All The Rage: Micro-Weddings

Oct 10, 2021

Pandemic affecting your wedding plans? What if you can have your wedding and eat your cake too? In this month’s All the Rage, we’re taking a look at Micro Weddings.

A micro wedding is a wedding event with less than 50 guests. While this may seem like a slap on the face to the boastful 300+ guest count traditional South Indian weddings, they offer many benefits if couples are open to it. We listed out some points below that give our POV on the two. Let us know what you think and what couples should consider when making their wedding decision.

1. Experience

Micro-weddings: Micro weddings will allow you to enjoy your weddings and some more one-on-one time with all your guests.

Traditional: Even though the day is about you, you’ll still feel frantic in making sure things are in place on your big day just because there’s so much that you’ve planned for.

2. Cost

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Micro-weddings: Indian wedding costs in the USA for micro weddings can range anywhere from $1600-$10k.1

Traditional: The traditional Indian wedding cost in the USA can range anywhere from $225k - $285k.

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3. Photo/Video

Micro-weddings: You can trust in the fact that the majority of your wedding will be captured since photographers and videographers can be quick to capture memories as there isn’t a huge guest count.

Traditional: Photographers and videographers might miss key moments since there are 300 guests and it can be hard to tell where the action is.


4. Creativity

Micro-weddings: Micro-weddings will allow you to think outside the box. Since you’ll have fewer costs, you can create an experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Traditional: Creativity sometimes gets lost with big weddings. As there are many guests, couples usually do things that you’ll see at many other weddings you go to. It’s not a personalized experience, but rather one that fits the masses.

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5. Wedding Planning Stress

Micro-weddings: Much easier for micro weddings. Think less coordination and less time.

Traditional: Much difficult for traditional weddings. Which guests sit at which tables? Do we have enough wedding gifts for men and women? Why didn’t these people RSVP?! Who gave what gifts?

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6. Guests Quality vs Quantity

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Micro-weddings: As micro weddings are small (~50 people), only the people you most genuinely care about and want there will be there. The downside is not having all your friends or family members there.

Traditional: You’ll have to invite your extended family, friends, neighbors, village, and people you don’t even know. That’s more than 500 people! However, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting left out.

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Did you have a micro-wedding during the pandemic? Contact us so we can highlight your micro-wedding and help tons of couples decide if a micro-wedding is right for them!


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