21 Trending Groom Jewelry Ideas To Bookmark For The Stylish Grooms

Dec 08, 2022

When it comes to weddings, apart from decorations and venues, the focus has always been on the bride. The bride’s makeup, the bridal outfit, hairstyle, fitness, and the BRIDAL JEWELRY! Brides have always been the center of attention at any wedding. The groom's wedding attire, hairstyle, etc. are rarely given any attention.

Let’s admit it, we are all guilty of waiting for the bride's entrance because it is the bride who will have the jewels on, the makeup on, etc. But is it fair? Is it not the groom’s big day as well? The common mindset is that a groom only needs a wedding outfit, and a pair of shoes and he is good to go. BUT, with the changing times and trends, we are glad to tell you that groom makeup is a thing, groom JEWELRY is a thing and we at Pyaari Weddings are the biggest cheerleaders of this changing trend. Because why should brides have all the fun? So here we are with a list of trending groom jewelry ideas.

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Latest and Popular Groom Jewelry Ideas

1. Pearl Strands 

Pearls have been around for ages. They make for the perfect piece of jewelry if you are going in for a pristine neutral look. Pearls are also a popular choice of jewelry amongst men for their D-day! Layered pearl necklaces are the perfect choice to get that regal look on with just a simple piece of jewelry.

Source: Alia Bhatt

2. Dual-toned Pearl Necklace

Dual-toned pearl necklace would look great with a gold and cream-colored sherwani, or actually with just any colored outfit. Just imagine white and cream pearls layered together! Match made in heaven.

Source: Sabyasachi Official

3. Pearl and Ruby

Pearl having a neutral color is just an apt choice to pair up with other colored stones. If you want to add color to your neutral attire and not go overboard also, just add a bit of red ruby to the pearl necklace and there you have it!

Source: Reels and Frames

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4. Pearl and Emerald

As with ruby, emeralds are another precious stone that can be matched with pearls to add vibrance to your outfit.

Source: Naman Verma

5. Emerald Strands 

Emerald has a beautiful color to it. It is sure to liven up any outfit. They can easily be paired with a neutral outfit or also with a pastel shade of green colored outfit. An Emerald necklace would also pair up well with a bit of maroon and gold in the outfit or with a pink outfit.

Source: Sabyasachi Official

6. Multi-stoned Necklace 

Feeling playful? Go for a multi-stoned necklace, and it is for sure going to match your playful vibe!

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

7. Polki and Ruby  

Polki and Ruby jewelry together is gaining a lot of popularity lately. This pair together is just exquisite!

Source: Diwan Saheb

8. Kundan Necklace

Kundan is the right type of jewelry for you if you are aiming for a simple traditional and elegant look with a bit of shine. A two-layered kundan necklace alone transforms any outfit into a wedding outfit.

Source: Sabyasachi Official

9. Polki Necklace

Polki is a diamond in its most natural form and surprisingly, they are cheaper than diamonds. So now you know what to choose if you want an expensive and grand look without spending too much.

Source: The Cheesecake Project

10. Red Ruby 

Ruby is a very beautiful stone with a gorgeous shade of red color to it. And red we all know is considered to be a very auspicious color when it comes to south Asian weddings. Layers of the ruby necklace are a great idea, also a single strand of ruby necklace paired with some other type of necklace would work wonders.

Source: Sabyasachi Official

11. Ruby and Kundan 

Polki is very versatile when it comes to mixing and matching with other types of jewelry, and ruby with polki is nothing short of elegance.

Source: The Wedding Story 

12. Emerald and Polki 

Another great option to pair up with polki is emerald. You can either have emeralds as part of the polki necklace itself or have them separate. Either way, you are sure to impress your guest.

Source: Nameera by Farooq

13. Kalgi

Kalgi is a gorgeous accessory to put on turbans. It has a long and rich history dating back to the Mughal era. Over the years the designs of kalgi have been modified, yet it continues to reign when it comes to completing the groom’s outfit. You can either keep it small and humble or just go grand. Either way, this piece of accessory can make a powerful exhibition of royalty.

Source: Sabyasachi Official

14. Earrings

Adding small studs or balis in one ear or both would leave no stone unturned to give that royal Rajput look.

Source: Srihari Diagems by Anirudh

15. Pearls with Pendant

If you are wanting to wear pearls but don’t want it too simple also, get a pearl necklace with a good-sized pendant with it. And you just amped up your whole look.

Source: Omega Productions

16. Gold

Gold jewelry has been around for ages and is going nowhere. When it comes to traditional outfits, gold is the most versatile and simple option. The options with gold when it comes to jewelry are endless. Just a single layer of the heavy gold chain would do the magic. And if you are going in for a grand look, then multiple strands of the layered gold necklace is the answer with some colored beads.

Source: Sabyasachi Official

17. Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be easily forgotten about, but trust us when we say cufflinks are a great piece accessory to add charm to your wedding outfit and complete the look. Many Jewellers also give the option of customizing cuff links to your preference. We suggest gold cufflinks with the wedding date engraved on them.

Source: Eina Ahluwalia

18. Necklace with Temple Jewelry

Having a temple or religious pendant hooked to a necklace is so edgy and perfect for traditional weddings.

Source: Studio A by Amar Ramesh

19. Brooch

Brooches have been around for a very very long time. Although it is a small accessory it plays an enormous role in completing the outfit. Brooches are also a great choice to add a touch of royalty.

Source: Outhouse Jewellery

You can always go in for costume brooches or get them made in precious stones. There are a plethora of options available to buy. And if nothing suits your boat, you of course have the option to get it customized!

Source: Shutterdown Photography

20. Contrasting Jewelry

One foolproof way to have all the eyes on you is by contrasting your jewelry with your outfit. Imagine strands of green emeralds with a pink outfit!

Source: JJ Valaya

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21. Rings

Why ignore the fingers when you can accessorize them also? Just put a ring on it! Rings are another piece of jewelry to get your jewelry game right and are easily available to customize to the stone or metal of your choice.

Source: Rajkumar Rao ; Stories by Joseph Radhik

Things to Consider Before Choosing Groom Jewelry 

1. Take your time 

The usual norm is to invest time and research skills in finding the perfect wedding outfit. However, we believe with the wide range of types of jewelry available in the market, more time should be invested in finding the right piece of jewelry since it is going to cost more than the outfit. And researching the right piece doesn’t get any easier than it is in this digital world where in the comfort of your house you can access the catalogs at your fingertips.

2. Get the Jewelry First! 

Another common practice is to find the outfit first and then look for jewelry to match it. But, the correct way to go about it is to first decide on your jewelry and then find a wedding outfit to match it. It may sound very unconventional, but trust us you are going to thank us later. Wedding jewelry is going to be one of the most expensive items you are going to buy for your wedding, so why not buy something which can be used again for different occasions and not locked away after being used once in the wedding?

3. Stick to the Budget

With the ever-growing demand for groom wedding jewelry, a wide range of men’s jewelry is also now available in the market. Therefore, it is very easy to get carried away and splurge when surrounded by so many options. So we suggest you decide on an upper-limit budget and stick to it! Being in a jewelry store can feel like being a kid in a candy store. I mean who are we kidding, men love their jewelry too! So take our advice, and set the budget, so you don’t go overboard.

4. Evergreen is the answer

With the ever-changing trends, it is easy to get carried away and get enticed to buy contemporary designs. But let's not forget that jewelry is an asset and should be invested in wisely and what better than buying evergreen pieces that will never get “old-fashioned”?

5. Buy from trusted jewelers

It is always better to buy the jewelry from reputed jewelers and not some local jewelers as they are more reliable, and quality and authenticity will not be an issue. However, still, make sure to check the certifications of the jewelry, and don’t forget the bill!

6. Ditch the trends

Being open-minded is the key when it comes to wedding jewelry. There is no harm in following trends, but then following trends wouldn’t necessarily make you stand out. And we believe, like the bride the groom also deserves to have all the eyes on him. So go for something different, which will make you look unique and not one of the many others.

7.  Check the Clasp

When buying jewelry people usually check the certificate, design, etc. but forget one of the main things which is the clasp. The clasp is the most important part of a necklace which ensures its safety. So first things first, check the quality of the thread used, the hook, and the grip. Heavy duty is always the best!

8.   Know where your money is going

Since buying jewelry is no joke and can cost a bomb, it is a good idea to know where your money is going. Insist on all the details of the jewelry and ask for a breakup of the price.

9. Bargain!

It is a common belief that bargaining is only done in small local shops and flea markets. However, let us tell you a secret, you can bargain on the making charges. Yes, you read it right! So make sure you practice your bargaining skills or better take your mom along. Moms are the best bargainers after all!

10.  Know your style

With so many wedding jewelry styles in the market, you must recognize what’s your style. Like we said before also, ditch the trend and go for something that attracts you and not something others tell you looks good on you. After all, it’s your day and you have to wear it! Even if your style is offbeat, go for it! Because that is what will set you apart and have all the eyes on you!


The trend of groom jewelry is here to stay, and as we said, we at Pyaari Weddings are the biggest cheerleaders of this trend. The mindset that jewelry on men is only for rappers is not relevant anymore. There are numerous instances of B-Town grooms donning jewelry on their wedding day and let's agree that they looked as dapper as it gets. Grooms wearing jewelry on their wedding day are a total game changer and also add a royal quotient to their look. So dear grooms, get the jewelry on, it’s your time to steal the show!

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