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Oct 16, 2023

In the vast landscape of wedding planning, where love stories are woven into grand celebrations, South Asian weddings hold a special place. With vibrant traditions, rich cultural ceremonies, and a tapestry of colors, they're nothing short of magical. If you're a South Asian wedding vendor in the US or Canada, you understand the significance of contributing to these remarkable moments. In this ever-evolving industry, where couples seek the best of the best, Pyaari Weddings offers you a golden opportunity to shine.

Pyaari Weddings: Who We Are?

Pyaari Weddings, known as the largest South Asian wedding vendor directory in the US and Canada, is the bridge between couples and vendors who excel in bringing their dreams to life. With a monthly user base of 50,000 couples, we connect these lovebirds with over 5,000 trusted vendors. But our reach doesn't stop there. With approximately 66,000 Instagram followers and over 10 million monthly views on Pinterest, our influence extends across multiple platforms. We've also earned recognition from renowned sources like Yahoo! News, ABC7, and Business Insider's Poets & Quants.

The Power of a Pyaari Listing

If you're a South Asian wedding vendor, you're already part of our extensive directory. Your free listing generates regular wedding inquiries, showcasing your commitment to making couples' special days truly memorable. But why stop there when you can amplify your presence?

Benefits of a Premium Listing

By upgrading to a premium listing, you unlock a treasure trove of exclusive benefits:

1. Priority Placement

Rise to the top with priority listing on our vendor home page, category page, and city page. Be the first choice for couples browsing our platform.

2. Visual Storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited photos and videos to showcase your work in all its glory.

3. Direct Connection

Make it easy for couples to reach out. Your phone number, email, and IG/FB profiles become live, enabling direct communication.

4. Client Inquiries

Say goodbye to intermediaries. Receive direct customer inquiries, streamlining the booking process.

5. Real-Time Communication

Connect instantly with your clients through our chat feature. Answer questions, provide reassurance, and build trust effortlessly.

6. Social Media Spotlight

Benefit from our social media promotions, including 2 Instagram and Pinterest posts that highlight your business to a broader audience.

7. Content Showcase

Get featured in our blogs. With one annual feature, you can share your expertise and insights, further establishing your credibility.

8. Cost-Effective

All these benefits come at an approximate cost that is a fraction of what you stand to gain.

Join the Pyaari Weddings Family

Your journey to boost business starts with Pyaari Weddings. Elevate your business, expand your reach, and make more meaningful connections with couples seeking the magic of South Asian weddings. We invite you to explore our premium listing packages and advertising opportunities to take your business to the next level.

Let's Create Magic Together

Thank you for considering Pyaari Weddings as your partner. We're excited to help you create elegant, easy, and effortless South Asian wedding experiences. Reach out to us today, and let's embark on this journey together. Your success story starts here.

Featured Image Source: Sukhmin & Shiraz's Floral Wedding In Surrey

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