25+ Latest and Trending Paper Decor Ideas For 2023-2024 Weddings

Jul 09, 2022

After finalizing the wedding venue, the first next thing to decide is your decor. Just like everything else, deciding on your wedding decor or decor theme is a very important, but difficult task. You have to decide the color, theme, decor elements you want to incorporate, and any personalization you want to do. From hanging lamps to chandeliers and flowers, there are many things to consider when it comes to your wedding decor. 

You also don't want all your events to look similar, or totally distinctive, there should be a connection, a flow that people would be able to relate to, and especially something that reflects your love, relationship, and most importantly, you two. 

Being familiar with only fancy metallic chandeliers, lanterns, wooden crates and big flower vases in almost every other wedding have undoubtedly made the grandeur more exemplary and bold but not everybody has a similar taste or wants to create a similar vibe. The decor you pick should resonate with your perspective so that the guests can also relate to that idea.

If you are someone who can experiment with colorful, light-weight, and inexpensive decor ideas in times when intimate ceremonies are opted by many, then do consider the paper decor ideas that are not only fancy to display but also super affordable and can easily be DIY. 

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To make your wedding everything from inspiration to vague, these below-listed paper decor ideas are predominantly picked for the picturesque. You will be amazed to see how it adds colors and beauty to your wedding ceremonies. 

Latest and Trending Paper Decor Ideas

While real flowers and lights have been an obvious choice for many of us, these paper decor ideas that can be used in varied ways are definitely going to draw more attention. These are super easy to do, less time-consuming, more creative option saves money, and are an eco-friendly choice. For your home ceremonies, you don't even need a decorator or designer, just a few family members or friends can help you set up a photo wall, or seating area or even decorate some other parts of the house too using these decor pieces. They are equally gorgeous and voluminous in looks and style, which is why we are delighted to share all these ideas with you.

1. Decorative Paper Chandeliers

We all have adored and loved embellished chandeliers hanging in multiple layers infused with colored lighting in wedding ceremonies. You can add that same glam and luxe vibe into your ceremonies with paper chandeliers as well. It can be used for any indoor and outdoor occasion and is available in multiple sizes and styles. If your decorator can provide it, it would be best but If you are willing to make it yourself, all you need is stationary commodities like scissors, thick paper sheets, glue, and for decoration - some beads, and stones. Choose any design and color from youtube DIY videos and you are good to go. Please don't hesitate to take help from your friends or family. 

2. Paper Fan Wedding Backdrop

The classy fan art is a treat to the eyes with a pop of colors and endless styles. They can enhance the backdrops or empty walls' beauty. The making is extremely easy but requires a variety of colored papers that you can display together to give full coverage and an element of sunshine for your pictures. You can choose these ideas for your haldi or mehndi ceremony or just a backdrop for a photobooth.

3. Hanging Paper Snowflakes

The cute and glittery snowflakes can be used as roof decor for any of your ceremonies. The contrasting hues and patterns hung on the roof will give you the experience of walking under falling colors. We are imagining the best pictures under this decor, are you too?

4. Scrapbook Paper Birds

The flying bird's view is always breathtaking and motivating both in real and in the picture. They kind of inspire and express the sky's limit. You can incorporate this idea or theme into your decor if you are a free-spirited person with endless dreams. The designs will come out great if you are organizing an outdoor party in your backyard, garden, park, or any outdoor space. 

5. Paper Pom-poms

The pom-poms are everyone's favorite, no matter what event you attend. Be it a wedding, mehndi, or haldi. They add a fun element and make the decor more highlighting with their colors. You can even display them in the centerpiece or hang them, they can mark their presence from nowhere to everywhere.

6. Colorful Paper Butterflies

Butterflies, nature's creation, become more colorful through paper decor. The bright-colored paper butterflies on walls, backdrops, bushes, trees, or at the table will add extra charm to your decor.

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7. 3D Paper Wall Art

Source: Etsy

In the tech-savvy world, we have 3D decor ideas as well. You can make a paper decoration a step ahead with 3D effects. You can try this decor for any cocktail or for pre and post-wedding ceremonies. 

8. 3D Paper Gems

The light and colorful GEMS made of paper are the latest addition to the category of decor. You can pick them if you want to cover any of your usual walls or the aisle area. The gems could be pasted on the piece of thread and used whichever way you feel comfortable.

9. Paper Scroll Wall Art

Paper scroll art is something we all have given as gifts or a piece of the messenger. Now, you can use this idea as decor too, by hanging it on the wall. Either you can opt for a scroll art wall with many scrolls hanging where the bride and groom express their messages to guests or just hang one for the guests to write their wishes for the bride and groom like we do in a scrapbook. This will make your decor unique from the rest.

10. Paper Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween party decor, these cute tiny ones have their place in wedding decor too. Paper pumpkins decor idea is amazing for outdoor venues, especially gardens or parks where you can highlight them with any theme or color.

11. Paper and Chicken Wire Wall Art

To open up more possibilities for your wedding or sangeet ceremony, this new style of decor will add more tints via the colors or shape you end up making. The pinnacles of the entire look will make your decor stand out in photographs.

12. Diamond Paper Pendant Light

Source: Bryan Gardner

If your event is an evening or late-night affair, then you can magnify the ambiance with flashing and artistic diamond-shaped paper pendant lights. You can also add a bulb in it for them to shine. They would be far more affordable and reasonable than metallic lamps and chandeliers.

13. Spring Paper Flower Garland

Source: Lia Griffith

Flowers are the most common and most loved decor element in South Asian weddings. Real flowers of any color, shape, size, or fragrance look stunning but the same could be achieved from paper flowers, in fact, a better version because they won't shrivel or wilt.

14. Paper Flower Monogram Art

Most weddings these days have a corner for the bride and groom's initials decorated with lights and sparkling metallic sheets. To twist this decor idea, we have paper monogram art to give it a more lively and fancy effect. You can either use your name initials on it or your hashtag or if there's any personal element reflecting your love story. 

15. Layered Paper Letter Wall Art Project

Source: A Beautiful Mess

If your party is a bit classy and you looking for off-beat decor ideas, then the layered paper letter wall is the best option to integrate with your theme. It can be effective for indoor events with a contemporary vibe.

16. Rolled Paper Flowers

To add a tinge of variety for table decor ideas or for vases you wish to set out on your special day, rolled paper flowers are the best. They are easy to make and last longer than real flowers. You can make a bunch of different shapes and colors and place them individually on a table for variation. These can even go on a wall as a backdrop for your wedding stage. 

17. Paper Ball Garland

We admire a variety of colors at a wedding, be it flowers or lights. Your Haldi or mehndi ceremony can have this paper ball garland decor which will make you fall in love with them instantly.

18. Paper Succulent Table Centerpieces

Source: The Happy Scraps

You can take charge of your decor and the green elements you want on tables or surroundings by choosing these paper succulent ideas and making the venue more grooming than ever.  

19. Paper Geode Garland

Source: Lia Griffith

Geometry is quite confusing in real life but gives a very symmetrical feel when seen in decors. Try this theme for your wedding or cocktail party and see how fascinating it looks.

20. Giant Flower Paper Decor Crafts

Source: The Wedding Vibes

Source: Naman Verma Photography

The giant decor has a great impact as they create larger-than-life pictures. These flowers will make the decor bold and audacious. Also, you don't need to have a lot of these giant flowers, only a few will cover your vases and centerpieces or walls.

21. Ombre Paper Mobile

They are the best pieces if you hang them from the roof and in unparalleled dimensions. They will provide you with the same ‘jhoomar’ feel that you get from the metal ones. We believe they make the best space for sunny and bright events.

22. Paper Lantern Decor Craft

Source: Roberto Falck Photography

Finding inexpensive lanterns is impossible during the wedding season. To add shine and sparkle of stars, you have paper lantern decor options to brighten your event. They can be displayed anywhere and be in the limelight of the party.

23. Paper Hanging Hearts

If your party theme is love, then the lovely hearts hanging in the air are as fab as they are on the table or backdrops. You can try different sizes and colors and make your decor more lovey-dovey.

24. Paper Hanging Origami Decor

These bright paper origami are Japanese decor, widely seen in gift stores. You can pick them for your wedding or Haldi decor to add more flavors and designs.

25. Paper Kites

Source: The Wedding Minions

For a bright wedding ceremony like haldi or mehndi, we suggest you go with paper kites. You can decorate or cover your garden, tress, or a roof with hanging kites. It will make the decor more vibrant and merry.

26. Paper Pinwheels

Source: The Vow Weavers

Pinwheels stand for classy, up-to-mark, and bold decor. Incorporate them for a bold theme party where you have golden, rustic, or grey themes. But this doesn't mean they are not Ok for colorful themes. You can try these for all ceremonies.

27. Paper Hanging Umbrellas 

Source: Lacour

Hanging umbrellas makes for great pictures on any occasion. They are colorful, bright, and easily placed decor. You can choose them for anything and everything.

28. Tissue Paper Accordion Bursts

These stunning three-layered paper bursts make captivating centerpieces for walls and table decor. 

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We would love to see you incorporating these paper decor ideas for your wedding ceremonies and tag #pyaariweddings to let us know. 

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