Top 21 Monochrome Lehengas For Your Wedding Ceremonies

Aug 25, 2022

Where brides are becoming more and more experimentative with their bridal outfits, with color variations, silhouettes, and fabrics, on the other side monochrome lehengas are also making a slow comeback. First, let us go through what Monochrome is, well, mono means single, and chrome means color; 'single color'. It means something in a single-shade or hue. When it comes to bridal outfits, most of the new-era brides try to go with a blend of shades, and somewhere the use of a single shade for a bridal outfit went out of choice. But when our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore an all-red Sabyasachi-designed outfit for her Indian wedding ceremony and looked ethereal, monochrome started making a comeback with a blast.

Most Beautiful Monochrome Lehengas

If you are the one to think that single shade outfits are boring or monotonous to look at, let us show these monochrome outfits that look nothing, but stunning and serve as an inspiration to those looking to accentuate their bridal outfit design in a single hue. 

1. Ivory

Source: Anita Dongre

Very-Peri might be the Pantone color of this year, but as mostly seen, ivory is the color of the year for brides who are open to experiments. Almost every bride has included ivory in her bridal trousseau, be it for pre-wedding ceremonies or post-wedding ceremonies. Do not confuse this color with white as ivory is more of an off-white color. 

Source: Alia Bhatt

We have seen brides wearing an all-ivory outfit and totally loved them. You can also take inspiration from the new Bollywood bride, Alia Bhatt who rocked an ivory-colored saree for her wedding day and looked every inch of a royal bride, especially given the captivating jewelry. 

Source: Harkiran Basra

Take a cue from the designer Harkiran Basra, who went minimal at her wedding and wore an lace fabric ivory lehenga.

2. Dark Green

Source: Mani K Jassal

When talking about monochrome, darker hues like dark green work wonders and look royal. These darker shades are perfect for your Sangeet or Reception night. And if you are the bride who loves out-of-the-box ideas, then choose this shade for your wedding ceremony. You can complete your look with Kundan jewelry or oxidized silver. 

3. Midnight Blue

If you are into deeper shades of blue then midnight blue is just perfect for you. It is quite famous amongst brides for the reception look and is perfect for night events like Cocktail or Sangeet. Midnight blue is known to be the color of the moonlight night sky and it can also appear as black sometimes. The beauty of choosing this shade of outfit is - you can avoid wearing heavy jewelry, but can still shine the brightest. 

Source: Seema Gujral Design

4. Mint Green

Source: Ketki DharodBusy Bee Studio

If you like lighter shades with a shimmering effect, then go for this mint green embellished-sequined lehenga. You will be the minimal bride with class and elegance and with the correct choice of jewelry, your bridal look will stand out. 

5. Yellow

Source: Seema Gujral Design

Who said the shades of yellow are only for pre-wedding ceremonies? Take inspiration from this bride who wore this all-yellow lehenga for her pre-wedding ceremonies. This outfit, especially the shade is apt if you are having a day wedding.

6. Chartreuse Green

This latest chartreuse green lehenga from the heritage bridal collection of Sabyasachi 2022 is so pretty. It is an ideal pick if you are getting married during the day. Be ready to gain some compliments and make your groom fall head over heels in love you with, once again. 

Wearing this very different color, we are sure you will set an inspiration for brides-to-be who are open to experimentation. 

Source: Sabyasachi Official

7. Hot Pink

Source: Sabyasachi Official

After the traditional and classic red, the color that will always be loved by a bride would be - Pink. There are many shades of pink, but there's something very romantic about hot pink that draws our attention and keeps it intact. 

You might feel that it is too loud but as a bride when you chose this color with the correct fabric and silhouette, it will stand out and shower you with tons of compliments. 

8. Lime Green

Source: Anita Dongre

Before you get confused between chartreuse and lime green, let us help you with the difference - chartreuse is more green than yellow and lime green is more yellow than green. Yes, the difference is there if you look closely and factors like fabrics and embellishments also count to differentiate. A lime green lehenga is a fresh shade that is there on the list of best bridal outfit colors to consider for your big day.

9. Powder Blue

Source: Mani K Jassal

One of the beautiful shades of blue that is not very common is powder blue. You will see a lot of grooms opting for this color but we have not seen many brides wearing this for their wedding day. This shade of light blue is such a fresh and different take on a bridal lehenga and pairing it with diamond jewelry or even silver, would look amazing. The bride who decides to wear this shade will be oozing Cinderella vibes on her special day!

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10. The Classic Red

Source: Suvanya Suhag

As we mentioned earlier, red is a classic color and you cannot go wrong with a red bridal outfit. Whether it is the matte red lehenga, the gold worked lehenga, or the sequinned lehengas, red can conquer all. Red being the auspicious color in the South Asian community, is an integral part of weddings.

To make your red bridal outfit stand out, go for contrasting jewelry pieces like gold temple jewelry, diamond jewelry, or green polkis with kundans - this will look stunning. 

We loved this bride who wore a red monochrome lehenga with minimal work for her wedding day. 

11. Butter Yellow

Source: Shloka

Love the color yellow, but do not want it to be vibrant yellow? How about this pastel shade of yellow like butter yellow for your wedding ceremonies? Take a cue from the influencer Shloka who chose this beautiful lehenga for one of her wedding events and looked ethereal. 

You can wear this lehenga for your Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, or even for your wedding if it's a day event. For a bridal look, add heavy gold jewelry, red/maroon choora (if it's a Punjabi wedding), and customized kaliras. You can choose to leave your hair open, braid them with mogras or marigold flowers or go for a classic bun. 

12. Royal Blue

Source: Sabyasachi Official

Royal blue is one of the most attractive colors, but brides are not often seen wearing them on their wedding day. But since this shade of blue is in trend and looks very royal, you can wear it for your Engagement ceremony, Cocktail night, or Reception party and you will look  just out-of-the-world gorgeous! But how about experimenting a bit and going for it on your wedding day?

13. Orange

Source: Vinuthna Garidipuri

Named after a fruit, orange is a perfect color for the bride who does not want to go for the classic - red or pink but still wants to wear something similar. Orange is usually known to draw attention because of its unique and bright color. This shade is also associated with excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Have a look at this bride wearing an orange lehenga that looks so minimal but at the same, absolutely stunning.

14. Grey

Source: Navi Artistry

Grey is a very unpopular wedding outfit color but would look great if you are a bride who love to go a non-traditional route. Recently, we have seen brides rocking this color and looking absolutely classy and chic. 

This color is not given the same appreciation as other popular shades like red, pink, and orange, but still a very unique choice for someone who wants to experiment with their bridal look. You can choose to wear this color for your mehndi, sangeet, wedding day, or even reception night - it will look great for any event. 

15. Love Lavender

Source: Safarsaga Films

Lavender is one of the most refreshing and romantic colors we have come across and this shade in a bridal outfit looks elegant. This is that one shade that brides are ditching the brighter shades for and we get why. The soothing ness of this color is something else and it looks dreamy as well as a monochrome lehenga, this is one of the lighter shades that will stun everyone with its elegance and softness.

16. Teal Blue

This shade of blue is trending for all the right reasons. It can almost give you the illusion of a darker green shade but if looked closely, it is blue. You can either go for plain silk or satin fabric lehenga and pair it with some statement jewelry to stand out. You can also choose a teal blue lehenga with small motifs and a sheer dupatta with a border. This color will give a regal touch to your bridal avatar and will also look perfect for a reception night.

17. Blush Pink

Source: Amritkaur Artistry

You can never have too many pinks!

The color pink has too many shades and each shade is a story in itself. We have often seen brides being sure that they want to wear pink on their big day, but they are confused about which pink. There are many shades of pink to choose from - baby pink, strawberry pink, hot pink, fuchsia pink, but if you are getting married in the day, one of our recommended shades would be - Blush Pink. 

We have witnessed a lot of brides, especially Sikh brides opting for this color for their wedding ceremony, and there is something so gentle and elegant about this color that one cannot go wrong with it.

We are sure, this shade of pink will only add beauty to your dream wedding!

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18. Turquoise Blue

Source: Pinterest

There is a charm to this color that simply you cannot look away from. For a day wedding, a turquoise lehenga is a perfect choice. To complete your look, opt for pearls or jewelry in contrasting hues that will look wow. 

19. White

Source: Prit Kaur

In South Asian culture, you won’t see brides wearing the color white for the wedding festivities as it is considered to be inauspicious, especially in Hindu culture. But times have changed, and we now see brides experimenting with this classic and elegant color in their own way for different ceremonies - Engagement, Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception. 

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20. Purple

Source: Sabyasachi

Purple looks royal and makes a stunning choice for almost all wedding ceremonies - be it a day event or a night event. The color is opted for by modern brides who are open to experimenting with their bridal look and want to wear something other than the traditional red, pink, or orange. 

We loved how stunning Alia Bhatt looks in this purple Sabyasachi Bandhani lehenga with a deep v-neck cut-out blouse with contrasting Sabyasachi Jewellery. 

21. Baby Pink

Source: Mani K Jassal

Every shade of pink looks so magical and dreamy that we end up looking at it for a longer time and this baby pink is no exception. You can opt for a netted fabric lehenga of this shade, or even a sequinned baby pink lehenga will look perfect for bridal wear. 

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Monochrome lehengas or single-shade color is not boring, you need to get a few things correct to make the ensemble look outstanding and Pinterest-worthy. Factors like if you are selecting silk as a fabric and blue as a color, then you need to figure out what shade of blue would be a perfect match for the silk fabric because believe it or not, with every fabric, shades of color change. The look of sky blue cotton saree and sky blue silk Anarkali would look different from each other.

When you finalize the fabric and shade, the next step is deciding on the silhouette of your whole outfit. Whether you want to go with a heavily single-layered lehenga or tripled-layered, or do you want to add more fabric like a net fabric to go over the top with stones to make it look more glam, sleeves of the blouse, necklines, etcetera - there are loads of things to tick through to get that perfect monochrome lehenga of your dreams. But in the end, you will look confident and stunning with the elements you chose, so do not hesitate and definitely do not come under peer pressure of following what everyone is saying. This is your day, so the selection of outfits should also be yours.

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