The Ultimate Bridesmaid Duties Checklist Every BFF & Sister Needs

Jul 18, 2022

Being a bridesmaid is an extremely fun-filled as well as responsible task. This means that you are the closest and most trustworthy person a bride wants to have along for her entire wedding planning and preparations. Whether it's going shopping together, fitting trials, movie dates to keep the bride calm, getting her ready on the big day, or when she needs someone to just hug and let her know that you are always there, holding her hand through it all. To tell her she is going to be the most beautiful bride, and assure her everything will go as planned. 

A bridesmaid can be anyone - your best friend, sister, cousin, or all of them. She is someone a bride can reply upon with all her heart.

Let's take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and dedication bridesmaids put in for her BFF's most special day. 

Bridesmaid Duties Checklist Every BFF & Sister Needs

If you are the one who is soon going to be a bridesmaid, make sure you know that this is going to be your life's most beautiful and hectic time. You have to multitask all the work you are going to manage and take care of your health at the same time. Also, to ease your stress we made a note of all the important tasks you have to accomplish that go into planning and executing the bride's dream wedding. The list is endless, but we are sure, you will do a fab job!

If you are searching for ways or tips to help the bride, then this checklist below will come in handy, for sure! You can visit Pyaari Weddings or set a reminder to check this piece of information before wearing the bridesmaid cap.

1. Accompanying Her in Shopping

Shopping is always fun! From your casual shopping dates to shopping for your friend's wedding, it is an emotional roller coaster for you both. You have waited for this day to happen since forever, and when it is actually happening, it's a 'pinch-me' moment. We are sure you two have talked about the kind of wedding she always wanted and the kind of outfit she wants to wear on her big day. But talking about it and now actually going out shopping feels surreal, right? But trust us, the bride-to-be needs you more than ever. She wants you to go out shopping with her, help with the selection process, and give her honest views. 

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2. Accompany Her for Dress Trials and Fittings

Even if the bride has selected her dream outfit, it's still not perfect until it fits her flawlessly. The fitting of the outfit is as important as selecting the color of the outfit and design. Sometimes it takes multiple fitting sessions to get the fit right, and sometimes the outfit hugs the body as if it's always meant for you. It is definitely more time conducive, and if a bride has someone to rely on, who is available on one call, then there's nothing like it. This most crucial job gets easier if a bride has her bridesmaids there for her. 

3. Throw Her a Fun Bachelorette Party

'One fling before the ring' - The Bachelorette party is one of the fun events a bride looks forward to. She wants to spend a great time with her bridesmaids before she becomes 'Miss to Mrs.' While planning and prepping for the bachelorette, make sure you consider the bride's likes and dislikes and don't forget to throw her a party she will never forget. 

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4. Get Ready for a Grand Dance Performance

Nowadays we see so many dance performances doing the rounds on Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest, and we must admit, we LOVE it. The choice of songs, the dance moves, smiles, everything makes the event, a fun-filled one.

You can also prepare for a surprise, solo, or group performance for the bride. She won't only be excited to see your effort, but it will also be one of the memories she will keep close to her heart forever.

We know you will be busy handling a zillion other tasks during the wedding planning, but if you can take some time out and manage this, then there's nothing like it. 

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5. Make Sure the Bride is Well Rested

Happiest brides are the prettiest, we probably have heard this many times, but do you know - to keep the bride away from wedding jitters and anxiety, she must be well-rested. For all the bridesmaids, it should be one of your duties to make sure that the bride is following a sleep routine, especially 1-2 days before the wedding. It will make her look fresh and relaxed on the day of her new beginnings. 

6. Keep the Wedding Planning and Preparations Chaotic and Mess-free

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We understand that the whole wedding preparations and planning for a bride, her family, and her bridesmaids are not so painless. But, if the friends or cousins can share this responsibility, the bride can keep calm and focus on others things to do. Her stress or anxiety level can be reduced to zero if all or some of her work is sorted and arranged in advance or taken care of by the bridesmaids.

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7. Assisting the Bride with DIY Decor for Wedding Ceremonies

We often get inspired by looking at the decor reels and photos on Instagram, Pinterest, or other social media accounts, and so can be the bride. If she is planning on doing something similar like DIY decor for mehndi, sangeet, or haldi ceremony, the bridesmaids can help her make that possible. Being a bridesmaid, you can give her suggestions or add in your creativity with innovative ideas that you can easily find on Youtube or other similar platforms. Creating the decor for photobooths or wedding ceremonies would become fun and more memorable, rather than a tiresome process if she has her bridesmaids by her side. Offer extra hands and give wings to her ideas!

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8. How About a Fun Kaleera Ceremony?

Kaleera is one of the most fun rituals at an Indian wedding ceremony. The kaleera ceremony takes place on the day of the wedding where the family and friends tie kaleeras on the wrist of the bride and give love & blessings for her new journey. After the kaleeras are tied, the unmarried, friends, and cousins sit in a row and the bride shakes her kaleeras on their heads. It is believed, that whoever gets the string of kaleeras fallen on her head or her lap will be next in line to get married. 

Make sure you click lots and lots of photos during this ceremony, and make it more memorable. 

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9. Help Her Get Ready

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From doing each other's makeup to getting her ready for her big day, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your BFF or sister as a bride. While you are already helping her a lot - from shopping to decor to everything possible, but getting her ready and spending precious time before she becomes Mrs from Miss will be emotional. Help her get ready the morning/evening of the wedding - double check her makeup, hair, accessories, or if anything is missing to complete her look. 

Enjoy these little moments that you will cherish forever. 

10. First Look with your Girlfriends

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Who says first-look photos are only meant to be taken with your partner? While it's really special and emotional when you see your partner on the wedding day, it will be extremely exciting to do this with your girlfriends also. They have been there with you in all ups and downs, and seeing you as the most beautiful bride, will definitely be a special moment for them too. 

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11. Communicate with the Vendors

There will be hundreds of things that need communicating with the vendors and coordinating for the little details. Whether it's communicating with the guests for seating, DJ for the bride's perfect entry song, planner for the flow of events, or any other. Take the responsibility so the bride doesn't have to worry about these little things on the wedding day, and focus on just having fun, being herself, and soaking in all the love that she is surrounded with. 

12. Walking Down the Aisle with your Bridesmaids

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Nowadays brides can be seen making a grand entry under phoolon ki chaadar carried by her sisters/bridesmaids. Usually, this ritual is done by the brothers of the bride. But this sweet gesture where bridesmaids are accompanying the bride on her most memorable walk would speak volumes of the bond they share.

13. Prepare a Fun Speech

The wedding will be a special and very emotional day for the bride and her family. One moment would bring them tears, and in the other, they can be seen laughing their heart out. To bring balance or to set their mood swings, a fun speech prepared by a bridesmaid would be a great opportunity to not only share how much the bride means to you or how special your bond is but also make her remember the funny moments you two have been a part of. An old memory from high school or a weird incident while you two were enjoying your Sunday brunch are the little moments that make her feel nostalgic and remember the good old times. 

14. Make Sure the Bride is Eating Well

Most of the time, the bride is too occupied to even have her meal on time or ends up skipping the meals altogether because of her endless phone calls with the vendors or shopping trips for outfits and jewelry. But being a super bridesmaid, you must keep reminding her if she had her meals on time, or if she is keeping herself hydrated enough. You can make her a diet chart, send it on Whatsapp and follow up on the same occasionally.  

It's not easy to keep up with the wedding anxiety and with everything that's happening around, especially on the wedding day. Make sure the bride is often asked about food and water to keep her from falling sick. 

15. Keep the Bride Calm & Pious During the Wedding Ceremonies

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Only a best friend can know what is going on in her bride's mind and how to keep her calm from all the worrisome she has been going through. A bridesmaid should be able to handle the stress and keep the bride calm and composed during the wedding ceremonies. The bride needs to enjoy every bit of her most special day and get the best pictures as memories sealed forever. 

16. Take Her to the Washroom

A bride can take all the help that comes her way - whether it's fixing the makeup, securing the outfit perfectly with a safety pin, or helping her pee, as it's more than difficult to be able to pee in a 30-kilo lehenga, isn't it? A bridesmaid can assist the bride in the bathroom visits and hold her outfit so it doesn't get spoiled. Make sure she is comfortable in every possible way!

17. Have an Emergency Kit Ready with You

The whole process of wedding planning is chaotic and stressful, having a first aid kit or some basic medicines nearby could save the bride, family, or bridesmaids from major complications. 

18. Take Note of the Gifts to Thank Them Later

At every wedding, the bride and her family are honored with so many presents and gifts which they cannot remember or could miss sometimes. So, assigning this duty to your Bff or cousins can help the family to thank individually later and appreciate their love and blessing to the newly married couple. 


We know the list doesn't end here, there are hundreds and thousands of things a bridesmaid can help with in making the BFF's wedding, a dream affair, just like she always wanted. We are also well-versed with the fact that everything can't be done at once, but keeping the reminder and setting them in the hierarchy can ease and efficiently handle the stress of doing them. 

We suggest that writing your duties in the serial order or marking them once done can be a way better option. If possible don't hesitate to take help from other friends and cousins to accomplish all these tasks.

Authors: Radhika Sharma; Neha Garg Ahuja

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