20 Latest and Trending Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations ideas

Aug 11, 2021

Weddings are considered an extravaganza affair. However, with Covid-19 in our lives, many customs and situations have changed. For example, the guest limit has decreased, and in the same way, the use of plastic, costly wedding card invitations are replaced. People these days are more aware and conscious of their health and the environment. Henceforth, the new norm of eco-friendly invitation cards has started. 

If you love mother Earth and want to add value to your wedding by citing a solid example. Then this is the best idea. You don't have to compromise for anything as it is your wedding, and it is entirely okay to go the non-conventional way.  For instance, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli sent a sapling to their friends along with their invitation cards. This was such a beautiful gesture towards nature. 

Latest and Trending Eco-Friendly Invitation Card Ideas

Source: Botanical Paper Works

It is an arduous task if you want your out-of-the-box wedding. Since you are breaking all the usual norms, you need to keep in mind certain tricks and tips for eco-friendly wedding invitation cards. You can make use of recycled materials either by buying them or using an old one. The other step is you can ask your friends and family to recycle the invitation cards by leaving them a cute note on the invitation.

Next, you can always make your cards personalized by giving handwritten invitations. You just get the perfectly matched stationary for that. Lastly, you can combine the save the date and invitation card to mention a website including all the wedding details. This way, the guests can fill out the forms and mention special menu requirements by keeping all the allergies in mind. Listed below are some ideas for your eco-friendly Invitation cards.

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1. Make it simple yet elegant with a postcard invite

You can save extra paper for your wedding invitation. Instead, you can use a postcard that is simple, meaningful, and conveys the message clearly. You can use rustic or floral postcards available online. Include your email address on the invite so your guests can RSVP online.

2. Recycled wedding invitation card

The no-brainer when it comes to eco-friendly wedding invitations, recycled paper is the easiest and best way to start planning your wedding consciously. The best way to send invitations is by making them customized and designed in your own handwriting. This leaves a long-lasting impact on the guests.

3. DIY with eco-friendly wedding invite

It is essential to buy a blank envelope or a greeting card. You can get a 48-pack of natural greeting cards and start painting and customizing those cards. During this pandemic, DIYs have become a new trend. Just buy some metallic pens, inks of colors as per your wedding theme, and start adding magic to the blank card. 

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4. Wooden circle pieces wedding invite

The most creative activity one can do at their wedding is adding wooden circle pieces as invites. This makes them look very natural. The exciting part is, you can reuse these wooden slices and tie them with a rope during Christmas or make coasters of them. 

5. Plantable seed paper wedding invitation card

Plantable seed papers are made of poppy, daisy, rudbeckia, and a recycled kraft envelope. Your guests can use this plant to grow flowers. They can do it after they have done rsvp. Not only this, but you can also customize these save the date cards and make them look more beautiful.

6. Let's go, digital!

These days everything has gone digital, organizing events over zoom or showing a wedding ceremony on youtube, then why not send e-invites to your loved ones to save mother nature?  Did you know Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja have also sent e-invites to their friends and family? It is not only cost-effective but also saves paper. The best part? You can use Canva to make your wedding invites, easily and free of cost!

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7. Jute wedding invite

You must try these elegant yet graceful Jute wedding invitation cards. They bring you close to nature and are environment friendly. It has a 'Golden fiber' that you can use for decoration. It will save you money and make your big day special.

8. Banana leaf wedding invitation card

Designer: Hieco by Simran Monga

Are you having a South Indian wedding and want to try something unique and special? Well, we have got you covered! Apart from wearing the traditional Kanjeevaram saree, cultural decor, one thing that will make your wedding unique is this thoughtful banana leaf invite. Giving your wedding an authentic and cultural vibe. You can also wrap your invitation care on it and have separate banana leads with details of your wedding ceremonies. This can be a surprise element for your guests as they would have never expected such a level of creativity!

9. Marigold seed paper wedding invite

These days Marigold seed invites are stealing the wedding show. It is such a unique idea in the eco-friendly wedding cards category. Ask your designer to prepare something like this. Your guests can use the card and then plant the seed in their garden to get beautiful flowers. 

10. Stylish wooden peel wedding invitation card

Remember the wooden jewelry boxes which our mom and grandma used to save it. You can actually create an exotic wedding card out of it. Get the wooden box carved by your and your beau's name. Let's start a new history by preserving our past and culture. You can also get it designed as a photo frame.

11. Vintage wedding invitation card

Did you know that there is a concept of vintage weddings? Well, if the wedding can be vintage, then why not the invitation cards! These types of cards are rustically designed on a piece of timber which gives a vintage touch. You can prepare them from scratch and can make them customized.

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12. Watercolor wedding invite

If you are an art lover, then you must go for watercolor invites. Find an artist who can add colorful strokes to your life's biggest event by designing an invitation card for you. It is a perfect and creative idea that your guests will remember for a long time.

13. Make your wedding invite with CD's

As the trends are changing, people are opting for out-of-the-box wedding ideas. Creating your invitation on a CD is one such adaptation. You can paint the CD along with the picture of the bride and groom. It is incredible, unique, and very stylish.

14. Make your wedding card in a license format

"Yes, you have got the license to get married now." This quirky idea of wedding invitation cards is breaking the stereotypes. You can give a manual marriage book to mention the events, and the licensed card has the main details on it.

15. Boarding pass style wedding invite

Design: Not on the high street

Have you ever thought of boarding such a plane in your life? Well, this is one of the stylish ideas for your D-Day. It adds a classy vibe to this event and your friends & family would happily board this flight. 

16. Ikat print wedding invite

Many wedding invitation cards use printed materials to make them look royal, but the Kashmiri designs and Ikat prints add royalty to these cards. They look extravagant and for a private affair, they are affordable too. Even a simple, intimate wedding gets a celebrated vibe with these prints.

17. Gypsy feel wedding invite

Design: The Hello Bureau

If you want a gypsy vibe and greenery on your cards, then go for this one. It's rustic and lovely. 

18. Fun couple caricature wedding invite

Design: Artude

If you are funny, sarcastic, creative, and imaginative, then you should definitely go for these funny couple's caricatures.

19. Madhubani art inspired wedding invite

This is entirely out-of-the-box style. If you are an art lover, go for Madhubani art-inspired invitation card. They are trendy, intriguing, and unconventional.

20. Scalloped wedding invite with teas

This type of wedding idea is a major shoutout to all tea lovers. You can go for scalloped cards with round-shaped tea leaves. The guests will not only enjoy your wedding but can remember you forever with the style of teas. It is about you and about your taste. People will surely fall in love with your wedding card.

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We hope that you liked our unique ideas and implemented them at your wedding. Private affairs are increasing due to covid. So, we should try something out of the box. Till then, keep showering your love on us to come up with such ideas for you. Then, share it with somebody who needs to read this. 

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