to the bridal hairstyle, making the bride feel beautiful, confident, and truly special. The right wedding hair accessories should also complement the dress and wedding theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the event. Wedding hair accessories are also great to add a touch of personalization to the bride's look. Accessories such as hair combs, headbands, and tiaras can be chosen to reflect the bride's style and taste accordingly. This allows the bride to create a unique and memorable look that truly reflects her personality and individuality.

Hair accessories are also very versatile and can be used to enhance any type of bridal hairstyle, from updos to loose curls, and work well with any hair type and length, allowing the bride to experiment with different looks and create a hairstyle that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear throughout the day, and also perhaps unique to them. Hair accessories such as hair pins, clips, and barrettes are also a practical and smart choice as they can be used to secure loose strands of hair and prevent the hairstyle from falling out or becoming messy, helping to keep the bridal hairstyle in place throughout the day. 

Types of Wedding Hair Accessories

Choosing the right wedding hair accessories is imperative as it can complete the overall bridal look and make the bride look and feel confident and beautiful on her special day. The right hair accessories can add an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the bride's hairstyle, making her feel like a true princess. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing wedding hair accessories is the style of the bride's dress. The accessories should complement the dress and overall wedding theme, whether it's a vintage, classic, or modern wedding. For example, a vintage-inspired wedding may call for a bridal hairpiece with pearls or crystals, whilst a beach wedding may require more casual and natural accessories such as flowers or seashells. While choosing the bridal hair accessory it is also essential to take the bride's style and hair type into consideration.

The accessories should enhance the bride's natural beauty and work well with her hair type, whether it's short or long, curly or straight. It's also important to choose accessories that are comfortable to wear and won't cause any discomfort or irritation throughout the day. The quality of wedding hair accessories is also important, as they should be durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of the day. Choosing high-quality accessories can also ensure that they look their best in photographs and can be kept as a treasured keepsake after the wedding day.


Source: Amrit Photography

Veils are a traditional bridal accessory that can add an element of elegance and romance to a wedding day look. There are numerous different types of veils, each with its unique style and features. Below we have listed the different types of veils:

1. Cathedral Veil

This is a long, dramatic veil that extends beyond the length of the wedding gown. It typically measures between 108 and 120 inches and can have multiple layers for added volume and drama.

2. Chapel Veil

Source: Henna S Khan

This is a medium-length veil that extends to the floor, usually around 90 inches in length. It can be worn with or without a train, depending on the style of the wedding dress.

3. Fingertip Veil

This is a shorter veil that reaches the fingertips or is slightly below, typically around 36 inches in length. It is a popular choice for brides who want a classic, timeless look.

4. Birdcage Veil

This is a short veil that covers the face, typically made of netting or tulle. It is a popular choice for vintage-inspired or retro weddings.

5. Mantilla Veil

This is a circular veil that is draped over the head and shoulders, often with intricate lace or embroidery detailing. It is a traditional Spanish-style veil that can add a touch of romance and elegance to a bridal look.

6. Blusher Veil

This is a short, single-layer veil that covers the face as the bride walks down the aisle. It is often worn in combination with a long veil or removed after the ceremony.

With so many styles of veils available it can be confusing to choose the right veil, so, below are some pointers to consider when choosing the veil to ensure it complements your overall look and doesn’t look out of place. 

Source: Digital Plus Photography

Take the dress style into consideration

The length of the veil should complement the dress

Be mindful of the hairstyle you are opting for

Pay attention to the little details on the veil

Make sure to try on different options

Headbands and Hairpins

When it comes to bridal hair, headbands, and hairpins are the most popular choice of hair accessories to add glamor and elegance to the whole look. There are various types of headbands and hairpins available in the market which are discussed below. 

1. Tiara

Source: Naman Verma Photography

A tiara is a traditional bridal headband that sits at the top of the head and is typically adorned with jewels or crystals. It can be a great choice for a formal, classic wedding.

2. Headband with Ribbon

Source: Ritika Hairstylist

A headband with a ribbon can add a touch of whimsy and romance to a bridal hairstyle. The ribbon can be tied in a bow at the back of the head or wrapped around the headband for a more subtle look.

3. Flower Crown

Source: Sejal Savaliya

A flower crown is a bohemian-inspired headband made of fresh or silk flowers. It can be a great choice for a garden or beach wedding.

4. Pearl Headband

Source: Dipak Studios

A pearl headband is a classic, timeless accessory that can add elegance and sophistication to a bridal hairstyle. It can be worn with an updo or with hair worn down. They are the perfect choice if you are going in for a vintage classic vibe. 

5. Hairpins with Crystals or Pearls

Hairpins with crystals or pearls can be a subtle way to add sparkle and shine to a bridal hairstyle. They can be placed throughout the hair for a scattered effect or grouped for a more dramatic look.

6. Feather Headband

Source: Etsy

A feather headband is a unique and trendy accessory that can add texture and interest to a bridal hairstyle. It can be worn alone or paired with other accessories for a more eclectic look.

Choosing the right hairpin or headband is imperative to ensure the overall look is cohesive and the bride is comfortable. Here are some tips to consider when choosing hairpins or headbands to complement different hair lengths.

  • Brides with short hair should consider a headband or hairpin that is small and delicate. A headband with a subtle design or a hairpin with a small floral accent can add a touch of elegance to a short hairstyle.
  • If the bride has medium-length hair, she can choose from a wider range of headbands and hairpins. A headband with a ribbon or a flower crown can add a bohemian touch to a mid-length hairstyle, while a pearl headband or crystal hairpin can add a touch of glamor and sophistication.
  • Brides with long hair can choose from a range of headbands and hairpins that can be placed throughout the hair. Hairpins with crystals or pearls can be placed throughout the hair for a subtle sparkle, while a feather headband can be worn around the crown of the head for a more dramatic look.
  • The hairstyle can also play a role in which headband or hairpin to choose. For example, if the bride is wearing her hair up in a bun, a headband with a ribbon or flower crown can add a touch of romance to the look. If the bride is wearing her hair down, hairpins with crystals or pearls can be used to hold the hair in place while adding a touch of sparkle.
  • Make sure to experiment with different types of hairpins and headbands to find the one that suits you the best. 

Tiara and Crown

Source: The Wedding Salad

Tiaras and crowns are popular headgears that are worn for special occasions and events by women. Tiaras and crowns can look very similar at first glance, but let us enlighten you, they are not the same. Some key differences between them set them apart from each other. The first difference between them is that of the shape. A tiara is typically a semi-circular or circular headband that sits on top of the head and is often embellished with crystals, pearls, or other decorative elements. In contrast, a crown is a circular headpiece that fits more snugly on the head and typically has a more ornate design, often including arches or points that extend upward. Crowns are much more elaborate in their size as compared to generally smaller tiaras. Tiaras are worn for occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, etc., and are considered to be a subtle piece of hair accessory. On the other hand, crowns are typically larger and more ostentatious, commonly exhibiting elaborate designs along with several jewels and embellishments. Moreover, crowns are usually associated with and symbolize power, authority, and control, whereas tiaras are more symbolic of femininity, elegance, and beauty. 

When choosing a crown or tiara to match your bridal look, certain points should be kept in mind, as choosing the right crown or tiara can add the perfect finishing touch to the overall bridal look. 

Firstly, remember the dress should be the main focus. If your dress has a lot of embellishments and intricate details on it, then it is best to choose a simple tiara or crown that won’t compete with the dress. However, if your dress is simple, then choose a more ornate tiara or crown to add sparkle and interest to the overall look. The second thing to consider is your hairstyle. If you are opting for a bun or chignon, a tiara or crown with a taller or more dramatic design can be a great way to add some height and interest. Similarly, if you are opting to wear your hair down, then it’s best to not overwhelm the whole look by opting for a simple tiara or crown that sits low on the head to add some sparkle and elegance. Don’t forget to focus on the small intricate details of the crown or tiara, as it should complement the overall look of the bride without overwhelming the other elements of the bridal ensemble. 

Hair Combs and Clips

Source: Ritika Hairstylist

When it comes to bridal looks, hair combs, and clips can add their charm. There are numerous types of hair clips and combs available for brides. However, if you are new to hair combs and clips, don’t worry, we have put together a list of the most common types of hair combs and clips that can be used as part of your final bridal look.

1. Bridal Hair Comb

A bridal hair comb is a decorative hair accessory that is often worn at the back of the head or to the side. They come in many different designs, from simple and elegant to more elaborate and ornate. Some bridal hair combs are adorned with crystals, pearls, or other jewels.

2. Pearl Hair Comb

A pearl hair comb is a popular choice for brides who want a classic and elegant look. Pearl hair combs come in many different styles, from simple and understated to more elaborate designs that feature multiple pearls.

3. Floral Hair Comb

A floral hair comb is a popular choice for brides who want a natural and romantic look. These combs can be adorned with silk or real flowers and can be used to add a touch of color to the hair.

4. Crystal Hair Comb

A crystal hair comb is a popular choice for brides who want a glamorous and sparkly look. These combs are adorned with crystals or rhinestones and can be used to add a touch of sparkle to the hair.

5. Hair Clips

Hair clips are a popular choice for brides who want a simple and understated look. They come in many different styles, from simple and plain to more ornate designs that feature crystals or other decorative elements.

Make sure to keep the following points in mind when choosing a hair clip or hair comb, to ensure a cohesive and polished look. 

Length of the hair

The hair style you are opting for

Hair texture

Design of the dress

Think about how comfortable the accessory is and if you will be able to have it on for the whole event. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Hair Accessories

Hair accessories should complement the bride's hairstyle and work in harmony with the overall look.

1. Consider the dress and overall style

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The hair accessories should align with the style of the wedding dress. For example, if the dress is very ornate and embellished, a simple hair accessory such as a small hairpin or delicate hair comb may be more appropriate. If the dress is simple and understated, a more elaborate hair accessory such as a jeweled hair comb or tiara may be a good choice. Similarly, If the wedding dress is ivory or white, it's best to choose hair accessories that are also ivory or white. If the dress is a different color, such as blush or champagne, consider choosing hair accessories in complementary colors or metals. This will ensure the hair accessories blend seamlessly and don’t detract from the overall look. 

2. Consider the hairstyle

Source: Ritika Hairstylist

The hair accessory should work with the hairstyle to enhance the overall look. For example, a hair comb or hairpin can be used to hold a bun or updo in place, while a headband or tiara can be used to accentuate loose waves or curls. The size of the hair accessory should be appropriate for the hairstyle and the bride's head size. If the bride has a small head or fine hair, a large hair accessory may look overwhelming. On the other hand, a small hair accessory may get lost in thick hair. Make sure to consider the length of the hair to determine the type of hair accessory that works best. For shorter hair, a smaller hair accessory such as a hairpin or clip may be more appropriate, while longer hair can accommodate larger accessories such as a headband or tiara.

3. Consider the wedding theme

Source: Ritika Hairstylist

The formality of the wedding should be taken into account when choosing hair accessories. For a formal wedding, classic and elegant accessories such as a tiara or jeweled hair comb may be more appropriate. For a more casual or bohemian wedding, a floral crown or whimsical hairpin may be a better fit. If the wedding has a specific color palette, then make sure to choose hair accessories to incorporate those colors. Similarly, ensure that the hair accessories you choose also align with the overall theme of the wedding. For example, if the wedding has a rustic or bohemian vibe, natural or floral hair accessories may be a good fit. 

Where to Buy Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding hair accessories can be found in all ranges and a huge variety easily. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about affordability and finding the perfect accessory. Bridal hair accessories can be easily found on online shopping platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc. However, if you prefer seeing them in person before buying then every city has numerous bridal boutiques and specialty stores where you can find them easily. And if you are creative and love DIY, then Pinterest is your place to get some inspo and DIY the perfect hair accessory for your big day. 


Choosing the right wedding hair accessories is important because they can enhance the bride's overall look, complement her dress and hairstyle, and add a touch of personal style to the wedding day. Make sure to keep our tips in mind when buying the hair accessory for your big day and watch the magic happen. 

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