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Jag Photo Studios

(6 review) / Vancouver

For your engagement, wedding and reception, jag photo studio is the perfect storyteller you could possibly get. They are so passionate about capturing most authentic and elegant pictures of all your precious moments.Every single picture says to look ...

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Amrit Photography

(2 review) / Vancouver

Amrit Photography is a team of photographers, who strive to push the boundaries to change the way Indian weddings have traditionally been photographed. Their goal is to craft beautiful images that are as unique. They love planning and shooting creati...

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iNav Photo

(13 review) / Vancouver

iNav is a team of photographers who strive to document love stories while showcasing each couple uniquely and their motivation and inspiration are derived from raw love stories. ...

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(3 review) / Vancouver

From last 10 years, admiring to change the industry, brellow create pictures and films that had real emotions and touch our heart straight to the core. Some of the candid shots are pretty to pick and check. So don't forget to check their account....

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Amna K Photography

(14 review) / Vancouver

Amna Khalid covers intimate weddings in Vancouver, BC and her style of photography is all about utilizing natural light to capture raw emotions and candid moments. She loves documenting all the little details that complete your wedding day....

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Anjana Photography

(12 review) / Vancouver

Anjana captures happiness in people and making beautiful memories is all that matters. ...

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Iconic Pictures

(0 review) / Vancouver

Iconic Pictures entire culture has been built around caring for you by providing a unique, creative, and personal documentation of each special moment of this truly spectacular time in your life....

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A-Star Video

(5 review) / Vancouver

Their goal is to produce a polished production that will become the centerpiece of your family's memories. A-Star Video Productions is committed to exceeding your expectations....

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Gurjeet Bhatthal Photography

(4 review) / Vancouver

Established in 2015, Gurjeet is a professional wedding photographer serving lower mainland area of BC, Canada. His style is a blend of fine art wedding photography, and candid photojournalism with a pinch of dramatic light photography. His goal is to...

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Ishu Kler Creative

(2 review) / Vancouver

Her love for photography, and capturing the world in bold, abstract ways led her to pursue her passion of visual arts in design. She has a strong love and background in documentary photography, which has led her to various parts of the world with her...

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PhotoMonk’s Studio

(9 review) / Vancouver

PhotoMonk’s Studio is a Toronto based photography service provider specializing in Portraits. His style of photography is simple and he is more into taking studio shots. HE is patient and calm and works closely with the clients, like he helps them ...

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Lucky Studios

(0 review) / Vancouver

Lucky studio is head by the couple Alanna and Charles, where Alanna is good with all the family and couple shooting while Charles excels at shooting in the rain. Together the provide wedding and portrait photography and videography to Vancouver and b...

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Mick Productions

(0 review) / Vancouver

Mick Productions is a Vancouver-based wedding photography team serving clients throughout North America for over 4 years. Their distinctive style of wedding photography creates timeless images; a mix of photojournalistic moments and emotional moments...

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Capture by Mark

(8 review) / Vancouver

Mark and his team are professional, caring, adaptable, and worked along side my photographer very well. It was great teamwork. He fit in just perfectly....

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(10 review) / Vancouver

abc ...

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Book South Asian Wedding Photographers in Vancouver at Pyaari Weddings

Wedding photography is one of the most successful careers in today’s world. This kind of photography is not only a creative way to capture the wedding but it is financially rewarding too. And anyway, a wedding is incomplete without a photographer shooting it for the couple to treasure it forever. The first look, the bride walking down the aisle with her father or brothers, the bridesmaid and groomsmen taking care of the bride and the groom, the dancing moments, those little intimate moments between the couple - all these shots are so important for anybody who is getting married and their folks. These are the moments that never happen twice. So, wedding photography is not just an art form but also includes various styles, so that the couple can go with whatever style they like the most. 

Find Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Are you searching for the best wedding photographer in Vancouver that can turn your beautiful wedding into a memory worth treasuring? There are so many skilled photographers in this city, each with its unique style and approach. Vancouver is one of the most photogenic places globally and it is one of the places where you will find quite an impressive amount of talented photographers who can capture any kind of wedding. Whether it is an intimate wedding, a grand wedding, or an elopement, we have an amazing list of photographers sorted out just for you. 

Types of Wedding Photographers

Hiring a photographer is not just enough, one needs to understand that there are quite a few styles of wedding photography, and not every photographer can practice all kinds. A good wedding photographer should first understand and feel that a wedding is an important event in the client's life and this will happen only once. And we all know that getting that one photographer who can understand your style and needs is a tough task but not impossible. And before hiring, the first thing you and your partner need to do is decide on what style of wedding photography you guys want for your wedding. And do not worry, to make it easier, we have mentioned a few styles that are in trend for weddings: 

1. Traditional Photography

One of the most original and common forms of photography is the traditional style. All the photographer has to do is capture the important moments of the wedding and then capture a few posed portraits of the couple, their families, and their friends. The traditional style photographs are meant to be added to your wedding album. For example, a bride walking down the aisle moment, the after-wedding first photo, the family photo, etcetera. This style of photography has no creative elements but that does not mean the couple cannot come up with a few ideas of theirs. 

2. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is also a common style in a wedding. At every wedding before or after the ceremonies, you will see quite a few portraits of the bride and the groom in their romantic and adorable form. And such images are something very special for a couple, as the portrait captures their true forms with each other. 

3. Black and White Photography

The Black and white wedding photography style also reflects the old-school romance vibe and nostalgia. The simplicity of the black and white photographs just makes you want to look for a time machine and go back to memory.

4. Editorial Photography

In simpler language, editorial photography is what you see in a magazine with the models posing against backdrops according to the theme and season of the magazine, similarly, nowadays, couples are into this style of photography for their wedding shoot. Editorial wedding photography involves the same process as it happens for an editorial magazine- high-quality images with choreographed poses and a theme to go with. For a wedding editorial shoot, couples chose days either before marriage or after. 

5. Artistic Photography

To achieve an artistic style of photography, ideating, execution, angles, and lighting are the points that need to be taken care of by the photographer. Artistic photography is about shooting an image with creativity and it does not have to be a major moment of the wedding. The photographer can make a simple shot look like a work of art with his lens and angles. And the new-era couples are into artistic style so much and most of the Vancouver photographers do practice this style and offer it too. 

6. Natural Photography

Photographers who prefer to work with natural lights instead of using a flash are known as natural photographers. This style of photography is mostly achieved during the golden hour- either after sunrise or before sunset. It creates high-quality images with soft and warm colors and to get such beautiful images a photographer needs to be well-versed with the basic rules of lighting, shadows, and white balance settings. 

7. Documentary Photography

In Documentary style wedding photography, the photographer is almost invisible and keeps an eye out to capture the smallest of details happening at the wedding. There is no choreography, poses, or planning, the shots captured are all genuine and are in their naked form. 

8. Flash Photography

Want your wedding to look like a paparazzi is clicking? Then don’t fret, Flash photography style is just the ideal choice for you. It is a way in which the flashlight is directly focused on the couple and gives a paparazzi-style look to the pictures and this style is making a huge wave amongst the new generation of couples. 

9. Vintage Photography

Vintage-style photography has become a trend that almost all the new-era couples are opting for. And this kind of wedding photography is an ideal choice for couples who are planning to host their wedding in a location like a lakehouse, farmhouse, or forest resort. Vintage-style photography has an old-school charm to it that makes people feel nostalgic and it gives out a rustic vibe too. 

10. Dark & Moody Photography

The Dark & Moody style of wedding photography is a new and fresh trend for an event like a wedding. It includes an unusual contrast, and saturation of dark colors, and the white color in this form of shoot gives a cloudy and dull look mixed with other shades in the frame. The result images give out a dramatic and artistic vibe, which is a bit unusual for a wedding shoot.

The Ultimate Guide to Hire the Best Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

You can go and get any kind of photographer for your wedding in Vancouver but what if that photographer does not meet your needs? Every couple in this universe plans their wedding in their head from the time they know what a wedding is and once they decide the date, they want to capture every moment in any way possible. Here a good photographer is the need of the hour, who can understand the importance this event holds for the client. Here at Pyaari Weddings, we have a long list of talented photographers from Vancouver who are known for their skills worldwide. 

What to remember while Hiring a Wedding Photographer?

1. Budget

The most important part before planning a wedding and go for selecting vendors is setting a budget for the whole wedding. And before setting the budget it is better to get an idea of the photographers present in Vancouver and their style of photography and the rates. And according to research, your wedding photography cost should only comprise 10% of your total wedding budget.

2. Photography Style

After deciding on the dates, you and your partner must have discussed photoshoots and what style of a photoshoot you both would love to do. Even if you have not, and if you are unsure, do research and look for a couple of pictures of who is getting married, or go to Pyaari Weddings Instagram page to have a look at the images. Once you have decided on the style, searching for your kind of photographer in Vancouver will become easy. 

3. Portfolio

Before hiring the photographer finally, look at their portfolio. Their portfolio images will help you understand their ways and process of photography. It will help you in making up your mind about whether to hire a photographer or not. 

4. Additional Queries

Extra queries like- when the photographer wants to be paid in advance, what’s the ratio or are they taking full payment after the job is done, when will they deliver the album to you, which paper they will use for the album, or do they want you around while editing the images- are important for you to ask the photographer so that it can save both of your time, energy and money. 

What to discuss with your Wedding Photographer?

1. Introduction

While hiring your photographer ask about him/her and his/her experiences as a wedding photographer, what he/she like about weddings and try to know him/her a little bit. This personal introduction and the conversation will lead to cutting the awkwardness so that when they shoot you and your partner, you both can express yourself in the frame and the photographer will also be able to guide you comfortably.  

2. Style

It is absolutely important that the photographer you have decided on hiring should not only be a skilled and professional one but should also match your need for wedding photography style. So, before deciding, ask the photographer whether they are good with the style you want or not. Otherwise, you can look for someone else. 

3. Check their portfolio

Checking their work is an important part and we are talking about a full album of one wedding, not a portfolio. We all know that portfolios are meant for good and appealing images, but a full album of one wedding will show the constancy of the photographer. 

4. Backup

Always ask for a backup plan and plan one with the photographer if they are not able to attend the wedding for any kind of personal emergency. Many photographers send someone else to their place when something like this happens. 

5. Wedding Packages

A wedding package is another important part of the discussion to have with the photographer. Questions like - How much will they charge for extra photos, extra hours, or maybe an extra, intimate event? - will help you understand the photographer and the way he works. Knowing what is there in the package and the process will make your mind clearer whether you want to stick with this one or move to someone else. 

Why Hire Top Wedding Photographers in Vancouver?

In Vancouver, the best time of having a wedding is the season of Spring, i.e., the months of April, May, and June. The weather at this time is generally warm and there are such beautiful views from mountains to waterfalls that are capture-worthy. Even the time of winter is amazing because of the cloudy weather and the snow-capped mountains. Hiring a photographer in Vancouver is not very difficult, and you will get many options as per your style, taste, and budget. But weddings are a ‘once in a lifetime event. More than the wedding decor and venue, a photographer is what will make your wedding moments cherish-worthy. A good photographer is a need for a wedding, you cannot go without it and especially in the age of social media.

Mistakes to avoid while Hiring a Wedding Photographer in Vancouver

While hiring photographers for weddings, there have been times when the couple has regretted it. Sometimes the photographers overcharged them after the event is captured, or they won't deliver the final album on time after full payment, or the images turned out the opposite of what the couples wanted- these are a few of the problems couples usually face in the past. And to help the new to-be-couples, as a known wedding platform with a directory of over 4000+ vendors listed on our website, we are glad to help and guide you on how you can avoid these mistakes while hiring a photographer and make the most of your special day. 

1. Rate

One of the common mistakes a couple does when hiring a photographer is that the rate is what makes them the best or the worse when the truth is that is not the case every time. There are weddings shot by an amateur with such finesse that at one glance you might assume that he/she might charge a lot, but maybe the rate is reasonable and affordable. Then there are a few big names in the wedding industry whose work is mediocre but they charge a hefty amount. So, do not judge the photographers' work via their rate but look at their work and the reviews their previous clients gave. 

2. Bargaining

Asking for a discount from the photographer is fine but avoid bargaining at all costs. It does not look good on your part and does not bargain by comparing them with other photographers and their rates. That is downright insulting to them and their art form. Instead of bargaining and charging them with comparing views, ask them reasons for their rate and you might politely disagree and leave. 

3. Test-Run

Not many understand this, but going for a test photoshoot with the photographer will give you a clear understanding of the way the photographer works. It is not about the skills here, but the way the photographer and you interact with each other. After all, you and your partner need to be comfortable while the photographer captures those amazing romantic moments between you two. 

4. Keep Vendors Separated

Make sure to keep all your vendors separated and especially the planner, organizer, and photographer. Let them know their boundaries to avoid chaos and confusion. 

5. Check their Work

When you go to buy anything, you make sure to check everything before purchasing, similarly, before hiring a photographer check their work. And by work we mean ask them for one or two wedding albums that they captured in the past. Looking at their work will make you confident about whether they are fit to capture your dream wedding or not. 

Wedding Photographers in Vancouver with Prices

Now that we have discussed so much about the best wedding photographers in Vancouver and what to consider and what not while hiring one, let’s look at their prices. 

The average rate of wedding photography in Vancouver starts at $3800 and 50% of photographers can include the engagement shoot in this rate with 5% GST additional. The total cost also depends on the number of events, your guest count, if it’s a destination wedding or local, how many photos/albums you need, etcetera.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photographers in Vancouver

Pyaari Weddings, a South Asian wedding inspiration and vendor directory platform understands the process and the hard work of planning a wedding and how much effort one puts into achieving their dream wedding. When hiring a wedding photographer, they go through a long list, and some of them are mentioned below. 

Can I get a discount when I book my wedding photographer through a Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian vendor directory platform. Apart from listing the vendors, we have vetted their info and estimated their prices, and there are no further discounts on the prices from our end. 

Are wedding photographers listed on Pyaari Weddings?

Yes, we have 100+ wedding photographers from Vancouver listed on the platform with all their details, portfolio, ratings, reviews, and even prices. You can get in touch with them via a direct chat button or message the vendor with your requirements to know their availability and other details if any!

What other wedding services can I get from Pyaari Weddings?

Pyaari Weddings is a South Asian Wedding Planning platform helping couples plan their wedding in a more elegant, easy, and effortless way. Apart from getting a Wedding Photographers in Vancouver, you can also find other wedding vendors like Decorators, Caterers, Venues, Videographers, DJs, Henna, Makeup, and Officiants. We curated a list of vendors, vetted their info, and estimated their prices. 

All you have to do is - enter your city & requirements, look through vendors and save them to your ‘cart’ (with the heart button), and check out a customized wedding plan with an approximate budget.