How To Style Your Traditional Jewelry Pieces With Modern Western Outfits

Oct 19, 2022

From basic jeans to a sophisticated long gown, western clothing comes in a wide assortment of designs, and that is the reason why all girls cherish wearing western outfits. Apart from the varieties in the outfit designs, western wear is more favorable because it is not only relaxing to wear but also keeps you current with global fashion trends.

A woman’s love for her traditional jewelry pieces and ethnic wear can never fade. A pretty piece of jewelry can make any traditional look attractive as it adds a frame that helps complete your traditional look. According to some myths, it is said that traditional jewelry pieces like Bangles, Mangalsutra, Nose rings, Maang Teeka, or any complex statement necklaces can only be adorned with traditional attire. 

But it is not true, a traditional jewelry piece can be worn with an ethnic outfit as well as with a western outfit. Modern dresses when worn appropriately with appropriate jewelry pieces, the dresses can elevate your complete look. The most wonderful thing about decorating your western attire with traditional jewelry pieces is that you will never be out of jewelry choices that match your western outfit.

Here in this article, we will discuss some tips about how you can style your traditional jewelry pieces with your modern western outfits.


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First up on the list is the Mangalsutra. If you are a married woman then you already know how important it is to wear a Mangalsutra every day as it is a very significant piece of traditional jewelry. As we have stated in our earlier blogs the traditional Mangalsutras do not easily blend with the formal or western outfit and that’s the reason why women avoid wearing Mangalsutras. 

To overcome this issue many new modern Mangalsutra designs have arrived on the market which can be worn every day on any outfit. Following the modern Mangalsutra designs, the diamond Mangalsutra designs have also made their way into the hearts of millennial women.

Designs like Solitaire Mangalsutra design, floral Mangalsutra design, Geometrical Mangalsutra designs, etcetera are becoming more favorable for millennial brides.


Once again, as we discussed earlier in the introductory phrase, the love and affection a woman has for her accessories and clothes is a next-level thing. From this, lengthy diamond earrings, Kundan earrings, or plain gold earrings can enhance your look amazingly. Wearing long traditional gold jhumkas with nothing else can suit nicely your indo-western attire.

When it comes to pairing the statement jhumkas with any traditional wear to a wedding or any reception or family get-together, wearing heavy Jhumkas with an off-shoulder dress can be just perfect. Whereas with the western attire, you can opt for Jhumkis which are considered as a “mini-me” of the Jhumkas. You can wear these Jhumkis on Kurtas and trousers if you are in need to seem stylish on a casual day outing.


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If you own some temple jewelry neck pieces then pairing them up with plain outfits to uplift your western look. It creates a regal and elegant appearance at the same time. If you have a large Kundan neckpiece then choose to pair it up with an off-shoulder dress, so that the necklace can take center stage.

If you have a multicolored necklace then you can wear it with plain dresses but light-colored plain dresses. The light colors will reflect the necklace colors beautifully. This is said to be an ideal approach to using a piece of conventional jewelry to reflect one’s personality.

Nose pieces

Fashion influencers and actresses as well are in a run for experimenting with the idea of merely accessorizing a costume with a nose gem. If you are comfortable with wearing a piece of nose jewelry, we think that it is not only a cool and stylish method but it can also help you in maintaining a cultural balance in your outfit.

From all the nose piece styles a hoop-shaped nose ring can pull off the complete glam look while wearing a Nath gives the bride a relaxed appearance.

Maang Tikka

Maang Teeka is also known just as a Tikka which is a piece of unquestionably traditional jewelry. A stunning pearl and Kundan Maang Teeka appear to be energizing and stylish at the same time.

A Maang Teeka adorned with diamonds can make you look sweet and stylish without making you look like a bride.

What kind of jewelry pieces you can style with your jeans?

Jeans are the foremost choice of a person that comes to mind when thinking about an item of clothing that is trendy and comfortable as well. When it comes to styling the jeans, you may want to seem fashionable and wear some hefty jewelry pieces, but at the same time, you are unsure about what to wear or pair with the jeans. 

In reality, there are numerous options which include jhumkas, hoops, pearl earrings, and Indian jewelry pieces which can give your outfit a beautiful touch of glamour.

If you want a style that is effortlessly classy and sophisticated, pearls are the ideal accessory for you. Pearls provide an ideal amount of shine, whether you are going for a meeting at the office or going out for a lunch date.

The latest trend nowadays in the terms of bracelets is stacked bracelets. Stacked bracelets when worn on jeans can definitely make you look like a rock star. These kinds of bracelets come in various styles like diamond bracelets or gemstone bracelets and even leather bracelets.

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Pairing the words

The main objective of this article was to provide you with some information on how effectively you can accessorize your western attire with traditional jewelry. Although the looks are meant to be an inspiration for you for which you should be alert that there are endless styling possibilities. 

As a thumb rule, before starting to get ready with all the jewelry and outfits thing make sure to decide on the focal feature in which you desire to style your jewelry on you. Don’t choose on wearing every accessory you may find in your closet, it may ruin your look.

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