Interesting Ideas To Recreate Your Mother Or MIL's Bridal Look

May 05, 2022

As a kid, the first impression of how brides look in their bridal avatar comes from their mother’s wedding day picture. For the mothers, it will always be an emotional moment sharing anything related to their wedding with their kids, especially their daughters. If you are a to-be bride and have felt that you want to incorporate your mother or mother-in-law's wedding look to pay respect to her, and do not know how to make it your own then do not worry, we are here to help you out with that. Even if not the whole look, there are ways via which you can create a look of your own by incorporating something from your mother or mother-in-law’s bridal look. 

How to Recreate Your Mother's Bridal Look

It has become a trend too to repurpose the mother’s wedding dress as a detail in the bride’s outfit for the wedding day. It is a lovely gesture and a beautiful way to bring some age-old family tradition into the celebration. Wanting to honor the mother or mother-in-law is a great thought but not every outfit can stay the same for a long period and there are other factors like fabric deterioration, measurement issues, and color fading issues. But as we mentioned earlier, recreating and honoring the bridal outfit of your mom or mother-in-law can be done in other ways too.

1. Turn it into Anarkali

If you do not want to carry the wedding lehenga the same way your mother did, then turn their outfit into an Anarkali. Even if the blouse is not fitting, take some more fabric and use the lehenga and make the tailor join both the fabric and lehenga and turn it into an Anarkali.

2. Turn it into a Lehenga

If your mother wore a saree on her wedding day, the best way to use it at your wedding is to turn the saree into a lehenga and wear it to your big day. Trust us, it will be super adorable and yes be ready with a tissue box because your mum is definitely gonna need it.

3. Turn it into a suit piece for your pre-wedding events

If you are not into making her beautiful wedding memory into a lehenga, then go for a suit piece like a Kurti churidaar, sharara, gharara set, or make a peplum kurti and sharara set. The peplum style kurti is very much in trend and incorporating your mom’s wedding outfit will set a statement too.

4. Use it as a veil

If you are not able to use the whole outfit or just want to use the dupatta part of the outfit, then go for it. Use it as your veil. Or if your mom had a wedding saree, you can drape the saree as a dupatta. It will give a flare to the outfit and give a vintage charm to the whole look.

5. Refurbish it with a designer

Source: Vows & Tales

Your mother’s wedding outfit is old and sometimes it is better to leave the repurposing or refurbishing job to the designer. Some designers will take your lehenga and refurbish it carefully and make sure not to mess it up and tweak it according to your shape. If not for your wedding day, you can always wear it for any of your pre-wedding ceremonies. 

6. Pair it up

Now there might be a chance that your mother has saved her outfits from not only her wedding days but the other wedding events too. So, you can have fun pairing each piece with your choice of another piece. For example, if you chose your mom’s lehenga then pair it with a blouse that you want to pair it with at one event, and in the next wedding event use your mother’s blouse or a dupatta or saree and style it your way. This way you are blending your style and your mother’s outfit to make it an original piece just for you.

7. Recreate her look

There can be times when you won’t get her outfit as it was not in a great condition or she might not have it in her wardrobe, but you want to wear that outfit. You can create a replica by looking at the picture and go for the same fabric, color, and silhouette and in this process, if you can take help from your mother, then it would be amazing. This can be the time where you can connect to her on so many levels and just have fun and if you are going for your mother-in-law's wedding outfit, then it is a perfect time to bond with her and get to know each other. 

Real Brides Who Recreated Their Mom's Bridal Look With Jewelry

We all know and have witnessed brides repurposing their mother or grandmother’s or their mother-in-law’s wedding outfit, but that is not the only way to show your love towards them, re-using their jewelry will also serve the purpose. Re-using your mother, grandmother, or mother-in-law’s jewelry is not a new thing in our community. Heirloom jewelry is a thing that many families own and there is a set or a piece of jewelry that they pass down to the next generation. And honestly, heavy bridal jewelry is something that you do not wear every day, and sometimes investing in them is too costly and feels like we have to invest for the sake of the wedding. But again the fact that we keep bringing up is time is changing, and with time people and their mindset is changing. To cut some costs why not re-use the old jewelry or re-design it the way the bride wants. If not using your mom’s jewelry the same way, many brides incorporate the jewelry in some other form. But the point is it is a tradition that is beautiful and there is an emotional connection when brides wear the same jewelry their mother or mother-in-law has worn on their marriage day. 

A few real brides that we came across re-used jewelry on their wedding day with elegance and they looked stunning. 

1. Sonam Kapoor

The fashionista had a grand wedding where we saw her wearing a beautiful classic red lehenga designed by Anuradha Vakil and all her bridal jewelry was from her mother Sunita Kapoor’s collection. The highlight of her jewelry was the head jewelry or the mathapatti which was just stunning.

2. Rhea Kapoor

The other Kapoor sister is also known for her fashion game, after all, she is the one who styles Sonam and is with her at every step. Unlike Sonam, Rhea Kapoor went for an intimate wedding with her family and friends. The highlight of her whole look was the pearl veil but the other jewelry she borrowed from her mother. As a bride she did not go OTT with the jewelry, she chose statement pieces. Her one hand had a hathphool and the other hand had a pair of kadas. She was looking absolutely ethereal.

3. Tarini Manchanda

Where all brides, chose designer lehengas and different patterns to stand out at their wedding ceremony, Tarini Manchanda stole the limelight with her minimal yet classic red saree which was repurposed. The antique border on the saree is from her great grand mother’s time. 

Source: Dhanika Choksi Photography

For the jewelry, she had donned her Nani's necklace, a maangtikka, and her mom's earrings. Her kaleerein was another heirloom jewelry piece that was passed down to her from her great grandmother to her. It is a custom that her family follows. 

4. Tisha Saksena

Source: Artfoto Studios

A designer by profession and owner of Tisha Official, Tisha herself went for a stunning intricately designed bridal outfit and paired her whole outfit with jewelry from Amrapali Jewels, but what made her whole look stand out was the heirloom passa she wore with her bridal lehenga. 

Real Brides Who Recreated Their Mom's Bridal Look With Wedding Outfit

1. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Remember the long veil our Desi girl carried during her white wedding. It took around 7 people to carry that veil and of course, she looked stunning but we cannot get over that veil. Her custom Ralph Lauren-designed gown bore eight special words and phrases into the embroidery and also included a piece of lace from the dress Nick Jonas' mother wore at her wedding sewn into the pattern. Absolutely Precious!

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

When we are talking about honoring the mother-in-law and recreating her look at the wedding, then how can we leave Kareena Kapoor behind. Bebo being a fashion icon apart from being a great actor, chose her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore’s wedding day outfit as it is. It was a traditional gharara with gold embroidery, restored and further embellished by designer Ritu Kumar. 

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3. Isha Ambani Piramal

Another bride whose wedding outfit stood out for her and her mother was Isha Ambani. Nita Ambani mother of Isha Ambani wanted her wedding outfit to be incorporated somehow into her daughter’s wedding outfit and the designer Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla did a splendid job. They included Nita Ambani’s wedding saree in Isha’s wedding outfit as a dupatta and she was looking gorgeous. 

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4. Pernia Qureshi Gilani

The fashion entrepreneur tied the knot in Istanbul and chose a gorgeous regal red gharara set that was inspired by the bridal outfit worn by her mother years ago at her reception. She took the help of the House of Kotwara to refurbish it when originally the set was hand-stitched by her grandmom for her mother. The outfit comprised of a vermillion colored kurta, a matching sheer dupatta, and a gharara that brought together several, multi-colored layers of fabric in vibrant shades of yellow, green, and purple. She completed her whole look by wearing jewelry pieces from Amrapali Jewels. 

5. Yami Gautam Dhar

We all were surprised when popular actress Yami Gautam tied the knot with movie director Aditya Dhar, but what was more surprising and in a good way, was her bridal outfit. Yami chose her mother’s wedding saree and did her makeup on her special day.

The 33 years old traditional silk saree has minute goldwork and it was a perfect pair with her blouse which bore floral motifs. Yami took a dupatta gifted by her maternal grandmother and completed her whole look by wearing heirloom jewelry, from which her Pahaadi Nath was gifted by her grandmother. Overall, Yami was looking divine and different from most of the Bollywood brides.


To all the to-be brides, it is a great thought to incorporate your mother’s or mother-in-law’s wedding outfit in your bridal outfit or just refurbish it and wear it to your big day but be prepared with it from an early stage. Because not everyone could have kept their outfit in a good shape, so you might more than half of the time figure it out. But saying all this, do not give up, this is the most sweetest and emotional way you can go for that woman who raised you to be the woman who you are right now. And for the brides who are opting for their mother-in-law’s outfit, this one choice of yours is creating a lifetime of a bond that you both will cherish. And if we keep the emotional part aside, you guys will become a trendsetter and will be known to be the sustainable bride. Cool, right! So, if you are thinking of diverting from this idea, don’t! Go for it and take your mother too on this ride and trust us, this will be something you will cherish and treasure forever.

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