70+ Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Designs That Stole Our Hearts

Oct 07, 2022

There's hardly anyone we come across who doesn't get excited during the festive season. Whether they are celebrating their first festival after marriage or it's been a few years of marital bliss, the excitement has no boundaries. From choosing the gorgeous outfit to attractive jewelry and modern back hand mehndi design, you want everything to be just...perfect! 

Mehndi is one of the most essential parts of a celebration, especially during Karvachauth which needs your utmost attention. Once your outfit is finalized, it's time for you to choose from the latest back hand mehndi designs that we have picked especially for Karvachauth. We have an array of mehndi designs of back hand - from floral to peacock to minimal and netted designs, you can pick according to your taste and preference. 

Once you have finalized the design, look for an artist who can make the same design or improvise it more beautifully. Just in case, you don't have time or don't get a mehndi artist, you can also get some tattoos and apply them on your hands. They are very safe and easy to apply. 

Source: Henna by Taj

Before picking any mehndi back hand design, we want to share some basic things that you must keep in mind, such as: 

1. Size of your hands like palms and fingers

Not every design can be drawn on your palms and fingers because if the size of your palm is small, then the elaborated design is tough to draw or if they are really big then smaller designs won't look good. The same lies with the size of the fingers. Therefore, we suggest choosing an appropriate design according to the dimension of your hand.

2. How elaborate do you wish your design should be

Whether this is your first Karwachauth or it's been a few years, the length of the design and style matter. The extension of the design matters according to the outfit, your liking, and the number of bangles or hand accessory you are wearing. 

3. The color of the Mehndi

The best part of being a millennial is we are living at the peak of creativity with immense variety. There are several mehndi colors available like green, brown, red, and white. 

4. How best it contrasts with your style of outfit

The kind of attire you choose is another crucial point to remember while finalizing the mehndi back hand design. 

5. The artist you are choosing

The henna artist is the sole creator of your dream design, hence, you need to be very particular about who you are choosing and what are there expertise is. 

Latest Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is an ever-evolving category, and time and again we see new trends and designs knocking around the corner to inspire us. Here are some amazing mehndi design for hand back listed below for Karvachauth that will guarantee you endless compliments. 

1. Fusion Henna Design

We are in love with this simple yet pretty henna design that you can choose for any occasion or event. The square design at the center and bold strokes are highlighting the design with flower and leaf motifs. You can also add these diamonds to add a sparkling effect to your mehndi design. 

2. Mandala Backhand Mehndi Design

If you are not sure whether you want florals, leaves, or any unique elements, then the simple mehndi design back hand - mandala designs always come in handy. They never get old and have a forever charm to them. You can choose to only go with the mandala design at the back of your hand or play around with the mandala design with your choice of flowers, leaves, or anything else. 

Source: Magic Mehndi By Heneen

Source: Toko Mehndi

Source: Bharathi Sanghani

3. Gloves Backhand Mehndi Design

If you believe that choosing pretty and minimal designs is beyond awesome, then here's the best one - gloves mehndi designs. This design gives a glove-like effect made with mehndi and will definitely get you several compliments. It looks apt and gives a nice outlook with the netted and floral prints.

4. White Back Hand Mehndi Designs

White mehndi is quite a trend these days and looks good for a change. If you are navigating, simple mehndi designs for back hands in white mehndi, then you can give these designs listed below a try and turn some heads around. 

We know some people won't really appreciate getting a white henna design for Karvachauth celebrations because white is not considered very auspicious. If not trying for Karvachauth, then you can give it a try on Diwali or for your BFF's wedding. You can match it with a darker shade of outfit so it highlights more. 

5. Swirl Back hand Mehndi Design

Swirl mehndi designs are not new, but definitely in trend. If done with bold strokes, this design would definitely catch everyone's attention. 

Source: Henna by Divya

6. Floral Motifs Back hand Mehndi Designs

To make anything look beautiful, you just add flowers and see the magic unfolds. These floral motifs done on the back mehndi design below looks very artistic. 

Source: Henna by Divya

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Source: Henna by Divya

7. Stylish Back Hand Mehndi Designs 

If you are bored of seeing the same henna designs on your friends, family members, or on social media, then here's something that you may have never seen or hardly seen. These unique mehndi designs for back of hand can add a vibe to the artistic designs that can make anyone fall in love with them immediately. 

Source: The Henna House by Angela

Source: Nurah S Henna

8. Diyas in the Back hand Mehndi Design

This string of diyas designs in the center of your beautiful henna is an absolute pick for your Karvachath or Diwali mehndi design. This is an out-of-the-box design, certainly something that people around you will appreciate. 

Source: Henna by Mayaa

9. Leaves Back Hand Mehndi Designs

While flowers look beautiful, it's the leaves that make the design look prettier. You can wrap your fingers with leaves design or use them along flowers to enhance your back design mehndi, it is definitely most loved and amongst our favorites. 

Source: Nurah S Henna

Source: Anjali.Henna

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10. Netted Back hand Mehndi Designs

Netted designs are not something new, but they always look beautiful and add charm to your mehndi. Whether you want to cover your whole hand with netted design or just a corner, the finesse of this design is beyond words. These mehndi design on back given below will truly look beautiful that you won't stop flaunting your mehndi. 

Source: Sonika's Henna Art

Source: Henna by Divya

11. Full Hand Mehndi Design

Not everyone likes the same kind of  back hand simple mehndi design, some likes to keep it minimal, while some want to go all out and about with full hand coverage using different styles of the motif. The back design of mehndi given below with a variety of flowers, leaves, and strokes are the highlight of these designs and no one can go wrong with them. 

Whether you are wearing a heavily embellished outfit or a light weighted lehenga, these full-hand mehndi designs will match perfectly with them. 

Source: Henna by Divya

Source: Henna by Divya

Source: Henna by Payal

12. Peacock Back hand Mehndi Design

There are so many reasons that make us love this 'tradition meets contemporary' henna design. Several prints, motifs, strokes, elephants depicting the Indian culture, and couple portrait at the wedding ceremony, everything makes this design a hit. 

This is a great pick for your wedding ceremony or Karvachauth. 

Source: Bharathi Sanghani

13. Elegant Modern Henna Design

Considering all things fancy, this stylish mehndi design back hand will complement a modern bride. 

14. Finger Mehndi Design

Among many embellished and minimal designs, we love the simplicity of these finger mehndi designs that are perfect for someone who likes to keep it minimal and fuss-free. These will look pretty and can be made in no time. 

15. Look Alike Mehndi Design

Having the same simple back hand mehndi designs on both hands makes it look very pretty and alike. You can make it in a way that it just looks like one or indistinguishable if you join your hands together. 

Source: Alankritaa

16. Jewelry Mehndi Design For Hand Back

We are captivated by the artistry displayed in this exquisite and visually appealing easy back hand mehndi design. Its intricate details and delicate patterns hold our gaze, leaving us entranced by its sheer beauty.

You can get it for any of your events and it will match all kinds of outfits like - lehenga, sharara, saree, or suits. It can serve more than one purpose - a) pretty mehndi design, b) faux jewelry look.

Source: Henna by Sadaf

Source: Henna Girl UK

Source: Leeds Mehndi

17. Red Henna Design 

If you like to experiment with a color other than a brown or darker brown, then ask your mehndi artist how you can get a red-colored mehndi. This will look unique and adds a wow factor.

18. Lotus Backhand Mehndi Design

There are so many simple mehndi design consisting of lotus flowers. They not only enhance the overall mehndi designs but also stands out even if there are other strokes along with it. 

Source: Henna by Divya

19. Moon Henna Design

Chaand Henna design with covered fingertips from both sides is the ultimate best that we have ever seen. Whether it's for your wedding day or a festival, moon mehndi design never fails to impress us with its minimal beauty. It's not easy to make but also gets the attention highlighting as a solo. 

20. Birdcage Back hand Henna Design

What could be prettier than this birdcage design surrounded by netted patterns and leaf motifs all over your mehndi? A few elements of this design are worth noticing like the finely drawn peacock, flowers, leaves, and of course, the pretty birdcages at the center of the mandala. 

Source: Bharathi Sanghani

21. Name Initials Mehndi Design

Getting your and your partners' name initials on the mehndi design is a great way to make your partner feel special. You can either get each other's name initials on each hand or get them together on one of the hands. 

Source: Hansa Gajra Mehndi

Source: Mehandi by Isha

22. King and Queen Back hand Mehndi Design

Getting a portrait of the king on one hand and the queen on another hand looks so royal and pretty!

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23. Sada Saubhagyavati Raho Back Hand Henna Design

Almost all of us have probably seen Deepika's embroidered dupatta with the words - Sada Saubhagyavati Raho. Well, it's not only limited to dupattas or outfits, you can also get the same etched to your mehndi design. It will surely look unique and get you compliments. 

24. Geometric Back Hand Mehndi Design

If you don't want any florals, leaves, or paisleys, go for these creative geometric mehndi designs that look so unique. 

Source: Henna CKG

25. Wedding Hashtag Mehndi Design

Wedding hashtags are in trend for years and they kind of becomes your identity throughout the wedding ceremonies and even after. Apart from getting your wedding hashtags as part of your wedding decor, how about using them in your mehndi design and sealing the memory for eternity for both of you? You can also use the hashtag in your Karvachauth mehndi. 

26. Couple Portrait Mehndi Design

Couple portraits on the back of your hand look really attractive and unique. This portrait of a dancing couple seen below is definitely a head-turner. 

27. Arabic Mehndi Design

We remember Arabic mehndi designs being a hit a few years ago when there were not too many designs available and people were not ready to experiment enough. They are still in trend but just got more creative. 

28. Chess Board Mehndi Design

The best is for the last. If there's one mehndi design that truly made us stop and stare, then it has to be this chess board. It's so creative! If you or your partner are not a fan of chess, you can get something that you both like. It could be a Jenga, board games, any cartoon character, etcetera. 

Source: Khush Wedding

Source: Khush Wedding

29. White Mandala Back hand Mehndi Design

Source: House on the Clouds

30. Elephant Figures Back hand Mehndi Design

Source: Henna For All NY

This back hand mehndi design features charming elephant figures, adding a touch of whimsy and tradition to the intricate patterns. The graceful depiction of elephants lends an aura of grace and elegance to this captivating design.

31. Spaced & Pretty Mini Stars and Flowers Back hand Mehndi Designs

We love spaced out mehndi designs, especially if they consist flowers and stars. Wel, who wouldn't?

Source: Henna by Sarax

Source: Sanober’s Henna

32. Lotus Mandala Back hand Mehndi Design

Mandalas on the back of your hand is a great choice and it looks very pertty. But have you tried a mandala design with a lotus inside it? If not, try it once and you will be surprised to see the results. 

Source: House on the Clouds

33. Back hand Mehndi with Unique Elements

Not fond of traditional mehndi designs? Don't worry, we have something that is more of pinterest mehndi designs back hand with unique elements - you can also feel free to add elements of your choice, like ice cream, your favorite cartoon character, etcetera.

Source: Henna by Sarax

34. Leaves with Upside Down Flowers Mehndi Design For Hand Back

Love flowers and leaves, but want to try some different color? This red mehndi design is perfect if you are open to experiment with the henna colors. 

Source: Henna by Fa

35. Minimal Geometric Backhand Mehndi Design on Fingers

If you like minimal and easy back hand mehndi design, but want to opt for something unique, then this geometric design is perfect for you. 

Source: Henna CKG


Karvachauth is incomplete without getting mehndi done on your hands or legs (if you want). To help you choose the most unique but beautiful back hand mehndi designs, we have listed above some designs that are definitely going to look gorgeous and complete your look. Pick the best one that resonates with your style.  

Author: Neha Garg Ahuja ; Radhika Sharma

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