Top 90+ Bridal Lehengas For Every Bride

Nov 10, 2022

The wedding season is just about to begin and we can't wait to witness the new trends and styles in outfits, jewelry, decor, etcetera. With life coming back to normalcy, one can hope for a smooth and celebratory wedding season, keeping the required safety measures in mind.

Bridal Lehengas For Every Bride

Whether you're a maximalist or looking for a lightweight outfit for an intimate wedding, whether you love flowers, embroidery, sequins, or stones, whether you're a fan of color hues or pastel, whether you love a designer lehenga or like to explore the budding designers, ahead, we gather the best lehenga designs to bookmark for your wedding.

1. Tangerine Tulle Lehenga

Source: Papa Dont Preach by Shubhika

This tangerine Papa Don't Preach butterfly blouse embellished using pearls, sequins, glass beads, and glass cut beads and paired with a tulle lehenga with a flower motif is perfect for your engagement or mehndi ceremony. 

2. Ivory & Maroon Lehenga

Source: Sunnys Bridal; Amrit Photography

This refined piece of detailed art in ivory and maroon lehenga with a contrasting dupatta is ideal for both, day or night wedding ceremonies. 

3. The Modern Red Lehenga

Source: Mani K Jassal

We are absolutely obsessed with how perfectly this outfit is both traditional and modern. The skirt and top have a mix of traditional embroidery and modern fabrics. The skirt consists of modern red lace, raw silk, tulle, and mirror work, finished with a ghungroo detail at the hem. 

4. The Aquarius Lehenga

Source: Anita Dongre

This aqua lehenga is ‘oh-so stunning'. We can’t even begin to tell how gorgeous it will look at your Sangeet ceremony. You can also wear this at your bff’s wedding to draw all eyes on you!

5. Rouge Pink Silk and Tulle Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

Vipasha Kumar ( @vipashakumar) wore this rouge pink silk and tulle lehenga for her wedding. The skirt featured motifs inspired by Rajasthani Haveli windows and jharokhas, as well as florals derived from vintage textiles. The lehenga was paired with a gota-patti and zardozi choli and sheer dupattas in shades of rouge and rani pink. 

6. Pretty Peach & Sky Grey Lehenga

Source: Abhinav Mishra

I have never seen a prettier combination than this - peach and sky grey. Every embellishment, every shimmer in this lehenga screams gorgeousness. This lehenga by Indian designer Abhinav Mishra is perfect for your day-wedding or sangeet. 

7. A Cinnamon-hued Tulle Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

This bride wearing a cinnamon-hued tulle lehenga for her wedding is an exceptionally beautiful piece of work. The handcrafted, delicate flowers on the lehenga overall add more beauty to this outfit. We also loved a hint of sky blue on the border of her sheer dupatta. 

8. A Lighteright Ivory Lehenga

Source: Mani K Jassal

The Chamko skirt is a beautiful choice for your pre-wedding ceremonies. Pair it with the Raw Silk Scoop Bustier in cream, gold, or red for a regal look!

9. The Benaras Beauty

Source: Anita Dongre

Benarasi lehengas never fail to disappoint us, and this lehenga in a gorgeous turquoise blue color with golden stands is making us bookmark this piece for the next wedding we attend.  PS: If you are having a beach wedding, this would be an ideal pick for your mehndi ceremony or wedding day!

10. The Pastel Floral Motif Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

This pale ivory tulle and silk lehenga featuring lotus blossoms and floral motifs derived from archival Pichhwai textiles. The lehenga was paired with an embroidered choli and a sheer tulle dupatta.

11. Magical Metallic Lehenga

Source: Manish Malhotra

No one and nothing could make this outfit look more royal than Sara Ali Khan. She looks alluring in this multi-colored metallic sequin embroidery outfit that’s perfect for your wedding or sangeet night or reception. 

12. Coral Tones Gota Patti Lehenga

Source: Anita Dongre

How can we not fall in love with this majestic coral-toned lehenga with gota patti hand embroidery? This is too perfect for words for your wedding day!

13. A Deep Pink Handcrafted Beauty

Source: Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio

Any shade of pink is pretty, whether it’s baby pink, fuchsia pink, bubblegum pink, and if it’s a deep pink lehenga with temple motifs, then we can’t ask for more! What further enhances this gorgeous outfit is its pairing with a heavenly embellished organza dupatta. 

14. The Gorgeous Olive Toned Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

How about wearing an olive-toned silk lehenga for your wedding just like Shubhreet Sidhu Sra did for her Anandkaraj?

15. Unfiltered Beauty Lehenga

Source: Harkiran Basra

Ivory is really in these days, whether it’s for your wedding day or reception night, this color never disappoints. And this fully flared lehenga skirt with french lace dupatta is a breath of fresh air. 

16. Coral Diem Set

Source: Mani K Jassal

Created with multiple pleated tiers of delicate coral tulle with the most perfect skirt twirl, this coral diem set is an intricate boho-inspired outfit for your sister’s wedding. You can also twirl wearing this lehenga set for your roka or sangeet ceremony.

17. The Gorgeous Blush Pink Lehenga 

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

This blush pink tulle and silk lehenga is made of dreams. With a sequin encrusted skirt layered with floral motifs and Mughal-Esque jaalis and handmade crystals, this lehenga is just perfect for your day-wedding. 

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18. Regal Red Lehenga

Source: Manish Malhotra

Whenever we think of a bride on her wedding day, the first and foremost color that comes to our mind is red. It doesn’t have to be one shade of red, but different reds like crimson, blood-red, deep red and this bride wearing a deep vermillion red lehenga embellished in geometric lattice and gold embroidery is one to be bookmarked for your big day.

19. Breathtakingly Beautiful Bottle Green Lehenga

Source: The Pakistani Bride

The only thing that’s looking more beautiful than this bottle green lehenga is this bride wearing this lehenga with such a lovely smile!

20. Say Yes To This Minimal Lehenga For Your Mehndi

Source: Anita Dongre

Anita Dogre’s signature gota patti embroidery on this green lehenga is enough to draw our attention. It will look great at your Mehndi ceremony or you can drape the dupatta differently if you consider wearing this gorgeous piece for your intimate wedding celebration.

21. A Pistachio-hued Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

Imagine yourself wearing this pistachio-hued tulle and silk lehenga for your wedding. We loved how beautiful the lehenga and choli featured floral motifs and birds. The look was completed with sheer tulle dupattas.

22. An Unconventional Floral Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi; Knotting Bells

In a world of reds, pinks, and golds, this bride chose to wear an unconventional lehenga in a shade of green with flowers on it. A perfect outfit for your mehndi ceremony. 

23. Pretty Paneled Mehndi Lehenga

Source: Gazal Gupta Couture; Hitched & Clicked

100/100 for this paneled mehndi lehenga drenched in pastel hues. 

24. Sheer Elegant Lehenga

Source: Faraz Manan; Vows by Siddhu Soma

We are totally swooning over these vintage sleeves and cut-out blouse designs for our #bridalblouseinspiration. 

25. A Unique Lime Green Lehenga 

Source: Archna Studios

Such a unique and extraordinary lehenga shade that we are currently obsessed with! This lime green lehenga would look striking for your day-wedding. 

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26. A Dazzling Teal Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi; Mahima Bhatia Photography

Thinking of opting for a unique hue for your wedding? Here it is - a dazzling teal lehenga. It is a great pick for your day-wedding.

27. An Ice-grey Lehenga With Peacock Motifs

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

Gorgeousness at its best in an ice-grey tulle and silk lehenga for your wedding. The skirt features floral and peacock motifs derived from Mughal inlay work that is layered within geometrical patterns gleaned from sacred geometry. The lehenga was paired with a hand-woven zari dupatta from Benaras.

28. Sunshine Yellow Lehenga

Source: Harkiran Basra

From peacocks to dragonflies, to lilies to hibiscus and lotus, this is a lehenga for you if you are a nature lover. For this sunshine yellow outfit, nature was a perfect inspiration. You can opt for an overall yellow outfit like this bride, or you can experiment with a different shade of dupatta to complement this outfit. 

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29. Nature Inspired Flora & Fauna Lehenga

Source: Rahul Mishra; Badal Raja Company

We can look at this flora and fauna, nature-inspired lehenga for at least 100 more times, and fall in love with it every time. This multicolored lehenga designed by Indian designer Rahul Mishra needs to be bookmarked right now for your day-wedding. 

30. An Earthy Hued Lehenga

Source: Marwar Couture; Studio Memory Lane

Thinking of wearing an earthy-hued? Look no more, and take inspiration from this bride who wore an earthy-hued, multicolored lehenga for her wedding and looked every bit of elegance.

31. An Elegant Mango Lehenga

Source: Red Veds Photography

Mango-colored lehenga with multicolored jewelry has got us completely smitten. Earlier yellow, or shades of yellow outfits were mostly seen on pre-wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Mehndi, but lately, brides have started opting for this bright hue for their wedding day also. 

32. A Tangerine Silk Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

This tangerine and deep red silk lehenga is an ode to old vintage textiles and collectibles. It is beautifully paired with an embroidered blouse and a cinnamon-hued tulle dupatta. 

33. An Aubergine Lehenga

Source: Shutterdown Photography

This aubergine twirl-worthy lehenga with booti motifs and paisleys is the right amount of inspiration you need for your mehndi or sangeet ceremony. You can choose to leave your hair open or tie them in a ponytail like this bride. 

34. Multihued Velvet Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi

This velvety hot pink skirt lehenga with contrasting blouse and dupatta is everything you could want and more!  PS: We love how beautifully three shades of different hues have come together and made this lehenga look every bit gorgeous. 

35. Yellow Floral Lehenga for Mehndi Ceremony

Source: Anamika Khanna; Dotdusk

Looking for mehndi outfit inspiration? This yellow lehenga with a burst of multi-hued flowers definitely has our hearts stolen, what do you think?

36.  Ethereal Royal Lehenga

Source: Manish Malhotra

What’s not to love about this stunning lehenga by Manish Malhotra portraying ethereal elegance and piousness? With such detailing, this is a perfect pick, especially if you are getting married in a palace or any heritage property. 

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37. An Emerald Green Lehenga

Source: Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio

This combination of emerald green lehenga with white choli and blossoming pink dupatta elicits an eternal charm! 

38. Maroon Modern Beauty

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula; Sutej Pannu

For brides, who are bored of pinks, reds, oranges, but still want to wear something close to traditional color, this maroon lehenga is sheer elan.  PS: Can’t help but notice her maroon choora complimenting the lehenga and gorgeous jewelry. 

39. This Multicolored Lehenga Is Pure Love

Source: Sabyasachi; Shashank Issar

The first time I looked at this lehenga, I kept looking for straight 10 minutes. Going over all the detailing, thread work, the use of multi-colors, everything was chosen very carefully to make it look scintillating.  Just imagine her twirling in this understated elegance and we bet, your day will be made :)

40. Pastel Green Lehenga With Flowers

Source: Kresha Bajaj; Reels & Frames

One can never go wrong with a pastel green lehenga with a tasseled blouse, especially for their Mehendi! 

41. A Classic Red Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi; Dotdusk

If you are looking for something classy and traditional lehenga at the same time, then this should be the one. With fine detailing work and a touch of shimmer, this stunning red lehenga is one of our most favorite. 

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42. The Realm Of Regalia & Elegance

Source: Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio; The Videographers

The Pakistani designer, Ali Xeeshan is a magician. Every time we look at his creations, we dive into the realm of regalia & elegance! Similarly, this lehenga is an ode to heritage, making it perfect if you are getting married at a palace or any heritage property. 

43. A Pale Gold Silk Lehenga

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

The designer Rimple and Harpreet are known for making extravagant, heavy bridal outfits to give a regal, larger-than-life vibe to the bride wearing it, and this pale gold silk lehenga with Persian-inspired hand embroidery. The motifs, sequins, pearls, crystals, and semi-precious stones used in multi-colors accentuated the beauty of this lehenga that the bride, Mehandi Aggarwal paired with a hand-woven zari red dupatta from Benaras. 

44. A Shimmery Off-shoulder Lehenga

Source: Trinesha Closet; The Wedding Rhymer

Just because you're having an intimate wedding, doesn't mean you can't go big when it comes to your wedding outfits. This bride’s shimmery off-shoulder lehenga in a deep pink hue not only looks beautiful for a day ceremony but also makes for bright pictures.

PS: Her colored shishpatti design is making her look prettiest by multi-folds. 

45. An Ice-cream Hued Lehenga

Source: Scented Memories

OH.MY.GAWD. What beauty! This unique lehenga is making its way to our list of favorite and most beautiful lehenga for 2021-2022 brides. 

46. A Lovely Deep Red Lehenga

Source: Anita Dongre; Vinuthna Garidipuri

We can look at this gorgeous lehenga from a mile and still tell that it’s Anita Dongre. Love love love this deep red lehenga for your intimate wedding ceremony for both, day and night. 

47. A Glorious Yellow Lehenga

Source: Frontier Raas; Cupcake Productions

Straight out of glory and happiness, this sunshine yellow lehenga is perfect for an intimate mehndi. You can go for an overall yellow lehenga, or contrast it with a gold blouse just like this bride did. 

48. An Elegant White Lehenga With Ombre Effect

Source: Manish Malhotra; Hitched & Clicked

Sheer elegance and that ombre effect, both make this lehenga a fashion spectrum. It’s perfect for a mehndi ceremony, and for a wedding, you can go for an ombre or pink dupatta with multi-hued jewelry to rock a minimalistic bridal look. 

49. A Floral Mint Lehenga

Source: Cupcake Productions

Was it the gorgeous mint lehenga with flowers or her understated elegance that got us smitten? You can wear a light collar neckpiece or go for a ponytail instead of no jewelry and a half-tie hairstyle. 

50. A Multicolored Geometric Lehenga

Source: Sitara by GKX

This vibrant and multi-colored lehenga with gorgeous work and detailing has got the fashion spectrum covered! We would love to see brides wearing this lehenga for their day mehndi or sangeet ceremony. 

51. A Radiant Bubblegum Pink Lehenga

Source: Hansika Motwani

We have never seen a bubblegum pink lehenga looking this pretty on anyone else other than our Bollywood diva Hansika. She looks more radiant, more gorgeous with every embellishment, with every shimmer.  We loved how she kept her look minimal yet glam complementing with a shishpatti and earrings. 

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52. A Scintillating Sunshine

Source: Seema Gujral Design

We haven’t seen a lehenga and fallen in love instantly, until NOW! This yellow, blingy lehenga is a ray of sunshine that’s not only scintillating but also has unexpected charm. We recommend the millennials explore a vibrant horizon and go for a lehenga that’s perfect for both, pre-wedding ceremonies and your wedding day.

53. A Regal Affair

Source: Diva’ni India

Brighter colors, especially on your wedding day bring an unexpected charm and beauty to your bridal aura. But with a contrasting dupatta, you take your look a notch higher, especially if the color is as unique as this one. 

54. Neon Hued Lehenga

Source: Aisha Rao

When we say, go for something unique, this is exactly what we mean. With this unique choice of neon hues and detailed nature-inspired work, this bride is topping the charts and giving inspiration for a mehndi outfit.

55. Floral Teal Lehenga

Source: Anita Dongre; Through the Barrel

This garden-inspired teal lehenga with contrasting flowers on it looks scintillating. So pretty and so apt for a mehndi ceremony. Instead of a contrasting red dupatta, you can also go for a light pink, lemon, or dark green dupatta. 

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56. A Riot Of Colors Lehenga

Source: Chandni Dua Photography

You will be the star of any event you walk into wearing this bright, multi-colored lehenga, especially with a background so pretty. You can choose this outfit for your haldi or mehndi ceremony. 

57. Sunshine-y Yellow Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi; Stories by Joseph Radhik

This bride made for a vision in this ray of sun shining yellow lehenga that is bound to make waves. It’s a perfect pick for an intimate home wedding in the presence of your close friends and family.

58. A Fine Thread Work Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi; Hitched & Clicked

Not a fan of red bridal lehenga? Go for this ivory lehenga with fine thread work and all things regal for your wedding day.  

59. An Ice Blue Beauty

Source: Dhanika Choksi Photography

This bride’s dusty blue lehenga, bohemian backdrop, and infectious smile instantly struck a chord in our hearts! It is such a new, summery lehenga color, that will look good on your mehndi, sangeet, cocktail, wedding, or even at your reception night. 

60. The Pink Glam

Source: The Ohaila Khan; Recall Pictures

She looked like a doll in this baby pink lehenga with dramatic bell blouse sleeves that made her look extra gorgeous! We absolutely loved the embellished detailing of the lehenga with a touch of bling for her Sangeet night. 

61. A Beautiful Blue Lehenga

Source: Falguni Shane Peacock India; Sutej Pannu

For the reception night, Jasleen pulled out a twinkling chrome lehenga in blue designed by @falgunishanepeacockindia and made everyone stop and stare. 

62. A Charismatic Champagne Gold Lehenga

Source: Faraz Manan; Image: Reels & Frames

With contrasting jewels, traditional kalire, and a unique champagne gold lehenga, Rhea Khurana’s wedding look is the best of both worlds. 

63. The Gorgeous Of All

Source: Abhinav Mishra

Who wouldn't love this beautifully designed Ivory and Gotta embellished outfit designed by Abhinav Mishra? Such a pretty pick for your Sangeet night.

64. Raw Silk Short Lehenga

Sasha chose to wear a dark green raw silk short lehenga choli embellished with lotus motifs of pop pink shells and gold charms from Kynah, designed by Papa Don't Preach by Shubhika.

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65. An Elegant Velvet Lehenga

Source: Ketki Dharod; Busy Bee Studio

A fine brew of unconventional lehenga color elaborately embellished fine details, and extravagant jewelry, everything is adding sheer finesse to this bride’s regal look that can be seen and felt from a distance. 

66. A Detailed Burnt Orange Lehenga

Source: Mehar Photography

Burnt orange is one of the most favorite among Sikh brides. With the right amount of beauty and the right amount of elegance, this lehenga detailing in handwork looks scintillating. 

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67. An Ice Blue Outfit With A Veil

Source: The Ohaila Khan; Recall Pictures

Hanna made a real-life princess wearing an icy blue outfit with a long trail, and a transparent veil through which her bridal beauty was shining like a diamond. We also loved her choice of silver kaliras with complementing jewelry, minimal maangtikka, and a top hair knot. 

68. A Multihued Chevron Lehenga

Source: Sabyasachi; Made in Mono

We love brides who experiment with their bridal look and give inspiration to others. This multi-hues chevron lehenga is a spot-on beauty, perfect for your mehndi, sangeet, or wedding day. We loved how her eccentric blouse design acted as a cherry on top. 

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69. A Lightweight Sunny Yellow Lehenga

Source: Abhinav Mishra

With minimal makeup, jewelry, and a lightweight yellow lehenga, she ticked off all the boxes for an intimate celebration. 

70. A Perfect Pick For Your Mehndi

Source: Anita Dongre

A bright-colored lehenga innately adds beauty to your wedding look. With motif bootis and huge flowers on the lehenga, the panel has got us smitten. This Anita Dongre lehenga is a great pick for your mehndi or wedding day. 

71. Pretty In Pink

Source: Banu Designs

This bride wore a pretty pink benarasi lehenga has our heart. It's an ideal pick for your intimate wedding ceremony, your Sangeet night, or Reception night.

72. The Classic White Lehenga

Sasha looked like a dream in a white floral embroidered lehenga that’s named after her - The Sasha Lehenga. The classic jewelry with the dupatta tucked over her low bun gave her a classy yet elegant look.

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73. Green Is The New Red!

Source: Sabyasachi; Indian Foot Prints

We have seen many brides opting for this color, instead of traditional red on their wedding day. This lehenga with a multi-hued panel and a floral dupatta is making it look whimsical, especially if you are having a day wedding.  PS: Loved her minimal bridal look with almost no makeup complemented with an open hairstyle. 

74. A Regal Bridal Lehenga

We can't, literally can't take our eyes off this traditional beauty wearing a regal bridal lehenga. PS: Can't help, but notice her gorgeous shishpatti design and a plain red bindi accentuating her look 100 time.

75. A Pastel White Lehenga

Absolutely crushing over this bride's pastel white lehenga with minimal work, coordinated jewelry, and striking red choora!

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76. Beautiful Benarasi Lehenga

Source: Sam & Ekta

Loving this pretty yellow banarasi lehenga with a multicolored floral dupatta for your mehndi ceremony ????

77. Royalty At Its Best

Read More From Paven & Gopi's Intimate Sikh Wedding In Vancouver

Paven‘s bridal look was the reflection of her wedding theme, an old vibe Mughal charm, and was royal in every way ???? We can look at this beauty forever, what about you?

78. For The Artistic Lovers

Source: Tarun Tahiliani; Priyam Parikh Pictures

If you appreciate art and beauty, then this multi-colored Kashida lehenga should definitely be on your list of favorites for your wedding day. From the prettiest pinks to soft yellows and from the blush corals to traditional reds and striking blues, every detail is making this lehenga a perfect pink for your mehndi ceremony or wedding day.

79. Everything Pretty & Regal

Source: Gopalika Virmani; Sabyasachi

We are short of words for this striking lehenga with quintessential hues & all things regal! We also loved the way she styled her dupatta, easy and fuss-free while getting the mehndi done or dancing. 

80. The Soft Pink Gorgeousness

Source: Ayushi Bhasin; Wedding Trend Photography

This has to be our most favorite lehenga out of all. With pretty details, swoon-worthy pastel shade, and contrasting jewelry, everything is attention-grabbing. 

81. Multicolored Paneled Lehenga

Source: Weddings By Aaron Obed

A stunning paneled lehenga, paired with an intricately designed blouse is just the perfect outfit for you to twirl merrily on your wedding day!

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82. Fascinating Vivid Hues

Source: Sukriti and Aakriti; Recall Pictures

If you were looking for a perfect haldi inspiration, here it is ???? Your search for a perfect Haldi outfit ends here. This bride's look was a splendor of glory and vivid hues and everything floral!

83. Multicolored Flared Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

From her minimal jewelry to her full-sleeved multicolored blouse and flared lehenga, what’s not to love about her bridal look? PS: We have never seen a bride as gorgeous as her, and a lehenga as prettier than this ????????

84. All That Glitters

Source: Abhinav Mishra

With all the bling and glitter, this lehenga is a perfect choice for your wedding day or reception night!

85. A Color Like No Other

Source: Zohaib Ali

Who would not fall in love with this stunning, artistic piece and unconventional color palette? There’s nothing that we did not love in this dreamy lehenga. 100/100

86. Love For Vibrant Hues

Source: Reels & Frames Photography

From different shades of flowers to other artistic elements, this one is for a color lover. PS: Her shine is what makes the whole look more vibrant ????????

87. Regal Vibes

Source: Varun Bahl

Breathing in splendor this mango yellow lehenga designed by Varun Bahl is a piece to behold. We loved how pretty flowers in silverwork accentuated the beauty of this lehenga.

88. Bronze Beauty

Source: Sabyasachi

We have never seen a lehenga looking so minimal yet heavenly ????

89. A Vivid Red Lehenga

Source: Hussain Rehar

You can never go wrong with an organza dupatta with heavy embroidery paired with a vivid red modernized lehenga-choli inspired by Mughal architecture.

90. A Color You Will Fall In Love With

Source: Farah Talib Aziz

We would like to draw your attention to this ethereal beauty, that's pure gorgeousness. From the multicolored embroidery to this unique shade of lehenga, we are in awe of everything.

91. Love For Pastels

Source: This Modern Love Photography

In this Boho inspired outfit of pastel blue lehenga and minimal jewelry, this bride has taken the bridal look a step ahead ????

92. A Heavily Embellished Lehenga

Source: Everthine by Samar; Palwasha Minhas

An embellished outfit like this is perfect for brides who love extravaganza. The contrasting dupatta is only making her look more stunning.

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Final Words

Trends come and go, but lehengas have always been every bride or bridesmaid's favorite. They are apt for your wedding day or pre-post wedding ceremonies and with a number of options available, one is bound to get a perfect lehenga for themselves, so what are you waiting for? Do let us know in the comments, which one will you pick for your wedding day?

Featured Image: Dhanika Choksi Photography

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