15 Latest South Asian Bridal Makeup Looks For Every Type Of Bride

Nov 09, 2022

South Asian bridal makeup has been known to be a bit vibrant and loud, and it is true. Brides from South Asia try to keep their bridal look similar to what their traditions and culture follow. But, there has been a shift and we all have witnessed how South Asian bride’s look has evolved over the years and how they have kept the traditional touch too. Nowadays, starting from outfits to jewelry, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup - everything has made a shift. The new-era brides do not follow any rules and restrictions, they have started making their own trends, which in return inspire the other to-be brides to do something different. After all, the wedding day is special, and everything deserves to stand out.

Latest South Asian Bridal Makeup Looks

Source: Keta Nuva Photography

Among so many evolvements, South Asian bridal makeup is one of the parts where the demand for a good makeup & hair artist has increased. Bridal makeup is not just kohl eyes and red lips anymore! There are bronzed cheeks, blushed cheeks, matte lips, matte-finished bases, highlighted faces, contoured faces, and so many other makeup techniques that artists are coming up and the brides today like to go for something unique. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these South Asian Makeup trends.

1. The Minimal Look

Source: Suvanya Suhag

The idea of ‘less is more’ applies in this makeup look. Nowadays, brides know what they want and how much they want. Makeup is something that not everybody is comfortable with, and we have witnessed a few brides who like to keep it simple yet look elegant. Just a stroke of kajal and eyeliner with a nude lip shade or glossy lips is enough for them. We have always admired a bride who does not hesitate to be herself and do what she feels is right for her on her special day.

2. The Dewy Look

Source: Alia Bhatt

Heavy contouring and blushed cheeks have been replaced by the dewy look nowadays. Brides love a face with a hydrated and fresh look. The dewy look is more on the minimal side. It is a trending makeup look nowadays, and it is not going away so soon. One of the best ways to achieve the look is to go for a liquid highlighter mixed with foundations, this way you will get a more subtle and natural glow. Take a cue from Alia Bhatt, she mostly carries a dewy makeup face that looks amazing on her. 

3. The Defined Brows and Lips

Source: Neha Assar ; Balerina Films

When opting for a simple makeup base, with no contouring and light blush, defining the eyebrows makes the facial feature look sharp. It won't feel incomplete and will make your face look bright and happy. With a subtle makeup base, a good lip shade does matter. A good lip shade single-handedly can make your whole look stand out beautifully. 

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4. No-makeup Look

Source: House On The Clouds

The name is confusing, right? No makeup is also a look and it is a look that has been in trend for quite some time now. Nowadays brides are opting for it on their wedding day just like Alia Bhatt. She rocked the no makeup look and made the whole internet go crazy with a number of comments and compliments. One of the major plus points of this trend is you cannot go wrong with a no-makeup look. 

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5. Smokey Eyes with Highlighted Face

For brides, who would like to accentuate their eyes and give a glam vibe, smokey eyes are the best look for them. Smokey eyes on a bride give a sultry touch to her traditional look and with a highlighted face, the glam quotient just increases one level up. The best inspiration for a smokey eye would be none other than Deepika Padukone. She carries the smokey eye look like nobody's business and in her South Indian bridal attire, she looked absolutely stunning.

6. Soft Nude Bridal Makeup Look

Source: Katrina Kaif

If you opt for the no-makeup look and add a few more elements to it, like softly blushed cheeks, light eye shadow, and a nude lip shade, this will be a soft nude look. For a day wedding, the bride wearing pastel shades can opt for this look and they can go for glossy lips. Katrina Kaif’s wedding look was a soft nude bridal makeup that you can take inspiration from.

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7. Bold Maroon Lips with Gold Eye Makeup

For brides who want a rich and regal look, opt for bold maroon or burgundy lips paired with stunning gold eye makeup. This combination creates a striking contrast that's perfect for evening weddings.

8. The Light-Contoured Look

Source: Pictroizzah

Apply matte base makeup and then go for a contoured cheek to accentuate your face. If you are wearing a pastel shade or a light shade like blush pink, or baby blue, use rose gold highlighter above the cheeks to give a light pink shade. If you are not into pink cheeks, then you can blend the rose gold and a bit of brown to make it appear reddish in shade. 

9. The Classic Red Lips

Source: Mrunalini Rao

Brides going for red lips on their wedding day is a common trend. You can never go wrong with a bold red lip. It is like a traditional route to applying the red shade to your lips. With a highlighted and lightly contoured face, red lips look good and balanced. If you are not going heavy on the makeup, just kohl eyes and red lips can also make the whole bridal look stand out. After all, Kohl-rimmed eyes and red lips are matches made in heaven! 

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10. The Colorful Shimmery Eyes

Source: Patralekhaa

A modern bride is always open to experiments and trying out things that one has never attempted. Brides like to be creative with their selection of outfits, jewelry, and other elements of the wedding. Usually eye color in bridal makeup is either shade of pink, brown, or golden and smokey eyes. We have not witnessed many brides going for a pop of color for their eye makeup but Bollywood actress Patralekha changed the norm. Apart from her unique outfit selection for her Mehndi ceremony, we loved that hairstyle and the colorful makeup she applied. Have a close look at her eye makeup, she matched the eye shadow color with her outfit color and went for a shimmery look with thin winged eyeliner.

11. Pink Lid Eyes With Smokey Effect

Source: Mak Images

As a bride, if you think smokey eyes are a bit too dark, then try to blend them with a bit of pink eye shadow. Add a bit of smokey effect on the sides of the eyelid and then add pink in the mid and blend it with the smokey shades so that it looks balanced out. To complete the makeup, go with blushed cheeks with a light touch of highlighter. For lips, you can either go for glossy lips or nude-matte lips. 

12. Classic Smudged Kajal Look

Embrace the traditional South Asian bridal makeup with a classic smudged kajal look. Define your eyes with bold kohl-rimmed eyes and pair it with a soft lip color for a timeless appearance.

13. Blue Lid Eyes With a Smokey Effect

Source: Jasleen Bains

If you are wearing a blue lehenga for your wedding day, go for the same shade for the eyes and add the smokey effect to add that oomph factor. For more shine, go for highlighted cheeks, and lips, glossy lips will look good.

14. The Golden Glow

Source: Cory Goldberg Photography

If you are a bit confused and do not want to go overboard or experiment with makeup, then go for a creamy golden palette for the lids with a strong liner and heavy lashes. Use a highlighter and contour those jawlines and for lips go for a brick red or an orange shade to complete the look. 

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15. The Dramatic Shine

Source: Ankchikara Artistry

Want to add a bit of drama to your bridal look via makeup? Go for base makeup and if you want, ask your artist to create a chiseled cheek or even a blushed cheek with a light highlight that will look good. For your eyes, go for Cleopatra liner style, which is the extra winged liner and a bit of glitter under the eyes for that oomph element. It will give a retro bridal look and you will definitely turn some heads. 


Makeup is the last part of your bridal look that will give a finishing touch to the whole look. For good bridal makeup, going for trends is not enough. A good bridal makeup artist will understand what will suit you and what kind of makeup will match the bridal ensemble. Makeup is not just about matching the outfit, but the time of the day also matters. Loud lips and shimmery eyes might not look appealing for a day wedding, but light shimmery eyes and nude lips will look absolutely stunning. It all comes down to balancing the whole look, so always remember that.

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