23 Latest Bride and Bridesmaids Photo Ideas That You'll Totally Love

Sep 01, 2022

The most special day of a bride is incomplete without her bridesmaids by her side, just like always. From playing doll house to seeing your BFF getting married to the love of her life, the feeling is surreal. Bridesmaids is just not a tag or a name, it's an emotion altogether. There are many things that only a bridesmaid can do, like - hosting a fun bachelorette party, helping you get ready, and supporting you in every step towards your forever.  

Bride and Bridesmaids Photo Ideas to Bookmark

The best photos are the ones taken with your bridesmaids on the most special day of your life. Be it some crazy moments from Bachelorette night, from your sangeet night dance performance, getting ready shots, or even some bridal entry with bridesmaids shots. Social media is filled with such-cutesy photos and we, being your ultimate platform for all South Asian wedding inspiration makes sure that you not only enjoy the present but also seal the memories that you will cherish forever. Apart from the photos taken with your best half, make sure you don't miss taking these photos with your bridesmaids/girl gang for your wedding album 

1. One From The Most Memorable Night - Bachelorette Party

Source: Hanna S Khan

All the crazy things you did your friends, will be the best memories you will ever have!

The coolest bachelorette party is when you have all your friends in one place, wearing coordinated pajamas, drinking tons, playing games, and having loads of fun! But one thing that you should not forget is to take many photos as possible to make it more memorable. 

2. Dance Like No One's Watching

I can't keep calm, it's my BFF's wedding!

Why keep calm when you can dance your heart out and be a part of your BFF's most special day? Make sure you prepare a dance performance with the bride and surprise everyone. Pick a song that you both relate to or something that's the bride's favorite and ask your photographer to take the photos and even, videos, especially when you all are twirling. We are sure that you and your bridesmaids will cherish these moments for eternity. 

Source: The House on the Clouds

3. Showering Her with Love & Flowers

Make sure the bride is showered with lots of love and flowers on the days leading to her wedding. These will not only give you great photos, but also another chance to bring a smile to her face. 

Source: Dhanika Choksi Photography

4. Hands up and dance pose

Source: The Blemished Tales

This is one of the poses that will never go wrong and is super easy to follow. All you have to do is - either take one of your hands up and pose or use both hands and pose a similar way. Just make sure you and your gang are all smiling to get the best photos.

5. Do Me a Favor Let's Play Haldi

Source: Reels and Frames

No wedding is complete until your friends and family take some crazy Haldi photos and ace the fun to the next level. Take some shots while you apply Haldi to her face, and one with the gang putting Haldi together. Get crazy, get wild, get all Haldi-fied. 

6. Dropping The Kaleera Pose

Kaleeras are beautiful accessories worn on the wrists of Indian/Punjabi brides during the Kaleera ceremony that takes place on the day of the wedding. They are hung with bangles or choora looking like gorgeous chandeliers. There are multiple options to choose from - from dainty kaleeras to personalized kaleeras, to elaborate ones. But the best photos of Kaleera ceremony are taken when the bridesmaids sit in line for the bride to play with her kaleeras and drop some on their heads. It is believed that if the kaleera falls on your head, you are next in line to get married. It's a fun ritual and taking photos here would only seize this moment to glorious memories. 

Source: Studio RDP

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Source: Delhi Velvet

Source: Vinuthna Garidipuri

7. Coordinated Outfits for the Win

What not to love about this coordinated picture?

From playing dress-ups to wearing matching outfits, there's nothing more beautiful than wearing coordinated outfits at your BFF's wedding ceremonies and taking loads of photos to treasure the moments for eternity. 

You can all wear a similar style of outfit, or the same color or can even pick one color from the bride's outfit, and all your bridesmaids can wear that color. 

Source: Shutterdown Photography

Source: Blanche Hanger

Source: Label Sanya Gulati

8. When you have Every Moment Full of Joy and Laughter

Alia Bhatt has always been giving #bridesmaidsgoals whenever she attends her friends' weddings, leaving us wanting to see more photos of her fashion, style, and good times in general. But this one photo shown below is where Alia is the bride with her bridesmaids on her side, surrounded by friends with wide smiles and effortless points, depicting true friendship. 

Another one that we loved is this 'say cheeseeee' photo of the bride with her friends that's too adorable and candid. 

Source: Alfaaz Photography

Shot by Weddingrams

Their candid pictures and laughter are too cute to admire.

9. Unveiling the First Look

Apart from unveiling the first look with your parents or partner, make sure you do one with your excited gang of bridesmaids too. It will be a very emotional 

“Oh my god” could be the only expression they will have for you when they will finally see you dressed as a gorgeous bride, ready to be Mrs from Miss. 

Source: Trenholm Photo

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10. Getting Her Ready

From doing her makeup for college parties and making hairstyles for shopping dates, you two have come a long way!

Source: The Camerawalaa

Nothing is more beautiful than your team of gorgeous bridesmaids taking care of your last-minute makeup touches and jewelry settings.

Source: Yratta Media

11. Tying The Kaleera Pose

This pose will definitely give you the best photos. You can either side by side with the bride, can sit on the floor, or the bride and bridesmaid can keep standing and then adjust the Kaleeras. While standing the Kaleeras will also be more visible. 

Source: Nikitaa

12. One More Hug Before She Becomes Miss to Mrs

Feel the presence of love wrapped up within a hug.

Just hug her tight as she enters the most exciting phase of her life and becomes Mrs from Miss. You can take a photo while she is sitting and you are hugging her from behind or do a proper hug while standing, sideways, or from the front.

Source: Reels and Frames

If you are two friends then make the bride stand in the center and squeeze her tight to showcase your love. 

Source: The House on the Clouds

13. With the Stunning Bride When She is All Ready

When the bride and bridesmaids all are ready, take some time out and take the best photos with the gang. These will be the memories that you will cherish forever when you will be excited but nervous about the new journey that you are about to start. Make sure you get comfortable and take some photos with your bridesmaids and ease the anxiety. 

You can simply stand in one line, take props, look at each other and smile, do a group hug, or some girls can stand, while others can sit while the photographer captured the moment. Make these moments count and laugh out loud with the best gang that you have got. 

Source: The House on the Clouds

14. Walking Down the Aisle

We are spellbound looking at grand bridal entries, especially with your bridesmaids. One such entry that we have loved in recent times is this one from Indian actor, Mouni Roy's South Indian wedding. The way the bridesmaids are all coordinated and are carrying traditional diyas, lanterns, and thalis is just very serene and pretty. 

PS: Love how there were flowers and lanterns kept on the stairs leading to the Mandap area. 

Source: Priyam Parikh Pictures

15. Phoolon Ki Chaddar

While we have mostly seen the brothers holding the phoolon ki chaddar, but here, at Indian actor, Katrina Kaif's wedding, her sister holding the chaddar for her is wholesome. The love and affection these Kaif sisters have for each other are pretty evident in this picture. 

We also loved how pretty they all looked in coordinated outfits, showing their biggest smiles. 

Source: Katrina Kaif

16. Walking down the aisle Dancing

Who says a bride has to be all coy or act shy while walking down the aisle? Grooving on the dhol beats while walking down the aisle with your bridesmaids is #bridalentrygoals for us!

You can either prepare a dance for this moment or can go impromptu, either way, it's going to be the highlight of the wedding. 

Source: The House on the Clouds

17. The Sisters Pose / The Sisters Before The Misters Pose

Source: Sutej Pannu

Your sister may no longer be living with you or sharing the room, but she will always be close to your heart. Make sure she has the wedding of her dreams and be there for her, whenever she needs you. 

More importantly, dress up nicely and make lots of memories with your dearest sister on your wedding day and other wedding events, just like good old times. 

Source: Fourfold Pictures

18. Setting her Dupatta Pose

You will always need your sister, no matter what. When you want to share your secrets, need someone's support, go shopping with you, get you ready for your big day or even give final touches to your bridal look and set your dupatta. Make sure you capture this moment in a photograph, so you can always look back at this sweet memory whenever you are missing her a little too much. 

Source: Beginnings for you

19. Posing with the Gang

Source: Reels and Frames

We love when the bride and bridesmaids' photos are on point. You can go for portraits or simply take natural, candid shots. They both make for great photos. 

20. Look Away from the Camera Pose

Candid shots are the most fun shots, but the beauty of portraits or planned poses is to another level. You can choose to look in the camera or look away in opposite directions while getting this classic shot that's going to be one of your most beautiful memory with your bridesmaids. 

Source: HVH Makeup & Hair

21. The Emotional Pose

The solace of a sister's love can never be felt than in her arms themselves.

The one when you cannot get enough of her. Hold her close and take the photo as you two feel like. It just needs to be unfiltered emotions coming your way, with nothing to pose. 

Source: Dotdusk

22. Just One Last Kiss To The Miss Pose / Bridesmaid kiss

No one can ever replace the love and affection you have for each other. Give the most heartfelt kiss to your BFF/sister, and save this memory for years to come. You can later print this photo and frame it so she is always there for you. 

Source: Mehreen Pirzada

Source: Paran Singh Photography

23. Head on her Lap Pose

Goodbyes are never easy, especially when we have to say goodbye to our special ones and this photo truly depicts the same. 

Source: Ersa Batool

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Your wedding album and your wedding, in general, are incomplete without the bride and bridesmaids' photos. These moments spent while getting the perfect shot will be a memory you will always remember with the ones who have made everything look so easy and comfortable. A bridesmaid could be anyone - your sister, best friend, or a distant cousin. These unique and fun shots with your bridesmaids on your most special days will only fill your heart and album with so much to treasure for a lifetime. 

Bookmark the best ones and share them with your bridesmaids and photographer beforehand, so everyone is on the same page. 

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