100+ Gorgeous Nail Art Designs To Try In 2024-2025

Sep 06, 2022

As we would all agree, creativity has no boundaries. Paints, brushes, and colors are not just meant for paper or a canvas. Creativity doesn't need a canvas. Everything is a canvas for it. And so, art has found a new canvas in our Nails.

Nail paints have been all around us for a long period. Seeing those colors popping out on nails isn't something new. However, for a long time, we have been painting our nails in a very basic way, just applying a simple coat of a color that we love. But an artist inside all of us is now awakening. 

Every part of your body, no matter how small it is, is an expression of you. Your nails might seem insignificant to you when it comes to you getting dressed or enhancing your personality. However, that's not true. Your nails are a part of your personality. They enhance your beauty. As argued historically, art in any form has always been a way to convey your feelings, your likes, and dislikes. This is why we see so many women painting their nails with things they love the most. It can be something related to their favorite tv series, a food item they love, related to a festival they enjoy. 

Nail art has become quite popular these days. Beautiful nail colors, exotic nail extensions, and exclusive theme-specific designs are an add-on to your look. It has become so popular these days that you don't need an occasion to get your nails done. They have become a part of your normal routine.

After deciding on the outfit, jewelry, and other accessories like shoes, and clutches, the next thing the bride decides on is the hairstyling and makeup. In makeup, nails are also something that needs to be looked after. The photographer might take a close shot of your ring and the mehndi-clad hand and if you are the bride with kaleeras, then it is a mandatory shot and while taking detailed shots of the hands your nails will be visible. So why not choose a beautiful nail art design that will go with your bridal ensemble? Apart from the bridal nails, we have also listed designs that you can consider for your vacations, festivals, outings, and everyday look.

Latest and Trending Nail Art Designs

The same color for all the nails looks good but nowadays brides experiment with stones and paints too. There are various designs in nail arts available and you will get a design for every type of bride. Whether you want classic colors like red, pink, and golden; or you want something contemporary and quirky; or you want something modern and sexy, you will get every kind of design for every bride out there. 

We here bring to you 100+ nail art designs that are currently blowing the internet with their creativity, style, and elegance. From festive ready designs to your favorite web series, floral to geometric patterns, twin tones to contrasting colors, we have covered it all.

Trending Floral Nain Art Designs

1. Unfurl Some Daisies on your Nails

Pick a color of your choice and add daisies on it with different nail colors to give a perfect spring glance. You can also do a transparent nail coat, and spread some daisies on your nail edges over your French Manicure to match your chic style.

2. Flowers with Golden Outline

A thin outline of even a basic flower design with gold lines can enhance the look of volumes. Adding some green leaves with these light lavender flowers is a look to cherish. 

3. Autumn Floral Design 

This unique combination of lilac, pink, green, and pastels with floral design is a piece of art. You are surely going to get everyone’s attention with these.

Ombre Nail Designs

4. Rainbow Ombre 

You can never go wrong with rainbow colors, whether it's in the sky or painted on your nails. Get these pretty shades of the rainbow in ombre colors and you are ready for your all-season look!

5. Green Ombre Neon Colour

Ombre nails are making a big hit. If you are not aware of what Ombre is, it is an effect in which the color gradually lightens/darkens in the shade. This green ombre nail paint looks great with a white outfit, or even if you are wearing something in the shades of green. 

6. Blue and Indigo

Before the Ombre trend, it was hard to imagine such a beautiful combination of Blue and Indigo. However, now it is amongst the most tried-out ombre effects.

7. Peach and White

This peach and white combination is truly perfect for anyone who likes to keep it minimal and go for a nude look. 

8. Pink Ombre

Pink ombre nail art looks sober yet stylish if you are going on a vacation or for an outing with your friends. 

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Festive-inspired Nail Art Looks

9. Dotted Mandala for Diwali 

Source: Sneaky Hobby

This Diwali, don't limit your creativity to Rangoli. Try this dotted Mandala design for your nails. It has festive vibes and is complimentary to your ethnic attire. 

10. Henna Designs for your Nails 

Every occasion in India calls for applying Henna. Beautiful Henna designs have been enhancing your palms for ages, how about getting them to your nails? Use Henna designs as your Nail art to complete the festive look. 

Bridal Nail Art Designs

Plain red colored painted nails have been an outdated trend for all the brides out there. Try these extremely stylish nail art picks to stand out on your wedding day. 

11. Red and Pink with Glitters

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdaN74SMobK/

If red is your go-to color but then you have a few outfits in pink or have a shade of pink in your outfit, this is a perfect bridal nail art for you. Add the glitters to get the shine you need on your special day.

12. Red Nail Paint with a Twist

Source: Bespoke Nails & Beauty

This is another stunning option for brides who do not want to go out of the box but want to try something different. We loved how one finger is painted with red glitter, the other is kept blank with only its tip covered in red, and the rest of the fingers with regular red color. It is giving a minimal yet classy look.

13. Pastels for the Minimalistic Bride

Source: Bespoke Nails & Beauty

This design will be perfect for the bride who opts for a pastel or ivory shades outfit that's very much in trend and to go with it this soft yet glam nail art is perfect for the bride.

14. Caricature of your Husband-to-be as Part of your Nail Art

Source: Allied

Ok ladies, how about nude nails with glitters on the tip and a portrait of your husband-to-be on one of your nails? Yes, it is possible and it is very much unique and out-of-the-box and something your fiancé will definitely love. 

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15. Pink and Nude with Gold Rhinestones Nail Paint

Source: Mehar Photography

Another one for the brides with pink or nude bridal outfits is the golden rhinestones that's completing the bridal nail art. And with mehndi-clad hands and the bangles, it will look gorgeous!

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16. Pastels with Lace for Elegance 

We see an increasing number of brides skipping the bright red color lehengas and opting for Pastel and Sober colors like peach, and light pink (especially for day weddings). 

17. The Luminous Red with Gold Florals

If you are a fan of the bright reds but don't want boring traditional nail paint, then go for this design topped off with gold florals. 

18. The Shiny Golden 

What matches the most with Red with lehengas? It’s Golden. We are sure your lehenga would have intricate detailing done with the golden threads. So, Go Golden!

Favorite Cartoon Character Nail Art Designs

Are you a cartoon lover? Do you wish to carry them with you? These are your picks.

19. Snoopy Dog Lovers 

One of the cutest nail art designs can come only from the most loved cartoon. Snoopy dog is the apple of the eye of every cartoon lover and this nail art is just perfect!

20. Tom and Jerry Nail Art 

Of course, it’s difficult to draw these cartoons to such perfection, but nail stickers come to your rescue in this case. Tom and jerry nail stickers are easily available online. You just need to put on any basic color coat you like and paste these stickers to complete the look. 

22. Pokemon on the Go 

Pokemon has always been one of those cartoons that topped every kid’s favorite list. With Pikachu being the most loved character, wouldn't you like to carry it with you on your nails everywhere you go?  

Netflix Binge Lovers Nail Art Designs

23. Squid Game Inspired Designs

The world has gone mad after this Korean show on Netflix. If you are one of the die-hard fans of Squid games, try these out and show them to other fellow fans. 

24. For F.R.I.E.N.D.S Freaks

The purple door of Friends has got lots of emotions attached to its fans.

You can also paint your nails with your favorite memory of the series. 

25. Potterheads 

Are there any Harry Potter lovers here? Which house do you belong to - Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin?  

For all the Brand Conscious Peeps

Many of us have a brand that we associate with. These can be clothing brands or food chains. Over time, these famous brands have become dear to a lot of us. Which one do you love from the below-listed names?

26. Addidas Lovers

For the people who love Adidas, complement your tracksuits with this nail art on your next morning walk. 

27. Puma Admirers 

Another Sports brand that is dearest to many. Put on the Puma stickers on your neatly painted nails to have a clean look.

28. Starbucks Date

If it's a date with your boyfriend or an outing with your girl gang, get that coffee with your nails done, and grab everyone's eyes around!

The Neon Tribe

29. The Neon Yellow

Neon fills the art with brightness like no other. Try these neon yellow nail paints with minimalistic designs.

30. Multiple Neon Colours

If you can't decide which neon color appeals to you the most - the orange, pink, green, purple, or yellow neon, then try a mix of colors and you are good to go. 

31. Neons with Golden Outline

This nail art design is one of the most trending styles of 2023. If you haven't tried it yet, don't wait anymore.

Cute Nail Art Ideas

32. Little kittens 

This nail design is the simplest to make, but the cutest to have. Who doesn't like kittens? 

33. Dog paws 

Dogs are the cutest beings alive, Isn't it? 

34. Lemons

People say, “ When life gives you lemons, make lemonade“, but we would say, when life gives you lemons, make the best nail art out of it. 

35. Flamingo’s Love

Flamingoes are a symbol of love. Show some love for your nails with these flamingoes. 

36. Unicorns

Unicorns are a part of fairytales. We know how the most beautiful things in the world form part of these fairytales. Put these mythical animals on your nails for all the luck coming your way. 

37. Cute Little Hearts 

This pretty nail art has won our hearts. It's simple, classy, and very cute, so why not already try them for your next event or outfit?

For the Love of Black Nail Designs

Black can never go outdated and makes a classic combination with white!

38. Black Hearts

With a basic black matte background, paint cute little black hearts on it.

39. Black Leaves

Why just flowers, when leaves bring out one of the best designs?

40. Astrology Followers

Do you believe in planets and stars and what effect do they have on your life? Carry your stars along with you on your nails and shape your future.

41. Shining Stars 

Shining and twinkling stars are something we always looked at with affectionate eyes since childhood. We always wished to catch hold of a falling star. Well, that was practically impossible, but, how great it would be if we could catch some of them for our nails.

44. Matt Black with Gold Foil

Matt black nail paints have always been a style statement, but you can always add a little pinch of modification to the matt black nail paint with the gold or silver outline to have an all-new trendy look. 

45. Line Pattern

How pretty these look, isn't it?

Golden and Silver Foil Nail Art Trends 

46. Gold Metallic Look

Maroon-painted nails with a gold foil outline to squared nails are just so pretty. 

47. Minted Pastels with Gold

These minted pastel-colored nails with random detailing of gold foil are classic. 

48. Dark Green Nails with Foil

Dark green base background with silver geometric lines is an art to admire. You can also do golden lines instead of silver. 

49. Golden French Manicure

The golden french manicure with just the edges outlined with foil is both minimal and sober if you don't wish to have any extra attention for your nails.

50. Marble Look with Golden Touch

This white marble nail art is a piece of art in itself. Further, enhance the look by putting a gold foil on the tip or corner, or anywhere you like it. 

Twin Tone Nail Art Designs

51. Maroon Coupled with Space Grey 

Paint two nails with one color, and the other two with the second color. And paint the mid finger with the combination of the two to show the transition. You can also paint your nails with one color and put another color on them to merge two shades and give a two-shade look.

52. Navy Blue with Pink

Navy blue with pink is another great combination to have for your nails. Gold foil on it is an extra add-on.

53. Purple and Peach

The colors purple and peach perfectly complement each other. This nail art with this color combination is enhanced by an overall marble look.

54. Wine with Baby Pink

These two colors go perfectly well with each other. Just apply the peach color coat, and fill the top tips or bottom tips with the other color. 

Trending Painting Effect Nail Designs

55. Tie n Dye Effect

Tie n Dye is all over the clothes, and shoes this year. It's time to bring this art form to your nails too. 

56. Fluid Art

Another art form catching everyone's eye is Fluid art, and it looks pretty great!

57. Rainbow Glitters

Colorful sparkles definitely add glitter to both your nails and life. 

58. Mandala Nail Art 

Go aesthetic with this traditional art form of Mandala. 

Acrylic Nail Art 

Acrylic Nail paints involve a paste formed by mixing a liquid and a powder polymer. Here are some nail art designs made from Acrylic.

59. Royal Blue

The royalty of blue is unmatched, and when you coat this color on your nails, it looks very attractive. 

60. Sea Green Edged Acrylic 

Ditch the regular colors and go offbeat with a sea green shade to turn heads around. 

61. Zebra Inspired Acrylic Nail Art

Put a white base coat with black patches on it to get a perfect zebra-inspired look. 

Checkered Nail Art Trends

62. The Signature Burberry Style

You might have spotted this design on Burberry dresses and bags,, how about you bring this brand to your nails too?

63. Neon Green and Lilac Check

Green and Lilac checks aren't just limited to your shirts now. Pair your square checkered shirts with this nail art. 

64. Grey and Black

Grey and black colors are the wardrobe dominators. Dominate your nails with the same color combination for a winter feel. 

65. Sweater Style Nail Design

The most trendy style award for this winter is going to be bagged up by this innovation. Bringing a sweater knit style for your nails is something we could have never thought of. And look how perfect it looks!

Animal Prints for Nails

66. Leopard Print

Leopard print on clothes and handbags was in vogue for a long time. Now bring that style into vogue for your nails.

67. Tiger Print

Go fierce with this Tiger inspired nail art look.

68. Giraffe Design

Mustard yellow with brown impressions can get you the giraffe feels. 

69. A Mix of All 

Fond of multiple animal prints? Dedicate each finger of yours to a different animal.

70. Nail Studs

Enhance the beauty of your nails by adding studs on top of it. 

71. Vacay Ready

Packed all your stuff for a vacation? Give your nails a vacation look with these cute sunset paintings on them.

Valentine’s Date

Done selecting your dress for Valentine's, but what about your nails? Haven't thought anything about them? No issues, here is a saver for you!

72. Lacy Night

Laces are not only for your Lingeries. Your nails can be as erotic as your lingerie. Wish you luck with your exotic night.

73. Geometric Nail Art

Geometric patterns never disappoint you. If you want to play safe, just pick a geometric pattern and you are good to go!

74. Movie Night with Popcorns

All ready to invite your gang for a movie night? Dress according to the theme by painting your nails with these popcorn stickers.  

75. Fruit Punch


These adorable nail stickers of fruits that we enjoy the most will make your nails look sweet and juicy. 

76. Donuts 

Bring out the child in you with these peppy and colorful nail paint designs.

77. Creamy Ice Cream

I-scream, you-scream, we all scream for ice cream. These colorful ice cream-inspired designs for your nails look so pretty. You can either pick one color for all the nails or can keep one of the nails in a different color for the art design. 

78. Smiley

Tell your friends about your emotions and moods by pasting these stickers on your fingernails.  

79. Waterfall Nails

This nail art design is referred to as Waterfall. You can try whatever color you like as the background for this style.  

80. Abstract Art Design

Abstract modern art will now not be restricted to wall art or paintings. Try this trend to look contemporary.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

81. Go Red and White

Red, along with white is going to dominate your nails for this Christmas season. A touch of dark green to depict the Christmas tree can also be added. 

Source: Ryu Nail

82. Winter Season Styles - Snowflakes

What’s coming with Christmas is the Winter season. SnowFlakes remind us of both the chilling winters as well as Christmas eve.

Source: Michela Magalli

83. Love Nature? Go Green with Christmas Tree

Are you a nature lover? Are you bored with the traditional red and white combination for Christmas? Then go for this green one. It has a tree and goes well with the Christmas theme. 

84. Gifts for all Occasion 

Whether it's Christmas, Diwali, or any other big festival, gifts are something we are all excited to receive. This season, pack your nails just like you wrap your gift boxes. 

85. Go Pastel

Pastel colors have an elegance like no other. These pastel-colored Nail extensions with a Christmas theme are going to add another level of sophistication to your outfit.


86. The Halloween Pumpkin

The first thing that strikes your mind when you hear Halloween is the Pumpkin. The Orange shade of the Pumpkin is why we associate Halloween decorations with orange. A simple and cute nail art design that would add beauty to your Halloween.

Miscellaneous Nail Art Designs 

87. Shades of Brown

The color brown cannot be ignored when it comes to nail paints. This shade of brown has many variations to it, and we all love it.

88. A Nude Look

Go for this shade to look both professional and stylish.

89. Pearl White

Pearls have long been known to bring out the beauty in you. That's why the shine in the pearl white color has now grabbed the eyes of many. 

90. Olive Green

Ditch the primary red, blue, and green this season. Try some different colors that are more winter-oriented.

91. Love Lavender 

Lavender has its own charm. Considered one of the most feminine colors, it is graceful and elegant. The look is subtle and suitable for all seasons!

92. Lemon Yellow

A sunny and bright shade like yellow makes a chic statement. This bright hue is almost out of this world and we are not surprised if you have already fallen in love with this joyful shade.

93. Clear Nail Art Design

This clear nail paint goes perfectly with an added striped detail to oomph your daily look. 

Toe Nail Art Designs 

Why should your hand fingernails have all the fun? Paint your toes in the cutest and best way.

94. Sky Underneath

Bring the sky to your feet by painting your toenails this way.

95. Nature freak 

Show the earth’s greenery with white. The green leaf over the thumb accentuates the overall look. 

96. As Red as a Cherry

These red cherries on your feet can brighten up your day and make you feel dynamic.

97. Trip to the Beach

Next time you are about to go to a beach, don't forget to dress up your toes accordingly. 

98. Omelette Lover

Cute little something for omelet lovers!

99. Polka Dots 

This simple yet evergreen polka dot style will make you fall in love with it. 

100. Cute Bow

If you want to bring out the girlish look, this is hands down the best for you.

101. The Bubbles

Level up your pedicure by putting these colorful sparkling bubbles on navy blue paint.

102. Florals for your Feet

Florals look as pretty on your toes as on your fingers.


We are sure you will find all trendy nail art designs on this list. From simple color-based to theme-based nail art, it's all covered. Choose what you like the most but experiment as much as you can. You never know which one of these would steal your heart.

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