30 Latest South Indian Bridal Hairstyles We Love

Oct 22, 2022

The Hairdo of a bride is equally important as is her outfit and makeup. Nowadays, the hairdo is not just a neat bun and flowers for a bride, it is more than that. A bride’s choice of hairstyle reflects her nature and personality. A perfect bridal outfit deserves an equally perfect hairstyle. Different hairstyles with different outfits can change the look and hence, choosing your hairstyle with your outfit should be a thoughtful decision. Select a hairstyle that screams your style, reflects your vibe and matches the occasion. So when you are busy figuring out the way you will drape your dupatta or will you go for a Kamar bandh or not, also do a thorough search on South Indian Hindu bridal hairstyles for more authentic look. But to make your task easy, we are here to help you with these latest bridal hairstyles that you must book them right away!

Latest South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Image: Aaron Obed; Makeup: Bhavani Srinivasarao

South Indian wedding culture has its elegance and charm. There is an old-school feel to a South Indian wedding. And the South Indian bride keeps us smitten with her epitome of gracefulness, simplicity, and charm. The Kanjeevaram sarees, temple jewelry, and the flower-adorned or Jada-covered hairdo, everything about the bride is ethereal. Bridal South indian hairstyles never went out of trend, but new-age brides are also experimenting with new hairstyles which we are in absolute awe of. Trends with a mix of old-school styles and new ideas will always capture hearts. As we promised, here are some gorgeous South Indian bridal hairstyles for all the brides who are looking for inspiration. 

1. The Original Sleek Bun With Gajra

Makeup: The Styles by Sha

For all the brides who do not want to go overboard with their hairstyle and want to keep it minimal yet traditional, the sleek bun with gajra is the one for your big day. This bridal hairstyle for South Indian wedding will keep your locks locked in one place and will make you look stunning.

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2. Braided Bun

Image: Aju Photography

For the one who wants the bun but with a small twist can go for a braided bun for your special day. And this can be a tricky hairstyle to do on your own, so do take help from a professional. 

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3. The Traditional Mogra Bun With A Braid

Courtesy: Jenu Makeup Artist; Flowers: Rithika Flowers

This bridal hairstyle for long hair South Indian look can be achieved easily as one can never go wrong with a sleek bun covered with beautiful mogras which look and smells heavenly. The fresh mogras give the bride an extreme Indian and authentic look.  

4. The Rose Structured Bun

Makeup: Simmy Makwana

If you have long hair and want to do a bun on your wedding day with a twist, this rose-structured bun is one of the hairdos which you can try. The brides having long hair can form this hairstyle as it takes the length of your tresses by swirling them endlessly to form this beautiful hairdo. 

5. Two-Toned Floral Bun

Image: Sonhal FX Factory

If you are the bride who wants to go a little extra, but then you decide not to go overboard with your bridal hairstyles south indian wedding and you cannot decide which color flowers you would like to put on your hairstyle; this one's for you. Make a bun and decorate the edges of your bun with one color and cover the remaining part with another color.

6. Shell Adorned Bun

Makeup: Orange The Salon

Everyone has heard of shell accessories like shell earrings, shell necklaces but you can use shells to decorate your bun. For all the brides or bridesmaids who want to stand out and do not want anything floral added to their outfits, this is for you. Add a thread of shell beaded to your bun’s edge and become the inspiration for the next bride among your family and friends. 

7. Multiple French Braid Bun

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

We have heard of a french braid that looks stunning but a french braid that is also more than one joined together to make a messy bun is also an option for the bride who wants her hair bun with a stylish twist. This hairstyle is perfect for the bride with short hair, and do not forget to put on a hair accessory like some pearl or stone studded one. You can put small flowers like baby breaths, it will look gorgeous. 

8. The Rose Adorned Bun

Makeup: Orange The Salon

Earlier we mentioned rose structured bun where you can turn your long tresses into a rose-like structured bun, but here we are talking about actual roses. For all the brides who are rose lovers, do a sleek bun covered with full-bloomed roses or use rose petals covering the whole hair bun. For brides who would like flowers on their hairdo but have short hair, go for this style as this will give a voluminous look to your hairstyle on your wedding day. 

9. The Traditional Heavy Bun Decorated With Jewelry

Source: Pinterest

This hair bun is for the bride who likes to keep it traditional and go extra with it. Make a bun with or without any stylish twist and then add a piece of heavy hair jewelry that covers your bun completely or you can also opt for flower for some romantic flowers for your hair. This kind of hairstyle gives a royal and traditional look to the South Indian bride. 

10. Chignon Bun

Makeup: @paviithaa ; Image: @ineshartistry 

This hairstyle is perfect for brides with long hair. Take your long tresses and keep swirling them multiple times and wrap them to form an elaborate bun. This will highlight the thickness of your hair and make it look voluminous. Now to complete the hairdo take some flowers or gajra or velveteen florals to put it on the hair bun’s edge. It will enhance the look and make you feel like a royal. 

11. Senorita Bun

This sleek low bun is for the brides who love to keep it simple yet modern. Part your hairs and tie a low sleek bun with some full-bloomed roses. The roses will give it a French senorita vibe and will go with your outfit perfectly. Take inspiration from Deepika Padukone to do it right. The hairstyle looks so simple yet graceful. 

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12. Netted Jada

Makeup: Neha Chinnappa Artistry

The traditional South Indian bridal braid hairstyles covered with Jada is the go-to and the most popular among the South Indian Brides while getting married. This hairstyle is on the heavier side and nowadays thanks to the new age talented hairstylists we have variations. One of the Jada is the netted Jada with a heavy floral top. The brides who do not want to go full floral and want a detailed Jada or simply do not want to deal with any locks coming out of the braid can go for this. It looks stunning and if you have long voluminous hair this style would be perfect for you. 

13. Contemporary Flower-Adorned Jada

Makeup: Neha Chinnappa Artistry

This one is for the modern brides who want traditional but do not want a heavy flower-adorned Jada. Make a twisted braid or a simple one and put a line of small flowers or baby breaths to give it a modern touch but keep the tradition in mind for any South Indian bridal hairstyle for wedding inspiration/look.

14. Minimal Jada With Flowers

Makeup: Subin Lalitha ; Image: Palette Media

Some brides do not want to go overboard with everything and want to keep everything simple, classy, and elegant. The minimal Jada is a simple braid with a simple semi-circle floral top. If you want you can add a small hair accessory (Jada Kuppulu) to the bottom of the braid to make it flip-worthy for your wedding shoot.

15. Minimal Jada With Hair Jewelry

Hairstyle: Vyshali Sundaram

Again this one is for the brides who want to go simple yet with a stylish twist. If you are a jewelry lover, good news for you, use it for your braids too. The bridal hair jewelry adds charm to the whole look. Make a simple twist and turn the braid and put the jewelry on your braid. If you have a bunch of huge earrings or a heavy necklace which is matching your outfit, do not hesitate and put that on your hair. By this, you are setting a style statement too by re-using your pieces of jewelry. 

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16. The Traditional Heavy Jewelry Adorned Jada

Hairstyle: Vidyaa Hairstylist; Image: Into Candid Photography

The traditional jada is created by tying strings of flowers on the top, hair ornament, and hair extensions together. The ornaments are often heavy and that makes this hairstyle on the heavier side as mentioned earlier. The traditional bride who wants to follow the culture and tradition, this one is perfect for them. 

17. Loose Braid With Sheeshpatti

Makeup: Diamond Artistry; Image: Poo Stories

The brides who are not very keen on tying their hair sturdily with flowers and pieces of jewelry, this one is perfect for you. Tie a loose braid and wear a sheeshpatti to enhance the bridal look. Let the beautiful tresses fall on side of your face and smile. You will look gorgeous. Minimal is the new sexy after all.

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18. Poola Jada

Hair & Makeup: Afsha Rangila; Image: RVRPRO

Poola Jada is also one of the traditional options for South Indian brides and it is quite common with millennial brides. The Jada is adorned with jasmine flowers, which symbolizes vitality and peace in married life. This gives the bride a royal look and is perfect for the wedding day. 

19. Fishtail Braid Wrapped With Gajras

Hair & Makeup: Namrata Soni

Fishtails are very popular in the bridal space. But in a South Indian wedding, the braid is supposed to not get messy. And fishtail is a type of deconstructed beautiful messy braid. If you are a bride who does not want to go the traditional way, try the fishtail and add some flowers or jewelry to enhance it. The best inspiration for this is Sonam Kapoor’s Mehendi look which went viral. 

20. Bubble Braid With Flowers

Image: Pinterest

Another type of South Indian bridal hairstyle with flowers is this bubble braid that has become quite a trend. This one is a bit tricky and if you want to do this hairstyle, keep an infinite number of rubber bands. Trust us, it will look so unique and pretty. And eventually, you will be the bride who did something different at her wedding. So go ahead and try this and use small velveteen flowers or you can use rose too, to give your hairdo a more heavy look. 

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21. Open Hair With Sheeshpatti

Image: Wedding Grams

Hello to the brides who believe in ‘let loose your hair and enjoy. This one is for you, do not be afraid of going open hair on your wedding day. And brides with short hair this one is perfect for you. Blow-dry your hair or simply straighten it with your iron and wear a heavy sheeshpatti to give the traditional touch. Take inspiration from Deepika Padukone in Padmaavat wearing the sheeshpatti with open hair. Open hair and a beautiful piece of jewelry will catch everyone’s attention and heart. 

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22. Open Hair With Mathapatti

Image: Imprint Studio

Again for the brides with short hair or the ones who do not want to tie their hair up. Keep your hair open and enhance your look with mathapatti. You can even get mathapatti made of shells or flowers. This will complete your look. 

23. Open Hair With Floral Crown

Image: Zohaib Ali

Another idea for the south indian bridal hairstyle for traditional/modern brides is to simply let her lustrous locks loose and adorn them with a small flower garland at the top side of your head. Flowers or any minimal trinket will add a charm to the whole look. 

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24. Half-Open Hair With Flowers On Top

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

There is endless creativity in South Indian wedding bridal hairstyle. Here is the another very chic hairstyle for milennial and minimal brides. Take half of your hair and let lose the other part of your hair in a wavy form. Now, take some flowers like baby breaths or small velveteen flowers or you can use rose petals or the small rose to put it on the top. It will look stunning and as always the flowers are like the cherry on the cake.

25. Half Tied Braided Hair

Hair: Ritika Kadam; Image: Seven Mantra Films

This braided half tied hair is an absolute head turner and because it is a wedding add some flowers or trinkets to accentuate the look. This hairstyle is perfect for the bride with short hair too. 

26. Floral Dupatta

Image: Paran Singh Photography

This one will surely make everyone talk about you every time they are gonna visit any other wedding. Drishti Khurana made herself the talk of the town by adorning a floral dupatta tucked in her hair. If you want to do something out of the box this one is for you. Style your hair the way you want and put the dupatta on your hair. Chose some small flowers, which won’t restrict your movement. 

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27. Princess Styled Hair With Floral Crown

Image: Badal Raja Company

The brides with princess theme and style in their wedding this hairstyle is one of the styles which will make you look like a princess. Make a messy twist ponytail and adorn the top of your head with flowers made like a crown. It will look like a crown after all you are one princess and you might need your crown on your wedding day. 

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28. Ponytail With Sheeshpatti

Hair & Makeup: Ojas Rrajani; Outfit: Dolly J; Image: Cupcake Productions

Ponytails are not a thing in weddings but, again thanks to the new talented hairstylists and our new age brides who are open to trying new things to make their wedding memorable, it has become a part of the wedding trend. So this is one of the ponytails you can go for on your big day. Messily tie the ponytail and wear a sheeshpatti to complete the look. Even a mathapatti or maangtika works. Sheeshpatti will give an elegant look.

29. Ponytail Adorned With Jewelry

Makeup: Orange The Salon

We have something for everyone to take inspiration from, like this South Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairstyle with accessory. If you do not want to go overboard with your ponytail, just make a simple or twisted high or low ponytail and accessorize it with a piece of hair jewelry. You can buy hair accessories which you can use or else take a long heavy necklace or a choker necklace and style it with your ponytail. 

30. Puff Braided Ponytail

Hairstyle: Ritika Kadam

Bun with a puff is absolutely common. Try a puffed front and french braid which ends up in a high ponytail with some loose strands of hair on your side. If you want, add some accessories or flowers, as it is your big day and the added trinkets will enhance your whole look.


Brides have become more creative and experimentative with their bridal look. We do see variations in South Indian bridal makeup and hairstyle in weddings nowadays, but South side wedding is a little different from the north side. There is a particular style they follow that makes them unique, but a little experiment with keeping the uniqueness alive won’t hurt anyone, thus, you have the above-mentioned ideas to try out. Which hairstyle did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: Studio 31 Weddings

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