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Double Creek Crossing

(46 review) / Texas

Nestled amidst Houston's vibrant landscapes, Double Creek Crossing beckons with its enchanting allure. A picturesque venue, it sets the stage for unforgettable events, where nature's beauty meets elegant charm. With sprawling gardens and rustic elega...

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Nestled amid the picturesque landscapes just outside Houston, the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa offers a haven of luxury and relaxation. Guests are greeted by spacious accommodations, impeccable service, and a range of activities, including...

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Ma Maison

(276 review) / Texas

Nestled near Austin, Ma Maison, a Dripping Springs wedding venue, exudes timeless romance. Spread over 23 acres, its European-inspired design blends with Texas Hill Country charm, offering an intimate yet luxurious experience, where personalized even...

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Chapel at Ana Villa

(237 review) / Texas

The Chapel at Ana Villa in Houston stands as an exquisite venue, exuding timeless elegance and charm. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the chapel boasts intricate architectural details and a serene ambiance, making it an ideal choice for couples...

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D'Vine Grace Vineyard

(327 review) / Texas

Discover opulence in a secluded estate transformed with Tuscan design, Italian landscapes, and vineyards, beneath the tranquil Texan sky. In 2017, Ernesto Rojas, Chairman and Founder, channeled heritage and hospitality into D'Vine Grace Vineyard,...

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Sans Souci Ballroom

(456 review) / Texas

In Houston, TX, the luxurious San Souci Ballroom offers a dazzling wedding experience. With a grand entrance, manicured drive, and lavish interiors, it sets the stage for a glamorous occasion. Host both ceremony and reception onsite, featuring spacio...

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Safari Texas Ranch

(892 review) / Texas


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Tuscan Courtyard

(125 review) / Texas

Tuscan Courtyard offers versatile space for weddings and receptions, granting exclusive access to its 10-acre property. This includes The Manor for preparation, The Courtyard for the ceremony, and The Ballroom for joyful celebrations and dancing....

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Palm Royal Villa

(97 review) / Texas

Nestled on eight acres of Katy's countryside, Palm Royal Villa provides modern charm with black and white aesthetics, complemented by warm lighting. Versatile spaces, including a courtyard, tents, and bridal suite, cater to various themes. Convenient...

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High Pointe Estate

(137 review) / Texas

HighPointe Estate, spanning 42 acres with sweeping San Gabriel River Valley views, provides impeccable service and stunning venues for weddings and special occasions....

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Le San Michele

(66 review) / Texas

Le San Michele showcases a refined, two-story limestone house reminiscent of European Old World aesthetics. Its interior boasts antiques, wood cabinetry, ceramic tile floors, and wrought iron fixtures. Modern comforts coexist with historic charm, fea...

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The Woodlands Resort

(1557 review) / Texas

At The Woodlands Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton, couples have a plethora of wedding venue options. Set amidst a pristine natural backdrop of forests and lakes, the award-winning property offers versatile event spaces, including a glass-enclosed b...

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Book Top South Asian Wedding Venues in Texas at Pyaari Weddings

The wedding venue is an incredibly important aspect of the wedding planning process, as it sets the tone for the entire event. The venue is not only the physical space where the ceremony and reception take place, but it also contributes to the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of the wedding. The style, decor, and architecture of the venue can reflect the couple's personalities and preferences, whether they want a rustic barn wedding, an elegant ballroom affair, or a scenic outdoor ceremony.

Choosing the right wedding venue can also have financial implications, as the cost of the venue can be a significant portion of the wedding budget. It is important to consider the venue's amenities, catering options, and other services to determine the best value for the couple's budget and vision. With its ability to impact everything from guest experience to budget management, selecting the right venue is key to creating a memorable and meaningful wedding celebration.

Find Wedding Venues in Texas

There are many compelling reasons to choose Texas as your wedding destination, from its stunning natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a wedding venue in Texas is the wide range of options available. From rustic ranches to luxurious hotels, and from historic homes to modern industrial spaces, Texas has a wedding venue to suit every taste and budget. Another reason to choose a wedding venue in Texas is the state's pleasant weather, particularly during the spring and fall months. With mild temperatures and sunny skies, outdoor weddings are a popular option in Texas, allowing couples to enjoy the state's beautiful landscapes and scenery. Texans take pride in their state and are eager to share their culture and traditions with visitors. Whether you're looking for a casual backyard BBQ wedding or an elegant ballroom affair, you're sure to find vendors and venues that will work with you to bring your wedding vision to life. Texas is also a cost-effective option, particularly for couples who are willing to venture outside of major metropolitan areas. With lower cost-of-living expenses and a competitive wedding industry, Texas offers a variety of wedding venues and services at affordable prices.

Types of Wedding Venues in Texas

1. Ranch or Barn Venues

These venues offer a rustic and country-style ambiance with outdoor ceremony locations and indoor reception spaces.

2. Historic Venues

Texas has a rich history, and many historic homes, mansions, and buildings have been converted into wedding venues with unique and elegant decor.

3. Hotel Venues

Hotel venues offer luxurious and convenient options for weddings with on-site accommodations and full-service amenities.

4. Vineyard or Winery Venues

Texas has several vineyards and wineries that offer stunning views of the vineyards and winery grounds, with an indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception spaces.

5. Beach or Coastal Venues

With miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, beach or coastal venues offer a scenic and romantic backdrop for weddings.

6. Garden or Park Venues

Garden and park venues offer a beautiful and natural setting for outdoor weddings, with lush greenery and manicured landscapes.

7. Museum or Art Gallery Venues

These venues offer a unique and cultural ambiance for weddings, with beautiful art and exhibits as a backdrop for the ceremony and reception.

8. Industrial or Loft Venues

For couples seeking a modern and urban vibe, industrial or loft venues offer a trendy setting with exposed brick, high ceilings, and unique architectural features.

How to Choose Top Venues in Texas

1. Budget

Burning a hole in the pocket when high on adrenaline is a common scenario. With so many beautiful venues, it is easy to get swayed and go overboard in terms of spending. Hence, it is really important to set a budget, and more importantly, stick to it. You don’t want to cut short your wedding happiness by realizing you have burnt a big hole in your pocket which will take some time to recover from! 

2. Capacity

Before you go venue hunting, it is important to have an approximate idea of the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. Having a guest list ready is crucial to finding the right venue with the right capacity. After all, you don’t want the guests to be crammed up feeling suffocated and leaving a bad memory of your big day!

3. Parking Space

The last thing you want is for your guests to be waiting in their cars to find a parking spot. Although not many people think about it, having ample parking space for the guests is pivotal to providing an overall great experience. And of course, valet service gets extra brownie points!

4. Dos and Don’ts

Make sure to check with the venue’s dos and don’ts. This way you can decide if the venue's restrictions are something you can compromise on. Finalizing the venue unaware of the restrictions can result in disappointment which can end up in a not-so-great experience. 

Wedding Venues in Texas with Prices

The average cost of wedding venues in Texas varies widely depending on the location, venue type, and amenities offered. According to a recent study, the average cost of a wedding venue in Texas ranges from $5,000 to $15,000, with some high-end venues charging upwards of $25,000 or more.

Questions Couples Can Ask Before Finalizing the Venue

1. What is the maximum capacity of the venue, and does it comfortably accommodate our guest list?

2. What is the availability of the venue on our desired wedding date?

3. What is the cost of renting the venue, and what is included in the rental package?

4. Does the venue provide catering services, or do we need to hire a separate caterer?

5. Is there ample parking space available for our guests?

6. Are there any restrictions on music or entertainment, and what is the noise policy for the venue?

7. Are there any restrictions on decorations, and what decor items are included in the rental package?

8. Is there a designated space for the wedding ceremony and reception, or will we need to set up and break down the space ourselves?

9. What is the venue's policy on alcohol, and are there any restrictions on bringing our own alcohol?

10. Are there any additional fees or hidden costs that we should be aware of before signing the contract?

What Other Wedding Services Can I Get From Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding Planning platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting Wedding Venues in Texas you can also find other wedding vendors like Decorators, Caterers, Photographers, Videographers, DJs, Henna, Makeup, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their info, and estimated their prices. 

All you have to do is - enter your city & requirements, look through vendors and save them to your ‘cart’ (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an approximate budget.