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Dhamaka Productions

(5 review) / LA

Established in 1995, Dhamaka Productions has been serving the South Asian Indian, Pakistani, Punjabi, Gujrati, South Indian, Bengali, and Sri Lankan Community in Southern California, LA and OC area since 1994....

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DJ Scorpio

(25 review) / LA

Dj Scorpio is fascinated with the western fusion Bollywood & Bhangra music brought to the forefront when being mixed with electronic, house and hip-hop beats in the mid 90’s. Scorpio took the new gear he had and learned some of the most simple skil...

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Fusion Sounds

(6 review) / LA

Fusion Sounds provides DJ services for South Asian Indian community in the areas of Los Angeles, Orange County and all local states around California and consistes of has some of the top Indian DJ's in Southern California area....

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