17+ Most Popular Pre & Post-Wedding Games That You'll Enjoy

Nov 08, 2022

Weddings are once in lifetime events and it is the only event where apart from the couple, their families, relatives, and friends are all under one roof. And South Asian Weddings are known for all the chaos, pomp, colors, music, gossip, dancing, and games. These pre-wedding and post-wedding fun games create memories that everybody present there cherishes for a long time. 

Trending and Popular Wedding Games

Each community has its own set of rituals after the wedding that are like games, but as time is moving forward, wedding games are also evolving. Not that anyone is ditching the age-old games that carry a thought behind them but people nowadays are adapting games from other communities or making up some to just have harmless fun. And what better way to get both sides of the family, to interact and have fun with each other? Pre-wedding games are the best way to cut the awkwardness that the families might have and post-weddings are ideal for the new bride to get accustomed to the new family. Anyway playing games brings people closer and is one of the best ways to have fun.

1. Find the Ring

Source: Shivani Bafna

Let’s start with the most common post-wedding game for the bride and the groom. This is the best game to make the bride feel comfortable and you might see the competitive side of the couple. And as the elders say, the competitive side will show who will rule the house, the bride or the groom. In this game, a big deep dish bowl full of colored water or milk with flower petals will be placed between the couple. One ring will be tossed into the liquid and now both of them have to search for the ring. There will be three rounds, whoever wins the maximum is known to be the dominant person in the relationship. Some people throw a coin or two also with the ring to confuse the couple. And this game also witnesses who are on whose side the most and it can become chaotic if the couple is equally competitive.

2. Tug-Of-War

A perfect game to play on a haldi day. If you are having an outdoor venue with a lot of space and if both sides of the couple have quite a few siblings and cousins, then this is a perfect game. Not only siblings, but even the guests can also take part and have fun. You can have one round with the bride and bridesmaid on one side and the groom and his groomsmen on the other side. And be ready to see one side leave the rope to see the other side fall on each other hysterically.

3. Shoes-Up

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This game can be played on reception night with the bride and groom. Ask someone to make a chit of questions that can contain questions like- Who is a latecomer? Or Who loves shopping? The best will be to ask the guests to randomly ask questions and no doubt the friends of the couple will make it sassier. This game is to know the couple in a real sense and to uncover their embarrassing sides just for fun.

4. Finish the Plate

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This game is for the foodies and everybody can take part in it. The game is very simple, whoever is taking part in this needs to finish a plate of sweets in a fixed time. For example, one person can finish one plate in 30 seconds or 1-minute and count how many sweets one person can have. Whoever finishes the maximum number of sweets in a fixed time will win the game. In the Bengali community, the famous sweet dish ‘Roshogolla’ or ‘Rasgulla’ is included. South Indian community can have this competition with their ‘Boondi Laddoo’ that are specially made for festivities like a wedding and they are huge. One can improvise according to their taste and preference or choice of sweets at the wedding.

5. Golgappa Competition

Source: BrajaMandala

Everybody loves a good tangy spicy Golgappa or Panipuri, literally everybody. If you are not aware of this delicious street snack- no, it cannot happen. Everybody loves and knows this ball of deliciousness. Ok, coming back to the topic, have a simple Golgappa competition and to add a twist, ask the panipuri wale bhaiya jee to add extra chilies to the mixture. The first one to run for water loses and the other one wins. Such an honor to win a golgappa competition.  

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6. Save the Balloons

Ok the game is pretty simple. Make pairs and stand in one line like how you stand for a race. This is also a race but the twist is, in a race only one person runs or walks, here there are two people. They will walk or run with a balloon between them to the other side of the winning line without dropping the balloon. It sounds simple but it is not. If in the mid the balloon falls off, they are out of the race or they have to start again from the starting point. It will be hilarious to watch everybody trying to save the balloon from dropping and then starting again. 

7. Burst The Balloons

Yes, now how about bursting balloons? In this game, two people can take part in one round. Tie, a bunch of balloons to the feet of the individuals and now all they have to do is burst the other person’s balloons that are tied to their feet. To make it more interesting play some desi music and see them go crazy. Keep a fixed time, and in that fixed time whoever bursts the majority number of balloons of the other person wins. Trust us, everybody will have fun and it will be a day full of laughter. 

8. Tic Tac Toe with Flip the Cup

We all are familiar with the tic tac toe and flip the cup game. This is the game where we are mixing it both. Make two groups and make the layout of the tic tac toe box. Now two people from both sides will come in front and flip the cup. Whoever flips the cup first perfectly, as in the cup lands without falling off, wins and will get the chance to make his/her mark. And then for the next mark, someone else will come from this team. Now nobody can mark the box till they flip the cup and land it properly. Even if the group who marked first, if goes for the second flip and succeeds, they will be given the chance to mark again. Now if both the group flips and lands their cup perfectly then whoever lands their cup first will be given the chance to mark. 

9. Lifesize Chess

Hello to Harry Potter Fans, we want to especially suggest this game to you! You must be very familiar with wizard chess and how Ronald Wesley is a true friend to Harry Potter and is a witty guy given that he is scared most of the time! Ok, you guys can play lifesize chess on one of the pre-wedding days. If you are having outdoor wedding events and your venue has a plain space to stand and move, you can easily arrange it. Ask the venue staff to arrange for some chalks or markers, make a chess box and now let your families and guests take part in this. It is very simple, in place of a small chess box, you guys can play chess with the people around you. The chess piece won't be any piece but a person. The best will be to make the bride and groom decide the moves and give the positions of the king, queen, horse, and soldiers to their respective members on their sides. It will be so much fun and a game of chess will show the witty side of the couple. 

10. In and Out

Remember the school days when in and out was one of our go-to games to play? It was so simple yet so much fun and such banters as children we used to have. Make a line and stand on the other side, i.e, the OUT side, and ask someone to say IN and OUT. If they say IN, all the people on the other side of the line have to jump and stand on the other side of the line. And if they say IN and one person is still standing on the OUT side then he/she will be out of the game. Simple, right? But the twist is the person who is calling out can say IN twice in a row or may say OUT thrice just to mess with the people playing. This game is all about the mind and how you respond quickly.

11. Ring Toss

Get some colorful bottles and fill them with chits. In those chits, ask someone to write tasks or rewards. After lining up the bottles, toss the ring and whoever gets their ring in a bottle will get the chit of that bottle. And as we mentioned that chit can contain anything, it can be a task or a reward like a sum of money or a gift card. The person has to complete the task or will face the consequences. 

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12. Passing the Coins

This game is a post-wedding traditional one but according to the elder has a meaning behind it. The game is absolutely simple, the bride has to collect coins in both her hands and without making any noise has to pass them to her husband. Now the same coins will be passed from the husband to the wife. It is said that the lesser the noise, the more peace, and understanding between the couple. This game is also played by the bride and her mother-in-law. 

13. Pick the Utensils

Another traditional game that is practiced post-wedding and is only played by the bride. It has the same meaning as what we mentioned in the game of ‘Passing the coins’, but here there are utensils involved. A lineup of the same steel utensils like plates or bowls is kept in front of the bride. She has to pick up each utensil and place it one above each without making any noise. The less noise she makes, the happier she will make the home with her husband.

14. Draw Each Other

This is a fun game to play and do make all the couples present at the wedding take part in this. Ask the couple to sit in front of each other, give them 30 seconds to look at each other properly, and then 5 mins to draw each other’s faces. The results will be super fun and you might witness some cute banters between the pairs too. 

15. Who Did What?

This game requires all the family members, relatives, and friends of both parties, especially the people who know the bride and groom thoroughly. Everyone will be given two boards containing the name of the couple. The host will ask questions like, ‘Who do you think eats the most but denies that they eat the most?’ Now the members of the party who knows the couple will raise the board containing the name of the person. If half of them think the bride does this and the other half raises the groom’s name, then it’s a tie otherwise majority wins. The host will ask some silly questions like that and the guests have to raise the board of the person they think is right. This game will bring nothing but loads of laughter and tears of joy. 

16. Untying the Knot

This very popular game is also known as 'Gaana Khelna". The sister and brother of the bride and groom tie a 'Ganna' (an embellished thread with ghungroos, beads, and shells) on their wrist during choora ceremony of the bride and during a pooja on the wedding day for the groom. It is tied very tightly with multiple knots so that it won't open easily. On the first day after the wedding, the couple plays this game, surrounded by family and friends, and tries and open the embellished thread. The one who opens the thread first is the winner of the game and is showered with lots of gifts. 

17. Find Your Name in Bride's Henna Design

Source: Amrit Photography

After the wedding, these games are played to begin the couple's new journey with a fun note and to cherish these memories for a lifetime. These games are generally played the next morning of the wedding with their closest friends and family in their presence. As we all know, bridal henna is given huge importance in South Asian weddings, not only because of its beauty but with the good luck and rituals attached to it. 

In this game, the challenge for the groom is to find his name in the bride's mehndi, which is hidden purposely while getting the henna design done. If the groom manages to find his name easily and quickly, he wins the game. 

Similarly, this game can also be played by the bride if the groom has mehndi in his hands. She can try and find her name in the groom mehndi design

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18. Catch the Thumb

We have another game for the couple that's not very hard to play. It doesn't need a lot of planning or preparation and the best part is it can be played during any time of the day or night. The couple just have to sit in front of each other and hold one hand fingers in a fist shape leaving the thumb. The real challenge of the game is how long both can sustain from catching each other's thumb without using their second hand. The one who manages to hold of thumb first would be the winner of the game.


Source: Mahas Photography ; Maha Wajahat

Weddings are super hectic and are a bit overwhelming for almost everybody personally involved with the couple. Games like these make it a bit free and feel light. And games are the best way to break the ice amongst members who never met and are meeting now for the sake of the couple. And traditional games have their own meaning but do give them your own twist to make them sillier and funnier. Just make sure to not hurt anybody’s sentiments and when playing a physical game, keep safety measures and a first box aid handy. And please do ask the photographer and videographer to be present and not leave a single moment because you do not want to forget such moments. These moments are raw and in a sense the most real moments that you will see your folks in.

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