Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Beautiful Dusky Skin

Jan 20, 2022

Dusky skin is also known as ‘sun kissed’ or ‘tanned skin’. It is a little darker than the wheatish colour skin. Make-up should be done like a second skin art and not completely whitewash the real shade and colors of your face.

For dusky skin, it is not impossible to get products but it indeed gets difficult to get the base foundation and concealer in the correct shade that suits your skin. It is also important to balance your make-up and outfit. After all one decides the outfit first and then the make-up to go with it. There is no one way to do make-up, every face, every skin shade is different, which is why we have bought a few suggestions and tips to do bridal makeup on your dusky skin.

Most Effective Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin

Dusky skin highlights your features in the best, possible way and there's a lot that you can experiment with too. But one thing you need to make sure of is - to find or identify the right makeup or shade that would suit your skin. Listed below are a few makeup tips that you can consider if you have beautiful, dusky skin.

1. Cleansing Before and After

Always start make-up by cleaning your face first. Even after you remove any existing makeup or cream, always use a face wash that suits your skin. Go through the ingredients part to understand what product you are using. Cleaning your face will give you a clean, even surface to work with while applying make-up.

2. Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise

Always try to moisturize your skin first before applying make-up products, so it does not tend to appear ashy or dry. And if the wedding is scheduled to be in the daytime then do apply sunscreen too. Use a moisturizer suitable to your skin type. It smoothens your skin so that the application of the make-up becomes easier.

3. Find Your 'The One' Shade

Outfit: Sabyasachi

Find the correct shade of base and foundation for your skin. You do not want to hide your skin shade but sharpen your features. Make-up is supposed to make you look good but not at the cost of masking your skin shade. If your skin is too oily, a matte or water-based foundation will suit you best. But if your skin is dry, use a cream-based product. Go for the correct shade of foundation. It may take some time but once you understand the shades then it will be easier for you to shop next time. If you do not get the correct shade, then mix a lighter or darker concealer with the foundation to make it match your skin tone.

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4. Conceal It

Hair & Makeup: Artistry by Jasmine

Concealer is important. Use colors like red and orange as it helps dusky shades more than colors like pink, blue or yellow. It helps to hide your dark circles and spots which you want to hide on your big day. Finding a correct concealer shade is again necessary so that you can blend it nicely with your skin tone. And if you are feeling experimental on your D-day, then definitely go with your choice but make sure to blend it properly with the base.

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5. Contouring

Photographer: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Most of us find contouring a challenging task, but you just need to remember one fact; when it comes to contour, use a shade that is one tone darker than your skin. And if you do not have a contour palette, do not panic. Use colors like brown, deep red, and orange from your eye color palette or your lip colors. Matte lip shades are good products in place of an actual contour palette.

6. Eye For An Eye

Source: Sobhita Dhulipala

For eyes, before applying eye shadow, do apply an eye primer, so that the color shade will set in properly. This also helps in intensifying color and prevents creasing over time. If you do not have an eye primer, mix aloe vera gel with a little bit of moisturizing to use instead. You can use this mixture before applying your facial make-up too. For dusky skin, a smoky eye looks gorgeous. A dusky skin tone pairs beautifully with deep colors so don’t be afraid to pick up shades that you’ve been intimidated by in the past. Plums, taupes, bronze, copper, brown, green, or gold - they’ll all complement your complexion and eye color so very well. Other than that, you can go for the color of your outfit for your eyeliner color and golden shimmer for the shadow. Colors like red, orange, deep blue, emerald green will look lovely on dusky skin. And as mentioned earlier, you can choose a color from your outfit and use it as a shade of your eye shadow or the liner. You can blend two colors too if you feel like experimenting and are good with blending.

7. Pout

Photographer: Lin & Jirsa

Finding the right shade of lipstick can be quite a task, especially when there are many shades. And in a wedding, it becomes more important to choose that one shade that will make your smile turns head and pout click-worthy. Don’t shy away from choosing different colors. Some amazing shades you can carry off are chocolate, dark red, ox-blood red, maroon, orangey-red, or even wine. Corals, nudes, and mocha shades would also beautifully compliment dusky skin tone. Going simple and just sticking with a clear lip gloss is a good way to make your gorgeous skin stand out. Matte and glossy lip colors, both go great on the dusky complexion. You can even choose frosty and shimmery shades. You can go for dark shades like berry, plums, burgundy, or mauve, but nude lips look better on dark skin. If you think your lips are dark and you want to bring out the color after applying the shade, apply a tiny amount of foundation on them before wearing lipstick.

8. Highlight To Shine

Makeup: Ardana Haran Bridal

For beautiful dark skin tones, it’s important to choose shades that are warmer like champagne, rose gold, gold and purple highlighters stand out. You'll want to avoid any shades that are too cool or icy. As said by the celebrity make-up artist 'Nick Barose' dusky skin already has its highlight, so anything too frosty or shimmery will just be too much. He recommends liquid highlighters that set a velvety finish with a gentle sheen. It will make the skin look luminous by reflecting light but without being frosty or metallic. Apply the highlighter to the high points of your face, complementing it with a bronzer (if you have one), and you are ready, and as Rihanna said ‘shine bright like a diamond’.

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9. Set Balance

Outfit: Sabyasachi

Always keep a balance while doing make-up. On occasions like weddings, one tends to go overboard with colors, shimmers, and glitters. But you have to choose everything carefully and have to make sure the make-up is perfectly going with your choice of outfit. Always keep a balance between eye make-up and lip make-up. Day and night do make a difference in make-up. Generally, it is said to go subtle while daytime and loud at night-time; that is not how it works. It is all about the choice of make-up shades and products and balance.

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10. Cover All Areas

Outfit: Sabyasachi

While doing base make-up, make sure you are covering the neck areas too and the areas which will be visible. The color of your face and neck need to be the same. That’s why your foundation should always be blended into your neck. Nothing looks worse than having your face look one color and your neck another. Everyone thinks make-up is just for the face but it is about the whole outfit and hair too. If you are wearing off the shoulder, or backless dress or blouse, you have to cover the visible areas with the base foundation to balance it out with your facial make-up. If you apply makeup in the wrong light, you may end up using the wrong shades or being too heavy-handed with your makeup. Make sure you check your makeup in natural lighting once before you leave your house.


Applying makeup when you have darker skin can sometimes be tricky since many makeup companies cater to lighter skin tones. However, dark skin has the advantage of pulling off a much greater range of colors than lighter shades. Bold and bright colors look amazing too on dark skin. These colors blend into darker skin much more naturally, giving you a beautiful and sophisticated look. A dusky skin tone can handle pigmented colors like none other. Take examples from actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Our Desi Girl PC rocks those red lips like no one and Deepika Padukone’s Smoky-eyes are to die for. And do not apply make-up to look beautiful and to hide your skin shade. You want to look pretty but not at the cost of masking yourself. Your skin color isn’t a flaw but a part of who you are.

Use make-up to enhance that beautiful face. Once you see it like that, sitting down to do your make-up will feel empowering more than anything else. That being said, you make your own rules when it comes to your life, so if you are experimenting and you are confident enough to carry out any colors and shades you like, go for it. No one has the right to stop you from being you!

Photo Sourced & Edited By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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