40 Trending Kaleere Designs For The New-Age Brides

May 12, 2023

What is a Kaleera?

Source: Amrit Photography

Even if it's an intimate wedding ceremony, it doesn't mean you can't experiment with your outfit, makeup, and most importantly, jewelry that not only completes your bridal look but also adds more beauty. There are multiple decisions to make when it comes to your jewelry - whether to wear a maangtikka or a mathapatti, choker or collar set or rani haar, haathphool or no haathphool, traditional kaleeras, or the trendy minimal kaleeras that are so in these days. There's a lot to figure out, but we will go step by step!

Kaleera, also known as Kaliras are beautiful accessories worn on the wrists of Indian/Punjabi brides during the Kaleera ceremony that happens on the day of your wedding. They are hung with your bangles or choora looking like gorgeous chandeliers.

Trending Kaleera Designs For Every Bride

Source: Denz Photography

While Indian weddings are all about dancing, eating food, lots of laughter, and a number of rituals to follow that have their own beauty, we can't ignore having fun at our wedding and creating a bridal vibe that says who we are as an individual. Deciding on a kaleera design is as vital as choosing which lehenga to wear or which decor to finalize for your big day. Kaleera ceremony is one of the most important and celebrated rituals in North India. It is not only seen as a pretty ornament or a piece of jewelry to be worn by brides for the style statement but also as a symbol of happiness, prosperity, and blessings for her new journey.

History of Kaleeras

Earlier brides used to wear traditional kaleeras made of coconuts, dry fruits, fox nuts along the nacre to protect the bride from evil eyes and the length and weight were comparatively bigger and heavier than the contemporary ones. The trend and style of Kaleeras have changed over the years - from tassel kaleeras to pom pom kaleeras, to artificial floral kaleeras, pearl kaleeras or kaleeras with personalized charms. We have also seen brides wearing Kaleeras with hanging peacocks, parrots, ghungroos, and the list goes on.

The trend of Kaleeras is changing rapidly, thus to help you pick out the best one for your big day, we have something for everyone. From lightweight to OTT, we have everything here in one space. You just need to select the one you like and add them to your inspiration folder.

1. Oxidized Kaleeras with Hanging Jhumkas

Source: RJs Company

If you are an experimental bride, then these silver, oxidized kaleeras are for you. These dome-shaped bangle kaleeras hanging with a chain of pearls are super easy to wear as you don't have to tie them to anything or keep adjusting the knot time and again, especially if your kaleeras are too big or heavy! These kaleeras would look awesome with any color-lehenga you wear, but mostly with ivory, beige or white lehenga.

2. The Complementing Kaleeras

Source: Free Rani

If you are wearing a red bridal lehenga and wondering which kaleeras would compliment, then look no more. These gold kaleeras would look the best. You can also go for gold and white pearl kaleeras or gold traditional kaleeras or you can add multi-colored pearls to your kaleera just like this bride to make it look more beautiful.

3. A Token of Blessings

Source: Razz Films and Photography

If you consider taking a spiritual route, you can customize your kaleeras with the symbol of 'Ek Onkar', 'Om Namah Shivay', 'Lord Krishna', 'Lord Ganesha', or any other token of blessing. You can also match the symbol or pearls with the color of your outfit to make it stand out!

4. Faux Floral Kaleeras

Source: The Wedding Salad

The beauty of roses is inevitable, even if they are not real, but faux. If you like, you can decorate your Kaleeras with faux flowers of your choice, roses, carnations, and make them look different, yet stunning.  We have also seen a lot of brides wearing colored faux kaleeras on their mehndi function.

5. Too Good To Flaunt Kaleeras

Source: Raabta by Rahul

These ghungroo kaleeras hanging to strings of pearl are making us fall in love with simplicity. They look simple but too gorgeous-infused with any shade of lehenga that you choose to wear. You can also customize them by adding colorful strings matching your outfit. 

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6. The Upside Down Rose Kaleeras

Source: Badal Raja Company

We bet you liked these kaleeras as much as we did. They are gorgeous, isn't it? Tied around the wrist, these upside-down fresh red roses are a beauty on their own. They would equally look great on your mehndi and wedding day. These would look best with a red lehenga, green lehenga, white lehenga, and beige lehenga.

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7. The Pastel Perfection

Source: Rajkiya

The millennial brides are a huge fan of pastels now than ever before. Whether it's an outfit, decor, or jewelry, pastel finds its way to our wedding planning and to our hearts effortlessly. The same goes with pastel kaleeras, they are pleasing to the eyes and gives a unique look. You can choose from an array of designs: from pearls to umbrellas and stones to charms, the options are endless. 

8. Long Hanging Kaleeras

Source: Beginnings For You

Just like minimal kaleeras, the long-hanging kaleeras have their own grace. They are noticeable from a distance and even steals the scene, just like this bride pictured above.

9. Let's Make Some Noise

Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

You don't only adorn these gorgeous kaleeras but can also play with them too and grab everyone's attention with the chan-chan all the way walking down the aisle.

10. The Beauty of Oversized Kaleeras is Breathtaking

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra; Stories by Joseph Radhik

Kajal Aggarwal, an Indian actress was seen in oversized love-locked down kaleeras specially customized by designer Mrinalini Chandra for her big day. They were dome-shaped and had poetic pearls in them making her bridal look extravagant. They were totally complementing the lehenga design and colors to influence the overall look.

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11. Unique Shaped Kaleeras

This distinctive pair is worth your attention. It has one big octagon shape design at the top and mini flowers hanging with it, giving a chandelier look. This design is best to try with any similar or darker shade of your outfit color.

12. Dancing Peacock Kaleeras

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra

The symbol of peacock is known for beauty, pride, and dignity. Sonam Kapoor wore this simply alluring and prepossessing pair of kaleeras on her wedding day that was designed by ace jewelry designer Mrinalini Chandra. These two-tier golden kaleeras were matching with her red lehenga and her overall bridal appearance.

13. Charm Kaleeras

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra; Stories by Joseph Radhik

Priyanka Chopra's wedding and her intricately designed trousseau was the talk of the town and in the wishlist of brides. Her kaleeras were the center of attention and no one could have missed looking at them. She asked designer Mrinalini Chandra to add all the important elements of her life: from Greece to the steps of MET Gala, where she and Nick met, and a few other details. This was such a great way to personalize your kaleeras and make them a part of your celebrations. Aren’t they memorable and at the same time captivating for the upcoming brides?

14. The Charm of Traditional Pom Poms

Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

The brides who enjoy fusion can wear these amazing pompom kaleeras with hanging ghungroos or seashells. They can go with most of the colors and looks different from the other Kaleeras. You can also change the color of the pom-pom if it needs to be matched with any particular shade of your outfit. 

15. Old-School Traditional Kaleeras

Source: Lifeworks Studios

These are the traditional kaleeras that were initially made for the brides. These do not look very fancy, but it has an old-school charm that has no comparison. My mom wore this kind of kaleeras at her wedding, and I remember looking at the picture multiple times and being in awe of it. Raw coconuts covered with gold gotta patti, red and white motifs, strings of seashells, and most importantly these were handmade with love and good vibes for the bride's new journey makes everything look delightful.

16. Tassel Kaleeras

  The artwork with thread is sanguine and appreciated forever. From tassel-style earrings to tassel kaleeras that are in vogue for special occasions like haldi, mehndi, or weddings. You can get them personalized in any color of your choice or your outfit color, further accentuating it with a combination of metallic umbrellas or strings of pearl. The best thing about these kaleeras is, they are lightweight and super comfortable to carry.

17. Kundan Can Create Magic

Source: Raabta by Rahul

We have always loved kundan jewelry, but we were never sure how they would look in the shape of kaleeras until now. They are eccentric from others, appear flat in looks engraved with big kundan stones. You can even add matching colored beads and pearls to enhance the beauty of your outfit. They are very comfy to carry!

18. Ravishing Palki Kaleeras

Source: Raabta by Rahul

This extremely idiosyncratic pair of kaleeras is making it more difficult for us to choose our favorite from all these designs. We haven't seen a lot of brides opting for these, but they certainly look great and appealing while you walk down the aisle and in your photos.  If you like to wear long kaleeras, you can ditch the bangle style and go for this Palki kaleeras hanged with a long thread.

19. The Family Tree Kaleeras

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra

Such a cute way of personalizing your kaleeras and honoring the people you love most in your life by including them in these family-oriented kaleeras. We bet this would be the most remarkable memory from your wedding day that you always want to look back and cherish.

20 Hearts and Peacocks For The Win

Source: Recall Pictures

We love anything with peacock, be it the mehndi design, outfit embroidery with peacocks on it, or these adorable kaleera designs with hanging peacock. The heart-shaped charms are only multiplying the beauty of these kaleeras. The shorter length of this style makes them more handy and comfortable to carry.

21. The OTT Kaleeras

Source: Accessories By PapaDontPreach

Love love love these fancy and quirky kaleeras designed by Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika. The amalgamation of trinkets, big bells, pearls, seashells, metallic bugs, and everything else is making this design enchanting and grabing everyone's attention in a jiffy.  PS: We are certain you won't be able to resist bookmarking this one for your wedding day!

22. Never-ending Love For Maa

Source: Raabta by Rahul

To do more for Maa is always less. These customized Kaleeras with the letter Maa and her picture are very touching. We assure any bride would love to try this fab design by designer Raabta. You can also add the initials of her and your name, with a picture of you both just to let her know how much she means to you, not only now, but forever.

23. His and Your Name Initial Kaleeras

Source: Raabta by Rahul

Source: Raabta by Rahul

What can be more winsome than having the initials of his and your name added to your kaleera design? You can customize the design or color as per your interest or matching to your bridal look.  You can either have both the name initials on each Kaleera or have his initial on one Kaleera and yours on another Kaleera.

24. The Wholesome Wedding Kaleeras

Source: Raabta by Rahul

Can there be anything more wholesome than having all the customs of an Indian wedding added as charms to your kaleeras along with the bride and groom figure?

25. Traditional Long Kaleeras with Colorful Tassels

Source: Razz Films And Photography

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Look at this glowing bride wearing gold leafy kaleeras with a touch of green tassels matching the embroidery of her dupatta. The green tassles are making the look appealing and distinctive. You can customize the tassels matching your bridal outfit or jewelry.

26. Hanging Lotus Kaleeras

Source: Through The Barrel

From peacocks to lotus Kaleeras, the jewelry designer Mrinalini never fails to amuse us with distinctive and creative designs. These hanging ghungroos and lotus kaleeras are not only looking beautiful but are also the symbol of neverending love and loyalty between the couple.

27. Silver Shining Kaleeras

Source: Recall Pictures

These minimalistic, hanging one-tier silver kaleera with ghungroos are enough to drive all the attention. They are pretty, distinctive, creative, lightweight, and go perfect if you are wearing a white, beige, or silver outfit. You can also try these silver Kaleeras with dark-colored outfits like red or orange. 

28. Seashell Kaleeras

Source: Variety Store Manish

Source: SaggiPhull Jewellery

The savior from evil eyes, seashell kaleeras are inspired by the traditional kaleera design made of faux nuts and coconut. If you want to experiment with your bridal look and don’t want to go the traditional route, then we highly suggest you try this unique style of kaleeras and take your look a notch higher. 

29. The Minimal Kaleeras

Source: Lilac Weddings

With no extra pearls, jhumkas, ghungroos, this bride is shining like a star with the basic gold-colored minimal kaleeras with a three-tier design.

30. Classic Gold Kaleeras

Source: Yami Gautam

We absolutely loved these classical kaleera designs that Indian actress, Yami Gautam choose to adorn for her wedding. It’s making her Himachali bridal look more authentic and beautiful. 

31. Kaleeras Complementing Your Outfit

Source: Reels And Frames

Rather than going for contrasting colors, you can also go for Kaleeras that compliment your outfit. For example, going for red floral kaleeras with your red outfit, green tassel kaleeras with your green outfit, or pearl kaleeras with your silver outfit.

32. Hanging Pearl Kaleeras

This pair of shining pearl kaleeras with encrusted kundans are making them look different than other kaleeras. They look gorgeous, lightweight, and can go perfect with most of the colors of your outfits.

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33. Rose Gold Kaleeras

These royal gold kaleeras with a dainty dove and flower twigs are giving a royal look, especially with hanging tassles. Someone who likes to experiment with a unique hue and loves a minimalistic approach then this is a perfect pick.

34. Regal Chandelier Kaleeras

Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

These cascading Kaleeras are just getting hearts from all over and with impressive looks making head turns. 

35. Chirpy Parrot Kaleeras

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra

This new style of kaleeras is already making chirpiness with its peculiar design. From one-tier to two-tier style under an oversized umbrella with hanging parrots are quirky enough to choose.

36. Cascading White Rose Kaleeras

Source: Ivy Weddings

The only word that comes to our mind while looking at these gorgeous kaleeras is 'wow'. These upside-down fresh white rose kaleeras are perfect for a day's wedding, especially if you are wearing bright colors like pink, red, orange, green, or similar.

37. Mini Kaleeras is in Vogue

Source: Minerali; Renata Kaveh

These are the perfect kaleeras for brides who love minimalism. They are lightweight, super classy, and great attention seekers on your big day.

38. Traditional Punjabi Mutiyaar Kaleeras

Source: Krafterina by Dua Sisters

Reverberating our Punjabi culture, these kaleeras with hanging mutiyaars and tiny golden umbrellas look distinctive. The Punjabi brides can go for these kaleeras and own their culture. 

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39. Dragonfly Kaleeras

Source: Kaliras by Mrinalini Chandra

These bespoke Dragonfly kaleeras with hanging ghungroos and charms are adding more beauty to a bride's look.

40. Royal Mascot Kaleeras

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The best is for the last, these customized gold-dipped Royal Mascot kaleeras, handcrafted with motifs engraved with stories from various craft-rich cultures of India were one of the highlights of Paven Sandhar's wedding. She loved the idea of the story being told by the palaces embroidered on her lehenga to continue through the Kaleere. We are totally hooked on this beauty!

Final Thoughts

From having your name initials to incorporating your love story or even your favorite flowers, animals, or honoring the tradition, the tales and designs of Kaleeras are never-ending. We recommend you pick the one that resonates with your style and completes your bridal look.

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