13 Super Thoughtful Gift Boxes For Both Bride & Groom Squad

May 27, 2022

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift? Whether it’s something that you have always wanted, something super useful, or something super beautiful, a gift, in general, makes anyone feel special and loved. While curating gifts for someone special is equally exciting, it also makes them feel important. Giving and receiving a gift is a thoughtful process that mostly everyone enjoys. 

Whenever we are deciding on a gift for someone, we need to make sure of a few things: a) what would they like? b) will it add value to their life? c) will they actually use it? We believe 'number three' is super important to consider while curating gifts that express gratitude towards the guests for being a part of your celebrations. And what is better than giving handcrafted gifts to your folks as it will be intimate and holds an emotional value.

Super Thoughtful Gift Boxes For Both Bride & Groom Squad

If you have already started thinking about what sort of handcrafted gifts to zero in on, then don’t worry, we are here to help you with what to gift to your guests or bridesmaids. While there are hundreds of platforms for making handcrafted gifts and favors, but if you are looking for someplace where you will find gifts for everyone, especially unique, handcrafted gifts inspired by India and Indian art, then there’s no place else than Universal Desi

They offer a wide variety of options, perfect for any occasion. From handcrafted themed gift boxes to clothing and household decor, they have something for everyone, with just one click. 

Their collection of gifts is wow, and their goal is to provide an amazing shopping experience that exceeds the customers' expectations. We especially love their wedding-themed gifts for brides, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and grooms.

Here are a few of our favorite products that you would want to bookmark right now!

1. Maid of Honor Proposal Box

Your best friend is equally excited about your big day and as the designated maid of honor, and some duties are performed by her like arranging a bachelorette, leading the other bridesmaids, appointing everyone their job, and mainly doing everything that will make the bride’s day easier. It is not only a happy but a bittersweet emotional moment for her too.

As a thank you, gift her this handcrafted box that contains a mobile phone pouch, a bindi packet, seven saree safety pins, a handmade jasmine soap bar, a knot bracelet, and a zip-close fabric bangle box, a cosmetic mirror, and a rhinestone hairpin. This is an ideal gift box to make her feel the importance and love you have for her. Each box is handcrafted and is available in different colors and patterns. It can also be customized according to the customers' preferences. 

2. Dulhan To Be Bridal Box

As a best friend to the bride, it is your duty to take care of her and in general, a bride might get jittery and anxious. So cheer her up with this gorgeous handcrafted box specially made for the bride-to-be. Gifting her this will brighten her up and make her feel the love. The box includes a ‘Dulhan-to-be’ Sash, a Tiara, a Journal notebook, a Gold Pen, a Jasmine scented Handmade Soap, a Glass Jewelry tray, a Tealight holder, a Scented Tealight Candle, six Flower Embellished Hair Bobby Pins, a Bindi packet, six Embellished Saree safety pins and the customer’s choice of either a wine tumbler or a mug. You can customize the box by putting the name of the bride on it. 

3. Boho Chic Bridesmaid Proposal Box

No party is a party without your girls, right? Ask your girlfriends to be a part of your celebrations with a Bridesmaid proposal box. The best thing about this package is the bag with the bridesmaid’s name on it, so it will be like a personalized bag for each. Other than this, the bag consists of a customized sipper water bottle, a knot scrunchy hair tie, a tie knot bracelet, a pair of tassel earrings, and a proposal scratch reveal card.

4. Will You Be My…Scratch Reveal Cards

Get your bridal or groom party a personal invite by this scratch reveal card. It is such a fun idea for someone who is confused about how to invite your friends in a special way. 

Each card has a personalized name, a bridal party or a groom’s party role question, and a scratch sticker. The scratch sticker has a pink heart or silver circle design depending on what role you choose. You can add everything on the website while ordering and the designs, fonts, and colors will change according to what you select. 

5. Let’s Suit Up Dost Groomsmen Proposal Box

Why should girls have all the fun, right? This handcrafted box is for the groomsmen. 

The groom can gift this special box to his best pals. The gift will definitely make them come to your wedding and make it a happening affair. The box is black in color and it includes - 1 Kurta design flask, 1 Aviator sunglasses, 1 Metal bottle opener, 1 Cigar cutter, 1 handmade sandalwood/cedar scented massage bar soap, 1 “Cheers Dost” etched Whiskey Glass, and a stunning Lapel pin with assorted colors. 

6. Dulhan-To-Be Individual Gift Items

You do not have to give a handcrafted gift box to the bride, instead, go for individual customized gifts like a sipper, or personalized sun visor, or a vintage sunglass. Especially on the day of Haldi, the bride will be happy to get these as a gift and the tote bag will be an amazing addition.

7. Banogi Meri Bridesmaid Proposal Box

This package is a lot similar to the ‘Maid of Honor Proposal Box’, but it contains the flower bobby pins in place of the rhinestone pins and the price varies a little. These boxes are also handcrafted and can be customized around the colors and designs. 

8. Dulhan/Saheli Champagne Tumbler

While getting ready with all your bridesmaid, the fun of sipping on that glass of wine is a feeling no words can describe. This is a personalized champagne tumbler that you as a girlfriend can gift the bride while she is getting ready or you both can have one. Imagine the pictures you will shoot using this as a prop!

9. Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Proposal Cards

This is another interesting way to invite your friends to your wedding. The design and the format are all the same as the ‘Will you be..’ reveal scratch card. 

10. Bridesmaid Proposal Individual Items

Proposing your girlfriends to become your bridesmaid on your special day is a way to let them know that their support and love are what you need and appreciate. So why not give them individual gift items from the proposal kit like a personalized water bottle tumblers, the Dulhan’s Dream Team bag, or the Saheli sun visor. 

11. Indian Bride and Groom Beer Glasses

If you want to gift something cool and memorable to the happily married ‘new couple’, go for this pair of beer glasses specially designed for bride and groom. This gift will also be a great way for beer-lovers to make a toast at an after-party of their wedding ceremony.

The glasses come in vibrant colors of vinyl cut that represent the ethnic clothing of the bride and groom to wear at an Indian wedding. The vinyl cut makes it look quirky and cool.

12. Color Me Haldi Bridal Box

This haldi handcrafted box is ideal for a bride-to-be. This box is crafted keeping the traditional Indian aspects in mind and the box consists of a ‘Color Me Haldi’ Sash, a Journal Notebook, a Gold Pen, a Turmeric/Jasmine scented handmade soap, a Yellow-colored silk robe of your choice, a small decorative tealight holder, a scented tealight candle, six flower embellished bobby pins, a bindi packet, six embellished saree safety pins, and a yellow-colored water tumbler with a metal straw and a cleaning brush. This whole package will be delivered to you in a beautiful golden hard-cased box with all the customization selected by you.

13. Indian Bride/Groom Couple’s Coffee Mugs

Another cool pair of combo gifts that is ideal for the newly married couple is coffee mugs. It will be so cute and kind of adorable to have a pair of mugs matching to start their first morning with a steaming hot cup of coffee or any hot beverage. While ordering you can choose the personalization like ‘Dulha’ and ‘Dulhan’ or ‘Pati’ and ‘Patni’. Safaa/Turban and Maang Tika/eyes will be on one side of the mugs and your choice of words on the other side.  

A wedding event is a beautiful and the most stressful event for a couple and their families. This is the time when your bridesmaid and groomsmen help you in ways you don’t even think about. As you are near your wedding date, start listing and sorting things according to the budget. Gifts are something tangible to hold on to in name of love and when you put thought behind them, it becomes special. The Universal Desi is a great place to shop for all and the hand-curation of the gifts is what makes it more special and personal. Go to their Etsy shop to check out the many products available and take the advantage of free shipping in the USA on orders over $35.00. You can also follow their Instagram page to get to know about new products. Happy scrolling!

Tell us which one did you like the most?

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