Sukhmin & Shiraz's Floral Wedding In Surrey

Love stories that evolve into marriages are the sweet symphonies of life. They begin with the subtle notes of attraction, where two souls connect in ways that words cannot express. Over time, these connections deepen, turning into the harmonious melodies of love, trust, and companionship. Through the highs and lows, couples navigate life's ever-changing rhythms together. Each chapter of their story adds layers of understanding, forging an unbreakable bond. Finally, at the crescendo of their love story, they exchange vows, sealing their commitment with promises of a lifetime. Love stories that blossom into marriage are a testament to the enduring power of love, where two hearts unite to create a beautiful and lasting melody.

The First Meeting

Sukhmin and Shiraz, who met through mutual friends in the summer of 2020, are an adventurous couple. They share a passion for travel, enjoy working out at the gym, and indulge in their love for video games.

The Proposal

The Proposal was initially planned for June. However, due to Sukhmin’s uncle's passing, Shiraz decided to postpone it to the end of August.

Nevertheless, during a small vacation to Kelowna, Sukhmin surprised Shiraz with her own proposal in early August. Later, Shiraz reciprocated the gesture by proposing to her near the Lions Gate Bridge, which held sentimental value as it was the location of their first date.

The Ring

Sukhmin's engagement ring boasts a stunning 3-carat emerald-cut diamond, reflecting her desire for a truly elegant and timeless appearance.

Meanwhile, Shiraz's ring draws inspiration from the renowned Tiffany brand, with his personalized tiny birthstone in it, with a design influenced by a specific shoot involving Kyle Kuzma, the LA Lakers NBA player.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Haldi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

For Sukhmin's Mehndi Day, she chose a stunning lilac lehenga from Poshak in Chandigarh which had stunning gold and pastel colored work on it.

Her jewelry was sourced from Shagun Collection in Surrey, Canada. For her hair and makeup, she entrusted MKK Beauty to create her beautiful look.

Jaago Night

Wedding Day

Sukhmin and her Shiraz envisioned an outdoor wedding with a minimalist and elegant ambiance.

They found inspiration for their decor in their outfits, aiming for something that would perfectly complement their attire.

On her wedding day, Sukhmin looked radiant in a beautiful pink lehenga adorned with intricate golden work designed by Akriti By Ritika.

Her jewelry was sourced from Ludhiana, Punjab, adding a touch of elegance to her overall look.

She entrusted her hair and makeup artist, Denise, ensuring she looked her absolute best on this special day. Sukhmin's trousseau, carefully curated for the occasion, can be found on Instagram under The Art Box, based in Ludhiana.

As for Shiraz, he looked dashing in a traditional sherwani sourced from Ghumar Mandi in Ludhiana, perfectly complemented by a contrasting turban.

Together, they made a stunning couple on their wedding day, their attire reflecting their unique style and the rich cultural heritage of their union.

Sukhmin and Shiraz opted for floral decor for their wedding day that showcased a prominent use of white flowers, with delicate hints of blush blooms.

This choice resulted in a pristine and subtly embellished ambiance. The decor was expertly executed by Charming Affairs Decor.

Reception Night

Sukhmin and Shiraz had a beautifully decorated reception, courtesy of Charming Affairs Decor. Sukhmin looked stunning in an outfit from Poshak in Chandigarh, complemented by jewelry from Krishan Jewellers, Punjab. Her hair and makeup were flawlessly done by Aquarius Art. The groom was dashing in a Tom Ford outfit paired with Christian Louboutin shoes. 

Their first dance at the reception was to the song "Close" by Prophec. The significance of this song lies in its connection to the early days of their relationship. When the song was first released, they had just begun talking to each other, and on his birthday, he played this song, marking a special moment in their love story.

Tips for Future Brides

  • She recommends that future brides prepare concise personal itineraries for each event.
  • For handling the remaining deposits of vendors, she suggests placing them in labeled cash envelopes to simplify organization.
  • Sukhmin advises that once the events begin, if certain things don't go as planned, it's best to let them go and focus on enjoying the moment.

Bride: Sukhmin ; Groom: Shiraz I Bridal Outfits: Akriti By Ritika (Wedding) , Poshak (Mehndi) , Jewelry: Shagun Collection in Surrey, Canada (Mehndi, Sangeet) I Decor: Charming Affairs Decor (Reception & Wedding) I Hair & Make up: Aquarius Art ; MKK Beauty (Mehndi, Sangeet) I Mehndi Design: Maharani Mehendi I Photography & Video: Nomo Simply Sweet Photography (Wedding Ceremonies) , Sutej Pannu (Pre Wedding)I Trousseau Box: The Art Box

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