Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs For Weddings & Festivals

Oct 04, 2022

A rangoli adorning someone’s house or event has been a symbol of celebration and welcoming goodness for quite a long time in India. It is the art of decorating the floor or the entrances of homes. Drawing a rangoli is thought to bring good luck, and prosperity to the family and it is like a welcome decor for the guests. In almost every festival or auspicious event, you will find beautiful rangoli designs. In South India, making rangoli is an everyday activity in the morning after cleaning the house. It is like an art that has been passed down generation after generation. Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Sankranti, and Navratri; will be incomplete without Rangoli. Even auspicious and traditional events like puja or wedding events are incomplete without this vibrant art. 

Each state in India has its own way and name for Rangoli. In South India, it is known as Kolam or Muggu; in Rajasthan they call it Mandana and they draw it on the walls; in Kolkata, they call it Alpana which is mostly drawn on the courtyard of the houses, and so on. Not only different names but different ingredients or tools are used to make beautiful Rangoli designs. Here are a few things that can be used to make a rangoli:

  • Colorful Flower petals
  •  Rangoli Powder/Chalk Powder
  •  Colored Raw Rice
  •  Raw Beans/Raw Lentil
  • Raw Colorful Pasta
  • Rice Powder or Salt or Epsom Salt. 

Latest Rangoli Design Ideas

As Rangoli is an old art form, over the years the designs have remained the same yet evolved. It is about different patterns, shapes blended properly, shades of colors, and sizes of the designs that make all the designs the same yet different. Still not sure which design to pick for your special day? No worries, we have selected a few options for you to add to your decor and add charm to your event or house.

1. Circular Rangoli Design

Most of the rangoli designs you will observe is circular. A circle makes a perfect shape when made in the center of an area and looks attractive. 

2. Square Rangoli Design

Source: Hearty Arts Rangoli

Another design is a unique square rangoli which will look great if you get the symmetry right. With squares, you can blend shapes like triangles and circles too. Try this stunning square rangoli with only three colors and lighten up your event.

3. Mandala with Kolam Rangoli Design

Source: Menaka's Rangoli

Now when we talk about mixing two shapes and colors, you cannot just stop there, right? After all, creativity has no full stop. So why not infuse two design patterns like Mandala and Kolam? Kolam from South India has a cursive pattern that South Indians make almost every day after cleaning the house. The cursive pattern is a soothing sight for the eyes. 

4. Circle in Square Rangoli Design

Source: Menaka's Rangoli

When we say that there is no end to creativity, look at how beautiful these designs look. All you need is the correct sense of symmetry, colors, and patience! The flowers are giving the design a beautiful pop of color to make it unique. 

5. Traditional Kolam Rangoli Design

White plays such a beautiful part when drawing Kolam and it stands out too. You can choose to keep the design all white or can add some colors to highlight your rangoli. 

6. Dual Shaded Circular Rangoli Design

Source: Rani Rangoli

Rangoli looks very pretty when using a lot of colors, but sometimes only a few colors, like 2-3 make it look even prettier. If you are looking for a last-minute, easy design to draw, then this dual-shade rangoli, where only two colors are used would be a great pick. 

7. Floral Kolam Rangoli Design

Draw a floral Kolam with the rice flour or simply use the chalk. It will be very easy to make this design. Start by drawing a small circle or a square and then keep continuing making squares and then making petals. From the petals, you have to keep your designs precise so that it matches the other parts. The result will stun you and the guests. 

8. Veena Rangoli Design

Source: Hearty Arts Rangoli

A perfect rangoli design for your wedding events like Sangeet night or wedding ceremony will be this design with a Veena, a musical instrument, incorporated in a beautiful lotus mandala. The intricately designed center and the simple lotus petals on the outside edge are simply stunning. 

9. Couple Portrait Rangoli Design

At a wedding, what is better than drawing a couple's portrait during a wedding ceremony or while performing a ritual? This will be a very interesting and unique design. You can also get creative with the outfits here and use the colors that you are actually wearing, it will look stunning. 

10. Floral Mandala Rangoli Design

An intricate yet simple flower mandala starting with a bloom in the center and then spreading in a huge circle with small circular patterns in white and red will enhance the decor and the event’s vibe.

If you are not ok with just white and want to go all out with colors, then this design would definitely work for you.

11. Circles and Semi Circles Rangoli Design with Florals

Love multicolor designs, then this one is for you. Start with a big circle and in the center add a pinch of each color you have with you and fill the circle. Spread the colors equally not in any selected pattern and then make a design with white on the edge of the circle and then draw semi-circular flowers attached. You will love the finishing, trust us!

12. Floral Design with Peacock Rangoli

Every design has a hero element, and if you want your rangoli to stand out go for this design with the peacock shades. What makes it pretty and unique is the use of such gorgeous bright colors.

13. Elephant Rangoli Design

Source: Hearty Arts Rangoli

An auspicious event with an elephant rangoli drawn with such finesse will lighten up anybody who enters the event. The color combination of this rangoli makes the design look even more amazing.

14. Peacock-Inspired Rangoli Design

Rangoli designs would be incomplete if we do not mention peacock-inspired designs. Add an element of flower-like lotus and the design is good to go.

Source: Hearty Arts Rangoli

For other designs, you can play around with the silhouette of the peacock and add colors and shapes. Take a cue from this design where the peacock is set in the middle of the circle.

15. Abstract Rangoli Design

Source: Vimal Kumar Jain

Rangoli designs are not about being perfect with shapes, sizes, or colors, the only thing that matters is how neat it looks. Later you can add an eye-catching element to stand it out. It can be the shape of the design or the patterns you use, or the colors.

Even if you use white color, add a flower in the middle or somewhere in the design, it will look good and attractive. 

16. Flower Rangoli Design

You don't have to use chalk or colors to draw a rangoli. Even flower petals from roses or marigolds look equally amazing. If you don't want to use single-colored flowers, we recommend using different shades of a single flower to make the design look pretty! To enhance the design, you can add tealights or brass pots at the center or on the sides. 

17. Rangoli Designs That You Can Use Anywhere

Source: Vimal Kumar Jain

For rangolis drawn on the sides, a design with an infusion of Lord Ganesha and Krishna would look beautiful. Look at this design of Lord Ganesha with Lord Krishna’s flute, it will look perfect on the side of any area.

A floral element with different patterns and colors is apt for the sides.

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Here, are a few rangoli designs that you can add to your decor list for your event. When you are already decorating the space with installations, having a rangoli on the entrance or the sides of the floor will enhance the decor. And as Rangoli is a symbol of auspiciousness, and something divine, adding it to your event will add positivity and of course, the use of colors and flower petals adds to it. So, do not hesitate to try it out and think of it as an artsy fun thing to do with your family or friends. 

Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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