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Chris Brock Photography

(69 review) / Atlanta

Chris and his team are recognized as one of the worlds leading luxury cinematographers based out of Atlanta Georgia.  They offer an exclusive service with a very personal relationship with each and everyone of his clients. ...

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Brandon Andrews Photography

(13 review) / Atlanta

They are Atlanta-based photography and cinematography company serving all of metro Atlanta and outside areas too. They have a professional team of videographers and cinematograhers who believes in delivering the best to the clients....

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Joey Wallace Photography

(30 review) / Atlanta

Joey Wallace Photography provides award-winning photography and videography services to couples in the Atlanta, Georgia area, including for multi-day Indian and South Asian Weddings. THeir shooting style is candid-documentary, but it is also creative...

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Jamie Howell Photography

(48 review) / Atlanta

Operating from Atlanta and journeying worldwide, Jamie Howell, a seasoned photographer, has captured 500+ weddings. With expertise in US and global weddings, Jamie and the team provide photography and videography for events of all scales, emphasizing...

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Darkroom Doctors Studios

( review) / Atlanta

Established in 2010, Darkroom Doctors Studios has grown its team and services, providing an extensive Wedding Photo & Cinema Experience worldwide. It has evolved into a prominent North American studio, embracing global travel to capture love stories ...

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Oak and Gold Studios

(14 review) / Atlanta

Suzanne, along with her husband Nathaniel, forms Oak and Gold Studios. Her photography journey began with a love for capturing moments, deepening during a black and white film photography class. College education led to her 2010 business launch. Reco...

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Christopher Brock Photography

(71 review) / Atlanta

In the pursuit of delivering top-tier high-resolution photography, Christopher leads an adept team including Brandon, Brian, Skyler, Dale, Larry, Kelly, Eugene, and Jake. Their extensive expertise and diverse equipment, like Canon, Fuji, Sony cameras...

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Love Studio Photography

(58 review) / Atlanta

Love Studio Photography captures cherished moments with artistic precision. Their skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment produce stunning visuals that immortalize emotions and create timeless memories for clients....

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Atlanta Artistic Wedding Photography

(89 review) / Atlanta

The seamless synergy within the Atlanta Artistic Weddings team highlights their exceptional dedication and talent. Each member consistently delivers exceptional wedding photography, fueled by mutual inspiration and collaborative support....

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This Modern Love Photography

(26 review) / Atlanta

This Modern Love Photography encapsulates contemporary romance through captivating visuals. Their artistry crafts modern love stories, capturing genuine emotions and creating timeless memories for every client's journey....

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Book Best South Asian Wedding Photographers in Atlanta at Pyaari Weddings

A wedding is a momentous occasion that occurs only once in a lifetime, making it essential to hire a professional wedding photographer. Their role is to expertly capture all the precious moments and memories that will be cherished forever. A wedding photographer is responsible for documenting the entire day, capturing the emotions, essence, and narrative of the couple's love and commitment through stunning images.

With their skills and equipment, they can produce high-quality photographs using techniques such as lighting, composition, and camera settings, highlighting the beauty of the venue, the couple's emotions, and the joy of the guests.

By hiring a professional, the couple can relax and enjoy their special day while the photographer takes charge of capturing every important moment. Additionally, professional photographers can create a visual story of the wedding, preserving candid moments, emotions, and interactions between the couple and their loved ones. These photographs become cherished mementos that will serve as a reminder of the happiness and celebration experienced on that day.

To ensure a perfect match, couples should thoroughly research and meet with potential photographers to discuss their style, experience, and pricing, ultimately selecting a photographer whose style aligns with their vision and expectations.

Find the Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

When searching for the best wedding photographers in Atlanta, it's essential to conduct thorough research and consider various factors.

1. Start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or wedding planners who have had positive experiences.

2. Utilize online resources and wedding directories specific to Atlanta to find a comprehensive list of photographers.

3. Take the time to review their portfolios, paying attention to their style, creativity, and consistency.

4. Read client reviews and testimonials to gauge their professionalism and customer satisfaction.

5. Schedule consultations with your top choices to discuss their experience, packages, pricing, and availability.

6. Ask about their approach to ensure it aligns with your vision.

By considering these factors and making an informed decision, you can find the best wedding photographer in Atlanta to capture the precious moments of your special day.

Types of Wedding Photographers

1. Traditional/Classic Wedding Photographer

These photographers capture traditional posed shots and formal group portraits. They focus on capturing key moments throughout the wedding day and follow a more structured approach.

2. Photojournalistic/Documentary Wedding Photographer

Photojournalistic photographers aim to tell a story through their images. They document the wedding day as it unfolds, capturing candid moments, emotions, and interactions without much interference or posing.

3. Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Fine art photographers create artistic and visually stunning images. They often incorporate creative compositions, and unique angles, and use natural light to create a more artistic and visually striking look.

4. Editorial Wedding Photographer

Editorial photographers approach weddings with a fashion or editorial style. They pay attention to details, fashion, and style to create images that look like they belong in a magazine or editorial spread.

5. Adventure/Destination Wedding Photographer

These photographers specialize in capturing weddings in unique and adventurous locations. They excel in capturing the couple in epic landscapes and are experienced in working with natural elements.

6. Vintage Wedding Photographer

Vintage photographers use various techniques to give their images a nostalgic or vintage feel. They may use vintage cameras, film, or editing techniques to create a timeless and classic aesthetic.

7. Contemporary/Modern Wedding Photographer

Contemporary photographers have a more contemporary and modern approach to wedding photography. They incorporate creative and unconventional techniques to capture unique and artistic images.

8. Drone Wedding Photographer

With the rise in the popularity of drone photography, some photographers specialize in capturing aerial shots of weddings. They use drones to capture sweeping views of the venue and create stunning aerial perspectives.

The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Best Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

If you're organizing a wedding in Atlanta, it's crucial to secure the services of a skilled photographer to capture the beautiful moments of your special day. Here's a helpful guide to assist you in finding the perfect wedding photographer in Atlanta.

1. Start by determining your desired photography style and setting a budget to narrow down your search.

2. Explore online resources, seek recommendations from loved ones, or consult wedding planning websites to discover potential photographers in the area.

3. Take the time to visit their websites and social media platforms to review their portfolios, pricing information, and client reviews.

4. Next, schedule consultations with the shortlisted photographers, either in person or through video calls. During these meetings, inquire about their experience, approach, equipment, and availability to assess compatibility.

5. Once you've identified a photographer you're interested in, verify their availability for your wedding date and discuss contract details and pricing.

6. Before finalizing any agreements, carefully review and understand the terms and conditions outlined in the contract.

7. Once you're satisfied, confirm the photographer and collaborate with them to plan the photography schedule, shot list, and any specific requests you may have.

8. Communicate your vision and preferences, enabling the photographer to capture your dream wedding.

By following this guide, you'll be able to find the best wedding photographer in Atlanta who can skillfully capture the most cherished moments of your special day.

What to Remember While Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

1. Style

Consider your preferred photography style and look for a photographer who specializes in that style. Whether you want traditional posed shots, candid photojournalistic images, or something more creative, make sure your photographer has experience in that style.

2. Portfolio

Look at the photographer's portfolio to see their previous work and assess their skills and style. A good photographer should have a diverse portfolio with a range of images that showcase their creativity, technical ability, and storytelling skills.

3. Experience

Make sure your photographer has experience shooting weddings and understands the unique challenges and demands of the job. Experienced photographers will be able to anticipate moments, work with the lighting and environment, and capture the essence of your wedding day.

4. Personality

It's important to feel comfortable with your photographer and have a good rapport with them. Look for someone friendly, approachable, and easy to work with, as they will be spending a lot of time with you on your wedding day.

5. Availability and pricing

Check the photographer's availability for your wedding date and ensure their pricing fits your budget. Make sure you understand their contract and pricing details before signing a contract.

6. Communication

Clear communication is key to ensuring that your photographer understands your vision and preferences. Make sure you communicate your expectations clearly and ask any questions you may have before the wedding day.

What to Discuss with your Wedding Photographer?

1. Wedding Details

Provide the photographer with important information about your wedding, such as the date, time, and location. Discuss the schedule and any specific events or moments you want to be captured.

2. Style and Vision

Talk about your preferred photography style, whether it's traditional, documentary, fine art, or a specific theme. Share your vision for the overall look and feel of the wedding photos, including any specific shots or poses you desire.

3. Experience and Expertise

Inquire about the photographer's experience with weddings. Ask how many weddings they have photographed, their familiarity with your venue, and any specialized techniques or services they offer.

4. Packages and Pricing

Discuss the available packages, their pricing, and what is included in each package. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of what services, products, and deliverables you will receive and if there are any additional costs.

5. Additional Services

If you're interested in additional services like engagement shoots, bridal portraits, or photo booths, discuss these options and any associated costs.

6. Contract and Terms

Review the contract thoroughly and discuss its contents. Ensure that all the services, terms, and conditions are clearly stated, including the number of hours of coverage, payment schedule, cancellation policy, and image rights.

7. Post-Processing and Editing

Discuss the photographer's post-processing and editing style. Share your preferences regarding color grading, retouching, and the overall look of the final images.

8. Timeline and Deliverables

Discuss the timeline for receiving your photos and any other deliverables such as albums, prints, or digital files. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of when and how you will receive your wedding photos.

9. Communication and Coordination

Establish a communication plan and preferred method of contact. Discuss how frequently you will communicate leading up to the wedding and how to share important updates or changes.

10. Questions and Concerns

 Don't hesitate to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have. Clear communication is essential to avoid misunderstandings and ensure smooth collaboration.

Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Atlanta

1. Not doing thorough research

It's important to research and gathers information about different wedding photographers in Atlanta. Look at their portfolios, read reviews, and compare prices and packages to make an informed decision.

2. Making a decision based solely on the price

While budget is a crucial factor, it shouldn't be the sole determining factor. Don't compromise quality for a lower price. It's better to invest in a skilled and experienced photographer who can capture your wedding beautifully.

3. Not meeting the photographer in person

Schedule an in-person meeting or a video call with potential photographers. It's important to establish a connection and ensure that their personality and style align with your vision for the wedding.

4. Not discussing your expectations

Communicate your expectations, preferred style, and specific shots you want to be captured. Make sure the photographer understands your vision and is capable of delivering the desired results.

5. Not asking for a full wedding album

When reviewing a photographer's portfolio, don't rely solely on their best-selected images. Request to see a complete wedding album or gallery to get a comprehensive view of their work and consistency.

6. Failing to discuss post-processing and editing

Talk to the photographer about their post-processing techniques and editing style. Ensure that it aligns with your preferences, whether you prefer a more natural or heavily edited look.

7. Not signing a contract

A written contract protects both you and the photographer. It should include details such as date, time, location, services provided, payment terms, cancellation policy, and any additional agreed-upon terms.

8. Not considering backup plans

Inquire about backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances such as the photographer falling ill. 

Wedding Photographers in Atlanta with Prices

Prices for wedding photographers in Atlanta can vary depending on factors such as their experience, reputation, package inclusions, and additional services offered. 

1. Basic Package: $1,000 - $2,500

This typically includes coverage for a few hours, a single photographer, and edited digital images.

2. Standard Package: $2,500 - $4,500

This usually includes longer coverage (up to 8 hours), a single photographer or a second shooter, a higher number of edited images, and sometimes an engagement session.

3. Premium Package: $4,500 - $7,500+

These packages often include full-day coverage, two photographers, a higher number of edited images, a print album, and additional services such as a pre-wedding consultation or a post-wedding photo session.

4. Luxury Package: $7,500 and above

These high-end packages often include extensive coverage, multiple photographers, an engagement session, a second-day shoot, a custom-designed album, and additional luxury services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photographers in Atlanta

1. How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer in Atlanta?

2. What is the average cost of hiring a wedding photographer in Atlanta?

3. How many hours of coverage do I need for my wedding day?

4. What is the turnaround time for receiving the final photos?

5. Will the photographer be the one shooting my wedding or will it be an assistant?

6. What type of equipment do you use?

7. Do you have a backup plan in case of equipment failure or an emergency?

8. How many photos will I receive from my wedding?

9. Can I request specific shots or poses?

10. Do you offer engagement photo sessions?

11.How do you handle post-production, such as editing and retouching?

12. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Can I get a discount when I book my Wedding Photographer through Pyaari Weddings?

As a wedding platform that caters to the South Asian Wedding Community, we have curated a list of the best Atlanta wedding photographers with all their details. From our side, we do not charge or provide any kind of discount, rest you can directly contact the vendor and gather information.

Are wedding photographers listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, of course! Pyaari Weddings have a list of more than 1000+ photographers in the directory. Once you select a vendor from the given list, you can directly retain information about their work, reviews, pricing, ratings, etc from them via our chat button or message the vendor button. 

What other wedding services can I get from Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding Planning platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting South Asian Wedding Photographers in Atlanta, you can also find other wedding vendors like DecoratorsCaterersVenuesVideographersDJsHennaMakeup, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their info, and estimated their prices. 

All you have to do is - enter your city & requirements, look through vendors and save them to your ‘cart’ (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an approximate budget.